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First recorded instance of SCP-2958-1, prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-2958

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered instances of SCP-2958-1 are to be closed off from public use under the pretence of construction.

As removal of the roundabout of SCP-2958-1 instances has proven to successfully neutralise their effects, all discovered instances are to be removed through the use of industrial cranes. Direct contact with an SCP-2958-1 instance is to be avoided at all times during its removal. Once removed, a non-anomalous roundabout is to be constructed in its place.

Description: SCP-2958 is a phenomenon affecting █% of roundabout islands1 and their surrounding roads throughout North East England (Individual instances are referred to as SCP-2958-1).

If the roundabout (SCP-2958-1A) of an SCP-2958-1 instance is uninhabited, any person who enters SCP-2958-1 will experience a hallucination affecting their perception of SCP-2958-1 and any other cars present. Subjects will perceive the surrounding road and area beyond as an ocean, and SCP-2958-1A as a desert island varying in size, shape and biology. Any vehicles present, including any the subject may be traveling in will appear as a boat of varying appearance and size2.

Upon experiencing the effects of SCP-2958-1, subjects will often panic due to the sudden change to their environment, and attempt to take refuge on SCP-2958-1A. Subjects driving a vehicle will lose any control they had over it, and subsequently crash onto SCP-2958-1A, often leading to multi-vehicle collisions in the event of multiple vehicles being present. The hallucinogenic effects of the road will cease several minutes after a person has made contact with SCP-2958-1A, and will not return until all those currently on it have left.

Those located on SCP-2958-1A will perceive any vehicles on the surrounding road to be an instance of Carcharodon carcharias (great white shark), swimming through the hallucinated ocean matching the movement and speed of the actual vehicle. This effect does not target vehicles previously driven by subjects, which will instead be perceived as boats in a state of wreckage matching any amount of damage they previously took. The sharks' presence often cause subjects great distress, and prevents them from leaving the island, due to fear of being attacked.

In the event of a driver or passenger(s) getting out of the vehicle, subjects will perceive them as exiting the shark through an open wound appearing across its body. Those exiting the vehicle will be perceived by subjects as being heavily mutilated, appearing to have sections of their bodies torn off via bite marks resembling a shark's. Upon making contact with SCP-2958-1A, their bodies will alter to fit how they are perceived by its inhabitants, and will immediately expire.

Subjects will continue to hallucinate as long as they remain within SCP-2958-1, and will begin to experience physical effects, causing their bodies to react to the hallucination as if they were in an environment of the same biology and atmosphere (For a full list of reported effects see Document 2958-A). Subjects will continue to experience the effects of SCP-2958-1 even after leaving the instance, for approximately ten hours for each hour spent in SCP-2958-1A.

Discovery Log: The first reported instance of SCP-2958 was found in ███████, North East, England in 20██. The instance had come to the Foundations attention after discovering reports of a mass-collision surrounding the SCP-2958 instance.

Investigation showed that five people had originally crashed onto SCP-2958-1A during a multi-vehicle collision, severely injuring all involved. After an ambulance arrived at the scene, SCP-2958-1A's secondary effects activated, leading to severe panic among the subjects at the sight of the ambulances and its emerging paramedics. Upon making contact with SCP-2958-1A, paramedics became severely mutilated and expired.

Foundation personnel arrived at the scene shortly after the anomalous properties of SCP-2958-1 had become apparent. Once at the location, SCP-2958-1 and the surrounding area was closed off, while personnel attempted to recover the subjects, taking precaution not to make contact with SCP-2958-1A. Personnel were unable to convince the subjects to leave the island, and were forced to use tranquilizers and long-range grappling equipment to forcibly remove them. During this time, one subject quickly left the island in an attempt to escape capture, this lead to the effects of the road of SCP-2958-1 activating, and the subject immediately became drenched in water, and began to float above the road. The subject continued to flee until they were hit by an oncoming car outside of the area containing SCP-2958-1. The subject was found injured but stable, and appeared to have a large bite mark where they had been hit.

Upon recovery, bodily examination showed all subjects to be suffering from severe sunburns and dehydration. Subjects clothes were found to contain traces of sand and salt water. All subjects fully recovered, and all those involved in the event were given class A amnestic treatment.

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