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Item #: SCP-2947

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Two weeks prior to the start of SCP-2947, all water distribution systems within the town of Graham are to be shut off, and the pipes and plumbing system be allowed to air-dry. During this time, and during the course of SCP-2947, outside water is to be provided to the inhabitants of SCP-2947. As per US law 135001, all residents of SCP-2947 are to be offered temporary relocation assistance during the duration of SCP-2947.

Following SCP-2947, all instances of SCP-2947-1 are to be removed from the reservoir of Graham. The reservoir is to be washed out and sanitized following this, and allowed to replenish. To facilitate this, a special drainage pipe is to be installed within the reservoir as of 2036-09-25, this pipe has been successfully installed.

No other containment is necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-2947 is a seasonal phenomenon that affects the water supply of the town of Graham, Washington State, United States of America. Between the months of June and August, all water present within the town's reservoir and municipal water supply will be converted to small Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which will be referred to as SCP-2947-1. These instances range in size from five millimeters to one centimeters in length, one millimeter to twenty millimeters in height, and one to twenty-five millimeters in width1. These instances are fully functional despite their size; however, they are affected by the normal health issues associated with extreme miniaturization2.

Instances of SCP-2947-1 do not behave in a fluid-like manner, resulting in large blockages and buildup in the municipal plumbing systems of Graham. Instances of SCP-2947-1 are capable of moving through pipes of their own volition; however, as they express behavior identical to that of normal-sized Corgis, this movement is slow and uncoordinated. The majority of instances can be flushed out with large quantities of water, but this process is time-consuming and labor intensive.

Due to the unavailability of food sources, most instances of SCP-2947-1 die of starvation within two weeks of the beginning SCP-2947. Any instances remaining will usually resort to cannibalism; by the end of SCP-2947-1, an average of 98% of SCP-2947-1 instances will have died from dehydration, malnutrition, or miniaturization-related medical issues.

Transformation from water to SCP-2947-1 is total and instantaneous. The volume of SCP-2947-1 instances produced is equivalent to the volume of water to be replaced. Water outside of the municipal water system (inside a glass, inside a person) is unaffected.

SCP-2947 began on 2036-06-01, and has occurred annually since. SCP-2947 first came to Foundation attention during the first event period, when multiple town residents called the SCP Foundation hotline3 to report the anomaly.

The cause behind SCP-2947 is unknown at this time. No groups of interest or persons of interest have been recorded in Graham. There are no local legends or folklore that refer to any SCP-2947-like events. No SCP-2947-like events had occurred prior to 2036-06-01. Interviews with townspeople have been unsuccessful in ascertaining the cause of the anomaly.

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