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Item #: SCP-2684

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2684-1 are to be contained in standard airtight containment cells. Personnel requesting to interact with instances of SCP-2684-1 are required to wear class-4 biohazard suits. Amnestics use may be granted to personnel after interacting with instances of SCP-2684-1. An undisclosed number of vials containing SCP-2684 solution are to be kept in a secure location at the discretion of Dr. Eckert Letner. In the event of a breach of containment, class-A biohazard protocol is to be initiated.

Description: SCP-2684 is an anomalous form of bloodborne virus that alters the psychological and physical makeup of infected humans. SCP-2684 will enter a of 1-2 week incubation period upon infecting an individual. After the incubation period, individuals infected by SCP-2684 will begin to experience symptoms such as fever, nausea, dissociative amnesia, internal pain, and decreased motor ability. Upon development of symptoms, individuals infected by SCP-2684 are then designated SCP-2684-1.

About 2-5 days after the onset of symptoms, instances of SCP-2684-1 will begin to experience the long term effects of SCP-2684. SCP-2684 will begin to transform organs into structures of Ptolemaic Egyptian architecture. Organs transformed by SCP-2684 will be either regurgitated or forcibly removed by SCP-2684. Despite the loss of major organs, SCP-2684-1 instances will remain alive.

SCP-2684-1 instances will enter a state of hysteria about 2 weeks after infection, attempting to arrange removed organs in patterns resembling urban planning.

Addendum-1: The first known record of instances of SCP-2684-1 was noted by explorer Edward Linderbough in 1908. Linderbough documented in his journal his encounter of a group of natives outside the Temple of Dakka, near the present day Aswan Dam.


Photograph of the Temple of Dakka upon Edward's arrival.

January 12th, 1908
Today my campaign and I visited a ruin of Ancient Egyptian descent, located along the Nile. It was a magnificent old temple, of which the locals called el-Dakka. I had greatly desired to enter the temple, however, I was prevented from doing so by the locals. They made it very clear that me and my campaign were not going to enter.
The supposed leader of the local village invited us to stay in an unused abode, of which me and Nigel stayed in. The remainder set up sleeping canvases to spend the night, and we decided upon inspecting the outer grounds of the temple upon daybreak.

January 13th, 1908
I was awoken by the horrid sound of what appeared to be festivities. It had appeared that one of their residents had become afflicted by some sort of ailment of which the locals seemed to be familiar with. The infected villageman was bent over a rock, with what appeared to be a mass of intestines vomited in front of him. I quickly offered my assistance, but it appeared the local healer was much acquainted with this illness. I asked whether or not me and my men should be wary of this affliction, but I received no reply. I woke up the rest of my party to begin examination of Dakka.
Most curiously of the various reliefs and relics we encountered were several sets of mosaics, they depicted one of the ancient pharaohs, standing above a greatly dwarfed settlement. Me and a few men carefully removed the mosaic, and prepared it to be taken back to the collection in London. Nigel and two others began a small trip to Cairo, to ensure the mosaic was delivered safely. Our party started for the village shortly after sundown. Upon our arrival, I had found that the man previously afflicted with the mysterious ailment had since been slaughtered by the healer. I queried as to whether I might draw a vial from the man, in order to identify this curious illness. The healer complied, I was able to produce four vials. I slept after being treated to a dinner of goat by the leader of the village.

January 14th, 1908
It seems upon my noticing of the illness, the suspicious air of the village is since lifted. The chieftain has granted me to enter the temple upon a blessing by the healer. Me and my party entered Dakka, and had found an area used by the locals as a sort of quarantine for those infected by that curious ailment. The infected appeared to be entirely still, however they were surrounded by mutilated innards, altered to resemble various buildings of local architecture. This illness appeared to me as being very severe, however, despite the loss of entrails, these infected appeared to still be alive and well, although they would display hostile mannerisms towards one another. I had the men carefully remove the reliefs and mosaics inside, and some scattered pottery. We shall embark to Cairo to meet up with Nigel and his men, and soon head to the British Raj.

Following Linderbough's departure, the four vials of SCP-2684 infected blood were frozen and put into Edward Linderbough's personal collection. Foundation operatives took an interest in the vials after Edward Linderbough released his travels in England. Following Lindenbough's death in 1913, the vials were successfully brought into Foundation custody.

Addendum-2: In 1997 an outbreak of SCP-2684 of unknown origin was discovered by Foundation personnel. The infected individuals were successfully brought into custody, and a full scale documentation process of the symptoms and effects of SCP-2684 began and was completed in 1998.

Approximately 5 months after the outbreak, fragments of the original mosaics at the Temple of Dakka taken by Linderbough surfaced. The mosaics and inscriptions appeared to refer to the infected individuals as being used as entertainment.

The men who constructed(?) things from their flesh(blood?) now would[Incomplete] the powerful(Pharaohs?) would select their man to engage in competition. The tournaments fierce(?) the prize would be many concubines.

Addendum-3: Instances of SCP-2684-1 have begun developing hostile behavior towards other instances of SCP-2684-1. Instances of SCP-2684-1 will now actively attempt to locate and attack other instances of SCP-2684-1. SCP-2684-1 will attempt to breach containment in order to attack other instances. SCP-2684-1 will vocalize messages directed at other instances at all times except during discharge of affected organs. A list of recorded vocalizations is available below.












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