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EuclidSCP-3014 The PuppetRate: -36

SCP-3014 after targeting Jacky ████

Item #: SCP-3014

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3014 requires a 1x1x1 Meter glass Containment Chamber at site:██. SCP-3014 may not be opened by ANY member of staff unless permitted by 2+ Level-5 staff due to the risk of disturbing it.

Description: SCP-3014 is a large puppet of unknown height or weight, and if disturbed appears to change appearance to a different human being ranging from ages of 3 to 9 and of both genders. The faces of the child it changes appearance to match government documents meaning the child was alive. Anyone who has seen that child suddenly forgets about the child within 2 weeks depending on relationship with the child, and the child goes missing once the closest person forgets. The puppet appears to made out of the child's flesh for the main parts and the veins for the string. the puppet can not be controlled by itself but requires to be controlled by a living creature of humanoid appearance.

Addendum: On ██/█/20██ Testing on SCP-3014 commenced and was held by Dr. ██████. During the test D-████ (The D-Class involved) proceeded to open the box and saw that in the box he said he recognised the child, Dr. ██████ the proceeded to ask questions but by then D-████ had already been affected and claimed to never of seen the child.

Interviewed: Maree ████

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Foreword: Interview Log SCP-3014-1

<Begin Log,>

Dr. ███: Hello, Maree.

Maree ████: Who are you?

Dr. ███: Never mind that.

Dr. ███: What happened when your daughter went missing?

Maree ████: What daughter? I've never had one.

Dr. ███: Remember? Jacky ████

Maree ████: I don't know anyone named Jacky ████

Dr. ███: [Writes down notes on a notepad]

Dr. ███: Ok, that's all.

<End Log,>

Closing Statement: Maree ████ walks away and claims to have a headache, relation to SCP-3014 and the headache is not certain.

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