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SCP-3038 visible during the expulsion of SCP-3038-B. (low-light photo)

Item #: SCP-3038

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3038 is currently located at research Site-157. Samples of SCP-3038-B should be incinerated or collected for testing.

Host-3038 is kept in an on-site personnel apartment and is monitored by an infrared surveillance apparatus. At the end of SCP-3038's active phase, Host-3038 is to be administered a Class-A amnestic. During SCP-3038's inactive phase, Host-3038 may be granted access to on-site common services and will continue to aid research.

Description: SCP-3038 denotes a localized gravitational anomaly within the right eye of adult female ███ ████, designated Host-3038. Host-3038 exhibits no anomalous attributes and, besides retinal blindness, is unaffected by the presence SCP-3038 during its inactive phases.

SCP-3038 exhibits an average gravitational field of 28.72 m/s²1 throughout its area of effect. This force extends in a 1 millimeter radius. Around the outer extent of SCP-3038, a "film" of loose matter orbits, composed of a non-periodic element which rapidly decays when removed from SCP-3038. This film acts as a "buffer" between SCP-3038 and the gravitational force of the earth.

SCP-3038's affects have compiled 8 spherical structures 200 to 600 micrometers in diameter (designated SCP-3038-A-2 through SCP-3038-A-9) in orbit around a centralized object 1 millimeter in diameter (designated SCP-3038-A-1). SCP-3038-A-2 through SCP-3038-A-9 are composed of Host-3038's cells (mostly photoreceptors and erythrocytes), foreign bodies such as dust, and trace amounts of non-periodic elements. SCP-3038-A-1 orbits closely to the central point of SCP-3038, and resembles a Red Giant star, both in composition and appearance.

Every 40 to 70 days, the film of SCP-3038 will degrade, commencing the "active" phase. Small bodies of dust, rock, and ice from an unknown source will be thrown by SCP-3038-A-1 through the eye, permeating the pupil's membrane without causing damage. The expelled matter will drift from Host-3038, mixing with dusts from the atmosphere. This combined substance is denoted SCP-3038-B. After the shedding of SCP-3038-B, the film of SCP-3038 will not regenerate for 23 minutes. In this time, SCP-3038 can be observed freely, given that all SCP-3038-B has been cleared.

Observation has shown accelerated time-progression within SCP-3038. While an exact age is impossible to determine, monitoring of SCP-3038's celestial activity has suggested SCP-3038-A-1 has aged at least 6 billion years while in containment. Monitoring of instances SCP-3038-A-2 through SCP-3038-9 has shown that, while all present periodic elements have undergone the expected amount of deterioration, all non-periodic elements have resisted deterioration. While it seems SCP-3038-A-1 will eventually die, the effect its death will have on SCP-3038 remains uncertain.

Documentation on Psychoanomalous Properties: SCP-3038-B has been found to evoke one of several psychoanomalous reactions in any human whose cells are contacted by it2. SCP-3038-B will lose its anomalous properties within 30 minutes of initial contamination. These reactions have included:

  • A fever of 40.5°C, along with all expected symptoms of high fever such as vomiting, sweating, and fatigue. As fever increases within Host-3038, the expulsion of SCP-3038-B becomes more violent and SCP-3038-A-1 burns hotter, sustaining the reaction for periods of up to 13 days.
  • Lapsing into a semi-comatose state, in which the affected will remain conscious of reality but will be unable to move.
  • Audiovisual hallucinations of varying natures. Most common are vivid audiovisual hallucinations of inconsistent nature; the majority of hallucinations play on common instinctual fears such as insects, strangers, predatory animals, ambiguous monsters, etc. Also common are vague audiovisual hallucinations, 90% of which are forgotten after completion.
  • While 40% of recalled hallucinations seem to be of a random nature, 50% seem to detail an event 50 days before or after contact with SCP-3038-B, although events after contact usually vary from previous psychoanomalous hallucinations in several regards. 10% of recalled hallucinations are vivid, false accounts of events 50 days before or after contact with SCP-3038-B, and actions taken in response to these false events have consistently caused incidents of varying severity.

As SCP-3038 has aged, the anomalous effects of SCP-3038-B have grown more pronounced. Additionally, more matter seems to be expelled as SCP-3038-B each active phase. Further attempts to determine the source of these substances have been inconclusive. These substances consistently enter SCP-3038 from 1 of 4 trajectories originating in an anomalous space, seemingly between SCP-3038's "film" and the edge of SCP-3038. This suggests a larger, non-observable extent to SCP-3038.

Documentation Regarding Host-3038: On ██/██/1999, Dr. ███ ████ was transferred from former Site-187 to Site-157 as a Level-2 researcher studying SCP-████.

Shortly after Dr. ███ ████s arrival at Site-157, SCP-3038 was discovered and brought into containment. Physical inspection of Dr. ███ ████ before transferral showed no anomalies, and interviews have consistently shown Dr. ███ ████ to have no knowledge of how SCP-3038 was acquired.

Considering what happened at Site-187-D, I'm not surprised that it might've caused something like this. Host-3038 was a good researcher, and so long as we're playing this safe and following proper protocol regarding SCP-3038 and SCP-3038-B, I see no reason to detain Host-3038 indefinitely.

- Dr. Gregory Brimmings, Personnel Director of Site-157.

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