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In accordance with Protocol Myra, this message is here to reaffirm to you that SCP-2971-A DID NOT EXIST. Jerry Lee Lewis did not leave his home on December 28th, 2012, and the Vic Stanley Country Club does not exist.

There will be messages throughout this article to dispute the existence of SCP-2971-A. Read these messages in their entirety, and consider their points until you believe them to be the truth. If you find yourself unable to accept that SCP-2971-A never occured, close this file immediately, remove yourself from your workstation, and report to your supervisor for amnestic treatment.

Item #: SCP-2971

Object Class: Euclid


Jerry Lee Lewis, photographed in 2009.

Special Containment Procedures: Persons suspected to be carriers of SCP-2971 are to be monitored through their social media accounts, bank account statements, and whereabouts. Information spread by these persons regarding SCP-2971-A is to be censored, and the subject in question detained.

Internet search engines are to be monitored for search levels of the phrases (or variations of these phrases) 'Think about it', 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice', 'Cliff Bogg', 'Vic Stanley Country Club', and 'December 28th, 2012'. If SCP-2971-related keywords are repeatedly searched from a single I.P. address, the location of the I.P. is to be tracked and agents are to take all persons at the location into custody for questioning and administration of Protocol Myra.

Protocol Myra is to be enacted on subjects confirmed to be under the influence of SCP-2971. Protocol Myra consists of firm refutal that SCP-2971-A existed, followed by rationalizating to the subject why it didn't exist. This has proven to be enough to cure SCP-2971 in 100% of cases.

Jerry Lee Lewis' home address and all properties owned by him are to be wire-tapped, and Lewis himself is to be monitored for any SCP-2971-related phenomena. Personnel assigned to monitoring Lewis are to log any notable findings and notify their immediate superiors of them should they occur.

Description: SCP-2971 is a memetic localized reality-restructuring event that causes the subject to believe they attended a live Jerry Lee Lewis concert held at the Vic Stanley Country Club in Ferriday, Louisiana on December 28th, 2012 (Dubbed SCP-2971-A). SCP-2971-A never actually occured, and no business named 'Vic Stanley Country Club' exists. SCP-2971 is passed to an uninfected subject through reading or discussing the topic of SCP-2971-A or its contents with an infected person. SCP-2971 can also be transmitted via text regarding SCP-2971-A, hence the requirement for Protocol Myra. The topic of SCP-2971 without mention of SCP-2971-A as an event is not sufficient to spread infection.

SCP-2971-A never occured. Jerry Lee Lewis was at home resting on December 28th, 2012. He did not perform that day.

Infection of a subject by SCP-2971 has two primary effects:

Effect A: The subject will suddenly gain a thorough recollection of SCP-2971-A's setlist, comments made by Jerry Lee Lewis during SCP-2971-A, and other details such as their journey to the Vic Stanley Country Club. Subjects affected by SCP-2971 will excitedly attempt to tell others about the event (thereby spreading SCP-2971), and show an abnormally increased interest in Lewis' songs and history, bordering on obsession. Upon curing a subject of SCP-2971, all of these memories will disappear, and any anomalous interest in Lewis will cease.

Effect B: SCP-2971 implements a localized reality-restructuring effect. Persons afflicted by it will have historically attended SCP-2971-A, despite the event having not occured at all for non-infected persons. In their possession are often memorabillia from SCP-2971-A. Some examples include autographs, non-anomalous CD-ROMs1, T-shirts and amateur recordings of the event. Upon curing a subject of SCP-2971, all of the subject's items acquired this way will disappear.

One notable symptom of SCP-2971 infection is an abnormally frequent use of the phrase 'Think about it'2. The phrase itself is not anomalous, and contributes to the spread of SCP-2971 no more than conversation about SCP-2971-A usually does. In 100% of cases to date, however, frequent use of the phrase has accompanied SCP-2971 infection.

SCP-2971 has no known source; on December 29th, 2012, it is believed to have spontaneously spread to an apparently random selection of 2,446 citizens in the state of Louisiana, with the exception of the largest cluster of subjects within the Ferriday city limits.

SCP-2971-A did not happen. You were at work on December 28th, 2012, so you would not have had the time to attend a concert.

When Foundation agents had discovered SCP-2971, a telephone call to the Lewis household was made in order to ascertain his status. The Foundation was unable to talk to Lewis himself, but spoke to an assistant who said Lewis was fine except for 'a bout of headaches' in the days following December 28th, 2012.

Interviewed: ████ ███████████, one of the first discovered subjects affected by SCP-2971.

Interviewer: Dr. █████.

Foreword: ████ ███████████ has shown an abnormal interest in this concert she says she attended (as the initial reports suggested she might), and claims to remember it in great detail. She has proven willing to co-operate, however she has been difficult to talk to due to her continually steering the converstation towards something related to Jerry Lee Lewis.

<Begin Log.>

Dr. █████: Good evening, Ms. ███████████.

████ ███████████: Hello.

Dr. █████: What can you tell me about December 28th, 2012?

████ ███████████: Oh boy, what can't I tell you? It was great. I took my kids to see Jerry Lee Lewis live that day! We stayed there for hours… after the show we got autographs and bought a few CDs… they loved it! In fact, we…

Dr. █████: [Interrupting] Uh, Ms. ███████████, do you recall anything out of place about the event? Anything at all?

████ ███████████: No, nothing crazy. It was a perfectly normal event.

Dr. █████: So there's nothing odd that occured?

████ ███████████: No, like I told you, it was a perfectly normal Jerry Lee Lewis concert. Think about it, I don't know what you want me to say. The only thing that was new was when Jerry did a song called 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice'. That really got the crowd roaring! Everybody stood up when he did it. It was great!

SCP-2971-A did not happen. Searches through the Lewis discography have shown no song named 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice' exists. No associate of Lewis' named 'Cliff Bogg' is known to exist.

Dr. █████: Well if there's nothing else, Ms. ███████████, I think we're done here…

████ ███████████: Wait, did I tell you what Jerry Lee did on 'Great Balls of Fire'? I have to tell you!

Dr. █████: What did he do?

████ ███████████: He lit his piano on fire in the middle of the song!

Dr. █████: No way! That's crazy!

████ ███████████: He actually did! It was quite amazing to see. My kids just lost it when they saw that! Think about it.

Dr. █████: Come to think of it, I think I might've actually been to that show. That was at the old Vic Stanley Country Club, right?

<Dr. █████ contracted SCP-2971 and was administered Protocol Myra, along with Ms. ███████████. Extraneous data removed. End Log.>

Closing Statement: It was determined soon after that interviews with infected subjects should be kept to a hard limit of one minute followed by administration of Protocol Myra to the interviewer, to avoid any further incidents. Both Dr. █████ and Ms. ███████████ have since been cured.

This is a transcript of an audience recording of SCP-2971-A provided by a subject.

<Recording Starts>

00:01 Audio fades in, with clapping audible. It is implied that the first song has already been completed.

00:08 The song 'Georgia On My Mind' is played.

00:14 Lewis immediately starts 'Sweet Little Sixteen' after 'Georgia On My Mind'. The audio crackles badly at times, and only fully recovers at the end of the song.

00:17 After 'Sweet Little Sixteen' closes, Lewis says "Welcome to our show. If it gets too crazy, you'll probably want to leave the building 'cause I get like that sometimes. Think about it."

00:18 'Rock And Roll Over' starts.

00:20 'I Wish I Was Eighteen Again' starts.

[There is a large break in the audio. It fades out completely until the 00:42 mark.]

00:42 Applause is heard after the close of the previous song. Lewis says "Think about it," again. At least one audience member near the recording device is heard to repeat the phrase.

00:42 'I'll Find It Where I Can' is played.

00:46 Lewis says "All right folks. I brought a new song with me today that… uh… you never heard me do before. Cliff Bogg wrote this one for me about 2 hours ago. One entitled… Rock and Roll Sacrifice… let's get it boys. Do it right, they're in the room with us."

SCP-2971-A did not happen. Searches through the Lewis discography have shown no song named 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice' exists. No associate of Lewis' named 'Cliff Bogg' is known to exist.

00:47 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice' plays. The song is by far the longest on the recording, lasting 9:42. It is an instrumental until the 5:11 mark, where Lewis begins to sing the lyrics. For the full lyrics, see file SCP-2971-A2.

00:57 Lewis asks for the crowd to "Be still for just a moment, Kenny's fingers are numb." [This likely refers to Kenneth Lovelace, his guitar player] The audio is playing, but only white noise is audible from the source.

00:59 A loud pop is heard in the recording. The audience gasps.

01:00 Lewis: "See now that's why you don't lose track of what you're doing. That's when they getcha." The audience laughs.

01:01 'Great Balls of Fire' starts. Noticeable is a distinct lack of guitar.

01:03 The audience gasps and applauds wildly during the song. Lewis shouts "Burning love, baby!" [It is likely this is the section where he lit his piano on fire, as mentioned by Ms. ███████████.]

01:05 Immediately after the song finishes, Lewis says "Thank you for coming out tonight. I had fun, I hope you had fun. Did you have fun?" [The audience applauds] "Yeah… think about it." [The entire audience repeats 'think about it' back, in perfect unison].

01:06 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On' begins playing. During the song, certain instruments suddenly cease playing and are no longer heard.

01:07 The bass guitar stops.

01:08 Rhythm guitar stops.

01:10 Lewis says mid-song "I was gonna introduce you to my band, but then it would come out again."

01:11 Drums stop.

01:12 Piano stops. Lewis is heard mumbling unintelligibly into the microphone.

01:13 All noise from the audience ceases.

01:14 Piano begins playing again, badly out of tune and at about half-speed.

01:15 Audio fades out.

<Recording Ends>

SCP-2971-A did not happen. The events you have read are fictional, and are not real.

Lyrics to 'Rock and Roll Sacrifice'

[Instrumental intro]

They never told you what you're doing
in this choking land
they never gave a reason nor a way
to wander through the damned

Tomorrow's death is what you get
for a life so weak and grim
today your light shines bright
though it's quickly growing dim

They're coming for you now child
can't you see 'em over there
a growing mass of flesh and grief
and they're loaded for bear

They're coming for you now child
with spears clenched in hand
I want a rock and roll sacrifice
came forth the command

[Instrumental bridge]

Though you may think peace has won
and swords be drawn no more
put your ear to the dust
hear the whispers of war

Nevermind those empty halls
your nightmares locked away
there's a prophecy of pending doom
in the words I say

They're coming for you now child
their souls filled with rage
a voice decreed it will be done
it trembled from the cage

They're coming for you now child
sooner than you know
for a rock and roll sacrifice
is the way you must go

[Instrumental bridge]

[spoken by Lewis]
Let me tell you folks
I've seen many things in this wretched world
things that would make the devil himself cry out in fear and renounce hell as 'too tame'
but let me tell you
these things are not for human minds
I was given a burden that I am sharing with you all here tonight
and in time you will understand what the words to this song truly mean
because you will be singing it too
that's the way it goes
think about it
just once, that's all it takes

They're coming for you now child
with hunger in their hearts
a bloody end to your filthy life
before it really starts

They're coming for you now child
to put terror in your veins
a punishment much worse than death
you'd plead for a life in chains

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