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nn5n: scp-3028 Desaturation Bellows
SafeSCP-3028 Desaturation BellowsRate: -23

SCP-3028 during initial recovery.

Item #: SCP-3028

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3028 is to be kept in a locked concrete box. Testing involving SCP-3028 requires the authorization of Level 3 personnel. SCP-3028 containment chamber needs to have an active air vent system that can be closed at any time using a button located near the entrance to the chamber. The object needs to be revised at least once per week to avoid accidental usage and good air conditioning.

Description: SCP-3028 was retrieved by Archeologist M.B during the exploration of an abandoned manor in the northern United Kingdom. The object is a bellows made from heartwood polished with mordant and black leather finish. The nozzle is made of brass, the base has a perfect hole in the center and the handles themselves are held by a small leather rope, supposedly to avoid damaging the object by overextension of the handles.

Upon using SCP-3028, instead of a gust of wind, an area near the brass nozzle loses all color saturation. This anomaly has been designated as SCP-3028-1. It spreads around to available space in the same manner as air would. SCP-3028-1 after the 56-hour mark starts to disappear. After another 24 hours, the discoloration of the environment seen through SCP-3028-1 is gone. For more information, see Test Log 3028

Test Log 3028
Subject(s) Reported events Notes
D-912527 Subject picked up SCP-3028 and used it five times, creating a big SCP-3028-1 anomaly zone. Subject received a command to observe the behavior and to open the air vents if needed. After one minute, SCP-3028-1 grew bigger, while losing the intensity of the effect. Subject started to sweat, breathe heavily and begged the researchers to open the window. After informing the subject about the lack of windows and explaining, that the button near the entrance opens the vent, he pressed the button after two minutes of hesitation. SCP-3028-1 left the room and the subject started acting aggressive towards the staff, calming down soon after. First test involving SCP-3028 to determine its effects. Due to the possibility of suffocation and degraded cognitive capabilities, all subjects are required to wear dust masks before attempting more tests with SCP-3028.
D-195723, D-746200 The researchers told subject D-195723, now referred to as Subject A, to use SCP-3028 directly towards subject D-746200's eyes, now referred as Subject B, while being careful not to blow themselves with the object. Subject B was covering her eyes with hands and moaning. Subject A apologized to Subject B, trying to calm her down. Subject B experienced severe exhaustion, lachrymation and recurring nightmares. After SCP-3028-1 dissolved, Subject B fully recovered to her natural state, except for right eye, which became less responsive. First symptoms of SCP-3028-1 were registered. After the test session, it turns out that anomaly is able to stick to surfaces and group together. SCP-XXXS-1 has the ability to damage sensitive tissue. This experiment also confirms that directly changing the color perception has a much bigger impact on the emotions than previously thought.
D-8263901 Subject was instructed to use SCP-3028 on several objects to cover them in the anomaly. These objects include a wooden toy train, an empty plastic cup and a rat corpse. Each object was blown two times. During testing, the rope broke, making SCP-3028 generating anomalies indefinitely. Researchers found a quick replacement in minutes to desperately fix this issue. It worked, but the whole room was filled with SCP-3028-1. The button was pressed, cleaning the test area. Covered objects have been desaturated. Researchers told the subject to pick them up and look for any damage. All objects were in perfect condition, except for the rat corpse, which degraded even more due to the effect of SCP-3028-1, which was expected. Objects were left in containers in the test area. All future tests will require more careful usage. There is a possibility that SCP-3028 lose resistance over time. Objects will be investigated for any changes next time around.
D-1620512 Subject was instructed to open the containers and check for degradation. Each one was still desaturated and undamaged. Subject reported that while holding each object, weird and vague sounds were heard. While holding a toy train, he reported hearing some children playing in a playground. While holding an empty plastic cup, the subject reported hearing a waterfall combined with office ambience, like telephone rings, keyboard usage and ceiling light buzzes. While holding a dead rat subject reported hearing other rats and dry grass rustle, probably from a place where this rat was born and raised. Sounds were not heard by researchers. The subject also reported that he received several memories related to those items in question. Each memory was in first-person as if he was those objects at some point in his life. The subject started explaining each item in thorough detail. Then each object was incinerated without any side effects. Objects exposed intensively to SCP-3028-1 gain an ability to give past experiences to anybody who is holdin them. It also makes affected objects lose colors permanently.
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