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An unmutated instance of SCP-3035

Item #: SCP-3035

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3035 are currently contained in Site-573, a decommissioned Foundation containment site. There are two entry-points to Site-573: Entry Point A, the primary entrance, has been buried beneath 4 meters of concrete. Entry Point B, a vacuum-tube transit system, is used for deliveries to and from the interior of Site-573.

MTF Epsilon-9 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks") maintains a small base at Entry Point B. They have standing orders to terminate any instance of SCP-3035 on sight.

Every week, a package filled with paper (containing unintelligible writing), test-tubes filled with random liquids, assorted organs and body-parts, and broken keyboards will emerge from Entry Point B. The contents of these packages are to be examined, documented, and then incinerated. No personnel or automated drones are permitted to enter Site-573 without Level 4 Clearance.

Description: SCP-3035 are a strain of Periplaneta americana (American cockroach, or water-bug) with an anomalous defense strategy: They mimic the behavior and appearance of whatever dominant species occupies their current ecosystem.

Typically, this mimicry will be largely superficial. While an instance of SCP-3035 may reproduce the coloration and basic behavior patterns of bumblebees, they will not reproduce a bee's complex social network or unique form of language. This is analogous to insects in nature with appearances that mimic other creatures — thereby gaining the benefits of being misperceived as those creatures.

Instances of SCP-3035 will mimic each other much more rapidly than other organisms. This leads to a powerful feedback loop wherein one instance will adopt a new behavior or appearance, and all other SCP-3035 instances will quickly mimic this new behavior or appearance in return.

It should be emphasized that all of these forms of mimicry are only shallow approximations — representing an attempt by an insect to roughly 'look' and 'act' like something else.


After three disastrous attempts at a rescue mission, we're giving up. Every time we send a squad of soldiers down there, these things start adapting their behavior and appearance — becoming more and more aggressive. On top of that, they breed like… well, cockroaches.

Epsilon-9 will be stationed at Entry Point B; they'll stay as long as they can and wait to see if anything human comes out. But as of this moment, I'm declaring Site-573 a lost cause.

- Dr. Henry Xao

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/02/82
SUBJECT: Unusual Mutation

Yesterday, I noticed a curious phenomenon in one of the cockroaches we've been using for our tests with SCP-████: Overnight, it turned from brown to white. I've included an attached image.

As alteration of colors has never been an observed symptom of SCP-████, I'm left to wonder if something else is at play. With your permission, I'd like to perform some rudimentary tests to determine if this is connected to the anomaly, or merely an unusual mutation.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/05/82
SUBJECT: Re: Re: Unusual Mutation

I think we've stumbled across a completely independent anomaly.

Only a day after the first subject's 'mutation', all of the other cockroaches within the enclosure have also turned white.

I'm going to perform a series of biopsies and genetic tests tomorrow.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/06/82
SUBJECT: Biopsy Results

The biopsy was inconclusive; the genetic tests showed nothing unusual for a member of Periplaneta americana. That being said, I've noticed another unusual change: They've started 'standing' at the edge of their enclosure, tapping their forelegs against the glass.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/07/82
SUBJECT: New Developments

They're mimicking me.

I hadn't thought to mention it yesterday because I hadn't noticed the pattern — but they only tap the glass during three periods in the day: 7:00 am, 11:30 am, and 3:00 pm.

Those are the times when I typically stop to check my email and finish up my lab reports.

Nearly every day, I've been sitting down besides their enclosure, starting up my computer, and tapping away at the keyboard for twenty minutes. And now they've adopted my behavior — 'sitting' up, and 'typing' on the glass.

Was the change in their coloration an attempt to mimic my labcoat?

I think we're dealing with a new SCP, here. Please advise.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/12/82
SUBJECT: Re: Re: New Developments

Per your suggestion, I've moved the enclosure to a spot where my 'colleagues' can watch my work with greater ease. They've proven to very apt students — already, I've observed them mimicking the motions I make when I'm taking notes or preparing solutions for testing. I've even noticed a few of them flopping around in a rather clumsy attempt to walk.

There's one other issue — they've gotten bigger. An increase of about 15%, according to my measurements. It occurred so slowly I didn't even think to measure them until I reviewed past footage and noticed the increase in size.

Regardless, my new star pupils are starting to grow on me.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/13/82
SUBJECT: They can walk.

They're walking, Dr. Xao. They're walking.

All of them, all at once — it happened like magic. Yesterday, they were just thumping around clumsily, and today… I walk into the lab and find them all strolling about the enclosure. Like they own the place. Or… like a buzzing little classroom of pre-graduate students awaiting their Professor.

The curious part is that every test I've performed on them still indicates that they have the intelligence of your basic, run-of-the-mill cockroach. They can mimic behavior, but they can't mimic understanding; they copy my actions, but they don't understand why I do something. Or even what something means.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/14/82
SUBJECT: Another test

As an experiment, I found some doll-sized tables and chairs and placed them inside the enclosure. The props are far too large, but I'm curious if they'll try using them.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/15/82
SUBJECT: Okay, this is pretty funny

If you've ever wanted to know what a bunch of cockroaches sitting at an over-sized table, typing away at keyboards that aren't even there looks like… well, I've attached a video that should satisfy your curiosity.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/16/82
SUBJECT: Cockroaches

The table is no longer too big.

They grew again — this time, literally overnight. At a glance, I'd say their size has expanded by 20%. In addition their antennae have been getting shorter and curlier. Like… my eyebrows.

On one hand, this is thrilling; on the other hand, I'm starting to get a little nervous about the rapid size-growth. I've taken some precautions and notified security of the possible danger. No reason not to be careful.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/18/82
SUBJECT: Case of the Mondays

I got one of them to 'drink' from a tiny plastic toy coffee mug.


FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/19/82
SUBJECT: Re: Biopsy Time!

Per your request, I performed a biopsy on one of their 'brains'. I've sent the results to you — as you can see, there's no new growth, no new structures — they're still just cockroaches. Bizarrely large cockroaches that look like they're wearing labcoats. And walking around. And typing at empty desks. And drinking coffee.

I felt a little bad about killing one of them; it's hard not to think of them as my little pupils. Still, none of the others seemed to mind. They're all just happily strutting about, acting like nothing even happened.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/20/82

They killed one of their own.

This morning, I returned to the lab only to find one of the cockroaches on its back atop of the table, dead. It had been somehow — sliced open and gutted. The other cockroaches were just strutting around like nothing was wrong.

I reviewed the footage from yesterday. Last night, after I left, one of them pinned another one down on top of the table. It used what looked like… sharpened tips on its forelegs to cut it open. Then, it started methodically removing the still-living bug's insides. Like it was scooping up ice-cream.

Once it was done, it sat at the table and started tapping away at the invisible keyboard, again. Like it was taking notes and writing emails based on the results.

Just like me.

They saw my autopsy, Dr. Xao. They saw it, and then they *mimicked* it.

I think this experiment has gone on far enough.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/21/82
SUBJECT: Re: Where's your spirit of scientific inquiry?

They grew 150% larger.

This experiment is over. I'm euthanizing the lot of them.

FROM: Dr. Breeman
TO: Dr. Xao
DATE: 02/23/82


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