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TriStar Pictures

Item #: TriStar Pictures

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All public knowledge of TriStar Pictures is to be immediately suppressed. TriStar Pictures is to be registered as a subsidiary of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group. Founding documentation should indicate that it was formed in 1982 as a joint venture between Columbia Pictures, Home Box Office, and CBS Corporation. Members of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group have been recruited by the Foundation to serve as representatives of TriStar Pictures at public events.

TriStar Pictures are to be collectively kept in a secure containment safe in Site-2956. All personnel working with TriStar Pictures are to psychologically evaluated at the end of the week, and are required to keep a dream journal for review during these sessions.

A program is being developed to replace all instances of TriStar Pictures in a document with the correct SCP designation. This program is being designed by RAISA members with no knowledge of TriStar Pictures beyond its SCP designation. It is expected to be completed and put into place within three months as of this writing.

Description: TriStar Pictures is the collective designation for a group of 38 toy plush pangolins. TriStar Pictures have no unusual physical characteristics, aside from their name, but lack a tag or identifying label of any kind. TriStar Pictures have a objective identity dysfunction surrounding their name which makes it impossible for any sapient organism to refer to them by any other designation. All attempts to refer to TriStar Pictures by a different designation, whether through text, vocalization, sign language, pictograms, or other methods of communication, have failed. Anyone who is informed of the true nature of TriStar Pictures is subject to its effects, and personnel surveyed who have no knowledge of TriStar Pictures beyond its SCP designation are not affected by its memetic property.

Since 1984, a logo for TriStar Pictures, depicting Pegasus, has appeared in front of a series of films produced and distributed by American film studio Columbia Pictures. Analysis of every film bearing the logo show no connection between each other or the object currently in Foundation containment, and watching films bearing the logo for TriStar Pictures does not cause awareness of TriStar Pictures' true nature.

Those who are informed of TriStar Pictures' true nature report experiencing seeing short passages composed in their native language in the context of their jobs. Subjects can recall passages with an unusually high degree of specificity. Passages will be typically associated with specific tasks, replace text in relevant documents, and are always percieved in a set order. Invesitagation is underway as to whether TriStar Pictures manipulates the causality of those who learn its true nature into performing the set tasks, as subjects invariably see the passages in the "correct" order. Those who are not aware of the true nature of TriStar Pictures will not perceive passages in documents affected. Following perception of the fourth note, Subjects will cease to perceive passages. All documents in which subject read the passages will be perceived as normal.

Addendum-2956: All passage are as seen by native English speakers:

Passage One:

(Subject will typically perceive this passage while assembling an object. Passage will appear in disclaimer of instructions.)


I've noticed a problem with some minor retroactive semantic dissociation in Sector $\aleph_{248}$. The timelines of two concepts were scrambled. Working on it. It has caused some tiny inflammation in a space-time artery. Nothing we can't fix. All semantically null objects should settle down soon.

The Maintenance Supervisor

Passage Two:

(Subject will perceive this passage during work with computers. Passage typically appears in release or patch notes for software.)


Turns out that Sector $\aleph_{248}$'s issue was not the only one there. I've found eighteen other identity mapping problems on that world alone. I'm still working on it, please don't rush me. Also, please approach the system with great care. The metaphysical streams are already delicate in and around Sector $\aleph_{248}$ and you could very well trigger more inflammations on other Sectors. I'm working on requesting a surgeon from the Office of Multiversal Incidents.

I'm serious, do not make this worse. I know how you get.

The Maintenance Supervisor

Passage Three:

(Subject will perceive this passage during work with plants, even if subject has no prior interest in gardening. Passage will appear on the back of a seed packet.)



This is not some small identity-mapping corruption problem confined to one Sector. This is full on 5-space identity dysfunction. This is a cancer. Sector $\aleph_{45}$, Sector $\aleph_{1086743}$, Sector $\aleph_{687}$, and Sector $\aleph_{248}$ are all epimutated with semantic wave distribution through both narratives, counternarratives, and metanarratives. I'm shutting down all non-necessary tasks to deal with this. We are within close range of metastasis of the tumor. The inhabitants of World ∆-455($\aleph_{248}$) will associate the concept of "stuffed pangolin" (3†MIC21) with the concept of "TriStar Pictures" (3†GXY38) and then begin to undergo variable construct emesis, which will further undermine narratives across all Sectors and lead to total cellular death in this Region.

Yes, you heard me. Total cellular death. That's how serious this is. I have a sneaking suspicion that this resembles unintentional employee damage and I'm working alongside the Office of Employee Resources to search all offices for the one responsible. You can be assured they will be fired.

In some good news, the Office of Multiversal Incidents has finally authorized the paperwork for a surgeon. He will arrive soon. Once he arrives I'll attach all messages associated with this mess to the narrative as a warning, so you bungling fools don't make the same mistake twice.

Pull this stunt again and you will undergo variable construct emesis.

The Maintenance Supervisor

Passage Four:

(Subject will perceive this passage as replacing the text of a business letter or work email. Documents affected typically are sent from workplace superiors.)

To all:

Please do not touch the system again. Our workers have had to completely reenergize the anafabula generators and recalibrate both the baseline geometry damper and the proton thalamus. The cancer had infected 4.5% of the entire universe matrix. Now, we know there might seem to be similar tumors already present, but we assure you they are part of the design. Do not artificially create new ones or the whole fabric could fall down and the Office of Multiversal Incidents could charge us all with a Yggdrasil-Severance event. Again.

Thank you for your time.

The Office of Yggdrasil Maintenance.

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