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SafeSCP-3014 Lonely Hungry DaemonRate: 24

Item #: SCP-3014

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3014 is to be stored in a 8 meter by 8 meter by 5 meter containment cell at Site-15. SCP-3014 is to be given access to controlled WiFi content for 3 hours a day. At least 4 Level 4 Foundation IT specialists are to control the exact contents of the data packets sent to SCP-3014. Any information packets being sent to SCP-3014 are to be analyzed for any information that is important and could cause issues if lost. Every week, SCP-3014 is to interviewed to re-gain potential lost information. In the event that SCP-3014 does not receive proper information, all forms of internet access within 100 meters of SCP-3014 and its cell are to be destroyed.

The content to be given to SCP-3014 is to be automatically generated fictional stories generated by AI sources. Stories are to not contain any important information relating to science, history, culture, or any other well-known concept in case an antimemetic event occurs.

As of Incident 3014-3, At least 2 guards armed with light explosive weaponry are to remain near SCP-3014 and its cell at all times. Personnel are not to be allowed to communicate with SCP-3014 unless given permission by the current lead researcher on duty for SCP-3014. Bimonthly, SCP-3014 is to be given a psychological evaluation by the current lead researcher of SCP-3014. Any requests for extra equipment capable of sending or receiving signals is to be denied without review.

The use of SCP-3014 to contain digital anomalies, specifically memetic, is under consideration.

Description: SCP-3014 is a sapient hexapod robotic construct of unknown origin. The entity’s body is segmented into 3 separate spherical pieces, each roughly with a diameter of 0.5 meters and two legs that are approximately 2 meters long at full extension.

The entity possesses an rear antenna of a design beyond current understanding. It appears similar to human designs, however near the tip of the antenna is a large crystal of unknown composition that seems to be fractured in half. Sampling proves the crystals structure to be similar to that of diamond. According to SCP-3014, it is broken, and previously could broadcast information faster than light, but this has not been confirmed. Analysis of replication of the antenna for Foundation use is being considered.

SCP-3014 was recovered after several hundred residents of ████████, UK reported weak internet connection. When civilian internet service providers investigated, they discovered SCP-3014. Foundation Agents in the area took over, and discovered SCP-3014 was attempting to construct a form of communication array but was lacking the needed tools and parts. The entity was forcefully contained. Damage and internet outages were later blamed on a severe storm, and amnestics were properly distributed.

The frontmost segment of SCP-3014 is considered the head of the entity. Sticking out of the head is a small square screen about 1 meter long. The entity uses this to communicate.

SCP-3014 is composed of an unknown material. Due to the extreme strength and density of the material, sampling and internal imaging has proven difficult. The tests that have been performed show similarities to carbon nanotubes, although of a much more advanced design.

SCP-3014 appears to take in information that is in the form of wireless internet networking. SCP-3014 claims that it "consumes" this data. The entity requires roughly 500 megabytes of data per 24 hours to preserve normal function. The information that SCP-3014 consumes is memorized and permanently stored. SCP-3014 has learned, from internet access, human language and grammar to a high degree. However, the entity prefers to type in short incomplete sentences because, according to the entity, it is more comfortable to speak as it is similar to its original language.

Upon consumption of data, there is an estimated 56% chance that the data gains temporary antimemetic properties. SCP-3014 claims that this is "digestion problems." The majority of sapient beings who know the content (being video, audio, text or otherwise) begin to forget it and suffer extreme difficulty trying to remember the data if shown again. In rare cases, digitally stored versions of this content will be completely deleted or expunged. This effect will last anytime from 16 hours to ██ months. In emergency situations, SCP-3014 can consume stored content. If this occurs, the antimemetic effects are permanent, and extend it SCP-3014 itself.

The content of the data that SCP-3014 has consumed is relevant. SCP-3014 claims that data that reveals more important or interesting information is more "tasty" and that uninteresting data is "bland and tasteless." SCP-3014 refuses to consume data that is a repeat of previous information or very similar to previous information, claiming it to be "disgusting."

If SCP-3014 does not receive its required information, it may begin to attempt to forcefully consume information, breaking through information firewalls with relative ease. When this occurs, the rate of antimemetic events increases to 90%, as well as the duration appearing infinite. It is unknown if this has ever occurred, or if [REDACTED]. Additional effects of this are unknown due to information loss.

If the entity has not been fed for an extended amount of time, information that SCP-3014 has consumed may begin to re-appear. However, this information will still be antimemetic. In addition, data stored near this antimemetic information may also begin to take on antimemetic qualities, which can spread. This can be solved by deleting the information, but this can prove difficult due to the nature of antimemetics.

Document 3014-1: List of requests from SCP-3014

The following is a incomplete list of requests that SCP-3014 has asked for.

Request Response
"faster internet?" Granted
"my friends?" Denied - Identity of "friends" is unknown.
"fix antenna?" Denied - Beyond technological capabilities, as well as potentially being a security risk
"human friend?" Granted
"my friends please?" Denied
"wake friends up" Meaning unknown
Various pieces of radio, wifi, and communication equipment Denied

Document 3014-2: Interview 3014-68

Interviewed: SCP-3014

Interviewer: SCP-3014 Lead Researcher Dr. █████

Foreword: This is the first interview in which the entity reported being depressed.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Greetings SCP-3014, how are you feeling?

SCP-3014: sad.

Dr. █████: <pause> And why is that?

SCP-3014: friends gone.

Dr. █████: Who are your friends? Where are they?

SCP-3014: one changes worlds. one fights. one builds. i speak to father. so many others. together so long. through space. not for here. somewhere else.

Dr. █████: <pause> This is the first time you've divulged this information to us, SCP-3014. What-

SCP-3014: father went away. maybe dead. friends gone. we landed here. separated. i knew where. but i was so hungry… <SCP-3014 begins to curl>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-3014 refused to speak for the next 3 interview sessions. SCP-3014 requested data involving communication equipment, which was denied.

Document 3014-3: Incident 3014-3

On ██/██/20██, a containment breach occurred at Site-██, where SCP-3014 was temporarily being contained while being transported. SCP-3014 was compliant with Foundation personnel and remained in its cell. However, a power outage occurred and due to wreckage the wing of the site in which SCP-3014 was contained was isolated for 12 days. After 3 days, SCP-3014 became less friendly and began to act agitated despite not losing any apparent function. After 5 days of not being fed, SCP-3014 began to make threats of physical harm towards Foundation personnel. After 8 days, SCP-3014 began emitting an unknown extremely radioactive material and physically attacking Foundation personnel.


Remaining security cameras show SCP-3014 attempting to use the debris to construct a long range communication system from stored information. SCP-3014 was contained before it could complete, but modified computer terminals show the message the SCP-3014 was attempting to broadcast. It contained fragments of SCP-3014's language. Also connected were the exact coordinates of several Foundation facilities.

my friends. [unintelligible]

i miss you. its been so long.

[unintelligible] the fathers. they won't come.
so many sleeping. wake up.
please. wherever you are.

[unintelligible] meet with me.


SCP-3014 is to be reclassified from Safe to Euclid.

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