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SCP-3036 at time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-3036

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3036 is to be kept in a 3x2.5x0.7 meter case made of 20 cm thick Steel walling. This case is to be replaced every 10 years, or in relation to the appearance of rust on the inside of the case. Case is to be checked monthly for the spread of rust by D-Class of non-Semitic decent & who are unable to read cuneiform-based scripts. Any and all personnel assigned to SCP-3036 capable of reading Sumerian or Old Persian are to be kept out of positions where visual contact with SCP-3036 could be achieved.

Any and all personnel recruited to translate the engravings on the sides of SCP-3036 are to be given photographs of the engravings and are never to be permitted to view SCP-3036 directly.

Description: SCP-3036 is a Granite sarcophagus roughly two meters in length, one meter in width and 0.5 meters in height, weighing approximately ████ Kilograms.

Outside elements of note are the sides which are covered in both Old Persian and Sumerian writing which appear to cycle around the sides of the box in a loop, being positioned so that the end of a phrase leads into the beginning of itself. Though the Sumerian has yet to be translated into readable speech, some of the Old Persian has been translated and reads as follows:

"Among those who seek of the knowledge in these primordial waters; soak yourselves within this site and receive [Give?] what has been taken among…"

On the inside of the sarcophagus is a stagnant pool of water which glows at a scale of around 60-90 lumens and which seems to be drawn to a gravity within the sarcophagus itself, resisting the pull of the earth's gravity when placed upright. Water extracted from the pool for testing purposes lost this glow after a period of one minute post-extraction and tests as seemingly ordinary salt water.

Subjects who are of non-Semitic decent or who do not know any cuneiform-based scripts will be unaffected by the anomalous effects of SCP-3036. Subjects who enter the water who know the Sumerian/Old Persian languages or who are of Semitic decent will, over the course of several minutes, begin to speak exclusively in Sumerian, and if left unmoved will gradually have memories replaced with false memories. This will gradually become absolute, and those who are submerged for a period of three or more hours are shown to believe that they are/were a Priest or Priestess, at which point they are labeled as SCP-3036-B any attempts to re-teach the subjects any modern language of non Semitic descent are seemingly impossible.

If removed from the water before this replacement of memories is complete, the subject must be kept from viewing SCP-3036, as viewing of the text on the side of SCP-3036 triggers an instinct manifested by the SCP which causes affected subjects to attempt to both re-immerse themselves in SCP-3036, as well as attempt to re-secure the lid of SCP-3036 with themselves inside, this instinct is so extreme that in some tests, subjects have been recorded to attempt to return to SCP-3036 after being heavily injured.

If the lid of SCP-3036 is secured with a subject inside, the object's secondary effect will be triggered. a large flow of the water found in SCP-3036 will erupt from the cracks of the object for a period of approximately 3-5 minutes, at which point the case will reopen, and one of two (recorded) effects will occur:

  1. The subject will have received damages to the body similar to a partial drowning, but will have their identity fully replaced as standard in regular testing, becoming an example of SCP-3036-B.
  2. The subject will be left fully drowned, with organs (commonly the heart and/or lungs) removed and seemingly replaced with a similar water as is present in SCP-3036. There are no entry wounds and this effect was only discovered via autopsy.

If SCP-3036 is not given a subject once every five years, or is not read directly in the same time frame, it will gradually fill it's container with ordinary salt water until it has either completely flooded it's container or is used or read.

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