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SCP-4058 at the time of recovery.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4058 is to be kept in a disinfected security locker with the lids on both SCP-4058-1 and SCP-4058-2 sealed tight in site-██. 2 Security level 2 credentials are needed access SCP-4058 for testing purposes. Following test SCP-19██-█-█security level 3 or higher personnel’s approval is required to access SCP-4058 for testing.

Description: SCP-4058 is comprised of two jars identical in appearance to those produced by the ████ corporation. SCP-4058 has been shown to be impervious to damage or breakage despite numerous attempts. SCP-4058-1 appears to be a normal jar manufactured by the ████ corporation with a silver lid and 2 strips of unremovable green duct-tape. SCP-4058-2 also appears to be a normal jar manufactured by the ████ corporation with a gold-rimmed lid showing slight oxidization and a strip of tan masking tape reading "Magic Jar" in Hungarian. SCP-4058 was recovered in an abandoned residence in ████████, Hungary in 19██ after rumors of a “Firefly Duplicating Jar” attracted foundation attention. Standard class-A amnestics were administered to affected individuals.

SCP-4058’s anomalous properties manifest only when living organisms are placed inside SCP-4058-1 and the lids on both SCP-4058-1 and SCP-4058-2 are sealed. Upon doing this an exact copy of the organism made up of an unknown alloy will appear in SCP-4058-2. The organism produced is designated SCP-4058-A. SCP-4058-A has been recorded as being very hostile towards foundation employees if sentient and all instances of SCP-4058-A have been shown to be impervious to damage via normal means but all instances of SCP-4058 have expired after approximately 30 minutes and upon expiring SCP-4058-A instances are able to be damaged and destroyed. All expired instances are to be incinerated per Dr.██████’s request following event [DATA EXPUNGED]. Recent studies have also shown that SCP-4058 has the capability to fully regenerate an organism using only a fraction of the full organism, it is unknown as of yet how much of an organism is needed to regenerate a full version.


Test: 1976-12-4
Organism: A common Rattus rattus
Result: An identical rat made out of the alloy. The Rattus rattus showed signs of being hostile, attempting to bite research assistant Loye. Instance expired approximately 30 minutes after formation.

Test: 1978-2-8
Organism: A piece of banana found in Dr.██████'s lunch box
Result: A full micro-sized banana appeared in SCP-4058. Expired approximately 30 minutes after generation. Consumed after expiration by D-class personnel. Reported to taste like a standard rotten banana, no unusual effects reported.

Test: 1981-5-16
Organism: A standard Rosemallows petal
Result: A full Rosemallows appeared in SCP-4058-2 made of the alloy. Expired approximately 30 minutes after formation.

Test: 1985-10-2
Organism: A severed human hand from deceased D-class personnel.
Result: After about 3 minutes SCP-4058-2 began shaking and after approximately 3 minutes the lid unscrewed itself at approximately 200 km/h and flew off as particles of █████ and █████ flew out of the jar at speeds of up to 450 km/h. Further DNA testing after expiration showed the ██████ expelled was identical to D-████’s DNA makeup despite being made up of the alloy. All [DATA EXPUNGED] incinerated shortly after.

Test: 19██-█-█
Organism: 35 kg of ██████████
Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]. New testing protocol requires 2 class 3 personnel being required to approve before testing.

Test: 2006-11-12
Organism: A wooden ocarina
Result: Upon removal of the lid a standard Quercus grew from the jar to approximately 22 meters causing ██ injuries and damaging test chamber ███. Incinerated over the course of █ days. Renovations to █ months to complete.

Test: 2016-8-6
Organism: 1 can of S███████ brand tuna
Result: SCP-4058-2 became filled with tuna resembling S███████ brant tuna made up of the alloy.

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