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nn5n: scp-3039 "TOGeTHeR 4 eVAR"
SafeSCP-3039 "TOGeTHeR 4 eVAR"Rate: -10

Item #: SCP-3039

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3039 is to be stored within a standard non-sentient safe object storage container. No site personel are permitted to read SCP-3093 aloud outside of testing. During testing, all staff are to immediately vacate the testing chamber after either SCP-3039 SCP-3039-1 or SCP-3039-2 manifest.

When conducting interviews with SCP-3039-1 or SCP-3039-2, staff are advised to speak calmly and clearly to prevent either entity from becoming agitated and demanifesting before the interview's completion. Staff are permitted to comfort SCP-3039-1 if it shows signs of agitation. Under no circumstances is the name "███████" to be said to, or in the presence of, SCP-3039-1 or SCP-3039-2.

Description: SCP-3039 is a standard sheet of Wide ruled paper. In child-like handwritting, written in red crayon, the words "TOGeTHeR 4 eVAR" are scribbled across SCP-3039. On the back side of SCP-3039 is a drawing of a red heart in red crayon with stick-figures of two children standing inside of it, holding hands. The left-most child is depicted as a smiling, red-headed girl with curly hair. The right-most child is depicted as a neutral-faced girl with short brown hair.

SCP-3039's anomolous properties arise when the message written upon it is read aloud by a subject holding it. Once read, SCP-3039 will disapear in a small puff of smoke, and in its place will be either SCP-3039-1 or SCP-3039-2. There is no known trigger to get a specific entity to appear once this is done.

SCP-3039-1 is a female Caucasian child estimated to be around six (6) years of age. The entity has curly, red hair and wears a pink, floral dress. SCP-3039-1 has been shown to be semi-corporeal. However, it cannot be interacted with by any corporeal object on a physical level. Any corporeal object that comes into contact with SCP-3039-1 without it initiating said contact will pass directly through its body. This causes no apparent damage to SCP-3039-1, and it shows no signs of discomfort during or after the object passes through it. SCP-3039-1 exhibits symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Dependant Personality Disorder (DPD) such as growing increasingly uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, an extreme fear of abandonment, and becoming overly-attatched to staff who interact with it. SCP-3039-1 has been observed to grow agitated when approached immediately after manifestation. Staff are advised to leave SCP-3039-1 alone in the designated testing chamber for a maximum of one (1) hour before reentering. SCP-3039-1 is typically overtly friendly with staff, frequently showing signs of affection and requests to "play" until it demanifests anywhere from two (2) to three (3) weeks after initial manifestation.

SCP-3039-2 appears to be a female Caucasian child of indeterminate age with short brown hair and a constant neutral expression on its face. SCP-3039-2, in 76% of documented cases, has demanifested immediately after manifestation. In 24% of documented cases, it is generally non-compliant to foundation personel; refusing to speak and becoming occasionally hostile. It is theorized that SCP-3039-2's lips are permanently sealed together, as there is no known way to open SCP-3039-2's mouth. SCP-3039-2 is completely non-corporeal and is partially translucent when viewed under direct lighting. SCP-3039-2 has the apparent ability to levitate as well, as it does not phase through surfaces that it stands on. SCP-3039-2 communicates via American Sign Language (ASL). SCP-3039-2 will demanifest after a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours following manifestation.

SCP-3039-1 and SCP-3039-2 appear to be aware of each other's existences. However, SCP-3039-1 is confused as to why they have not "seen each other around here lately." Both entities claim ownership of SCP-3039, SCP-3039-1 stating that "[it] and [its] bestest friend in the whole wide world!" made it together prior to containment. Both SCP-3039-1 and SCP-3039-2 have requested to speak to each other in numerous interviews. However, due to the impossibility of having both entities manifest at the same time, these requests have been denied.


Interviewed: SCP-3039-1

Interviewer: Dr. Wang Zu

Foreword: The following interview was recorded two weeks after initial containment of SCP-3039.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Wang Zu: Good evening, SCP-3039-1
SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 giggles] Hey, Mister Doctor!
Dr. Wang Zu: If it's alright, we'd like to ask you a few questions, okay, sweetheart?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 nods, smiling]
Dr. Wang Zu: [Dr. Wang Zu chuckles] Alright then. What's your name?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 makes a confused noise and tilts its head] What's a "name?"
Dr. Wang Zu: You don't know what names are?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 shakes its head back and forth while making an "mmm-mmm" sound]
Dr. Wang Zu: It's something you're called. A word. For example, my name is Cho Wang Zu. Do you have anything people call you?

SCP-3039-1: Hmmm… Nope! Don't think so! But my bestest friend used to call me stuff like "sweetheart" and "Avery" and -
Dr. Wang Zu: Avery? Is that your name?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 crosses its arms and pouts] Interupting people is mean, Mister Doctor… But I guess so.
Dr. Wang Zu: Would you like me to call you Avery?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 shakes its head "no"]
Dr. Wang Zu: Alrighty then, sweetheart. Can you tell me more about your bestest friend?

SCP-3039-1: Mmmhmm! She's the bestest, sweetest, most nicest person in the whole planet! She likes all the things I like, and I like all the things she likes! She's the most beautiful, kind, nicest person ever!
Dr. Wang Zu: What does she look like?

SCP-3039-1: Uhhh… She has short, brown hair, and pretty green eyes! She's very pretty.
Dr. Wang Zu: Uh-huh. And when did you meet her?

SCP-3039-1: She's always been around, I think. I can't remember when she started showing up, but whenever mommy was mad, she'd come to my room and tell me it was gonna be okay! She even let me braid her hair once! She's the best.
Dr. Wang Zu: When your mommy was mad, what did she do?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 becomes visibly uncomfortable] Break things…
Dr. Wang Zu: Did you have a daddy?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 shakes its head "no" and starts twiddling its thumbs]
Dr. Wang Zu: You okay, honey pie?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 suddenly looks up and smiles] Yup! Sorry. Mommy scared me a lot, but ███████ said she'd take care of me!
Dr. Wang Zu: Is that your best friend's name?

SCP-3039-1: Yeah! She doesn't like when I call her that, though. Only bestest friend when I talk about her to other people! [SCP-3039-1 whispers] Don't tell her I said that.
Dr. Wang Zu: [Dr. Wang Zu makes a "zipping the lips" motion]

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 giggles again, pauses, then leans closer to Dr. Wang Zu] When can I see her again, by the way? I haven't seen her since she took me away.
Dr. Wang Zu: She took you away? Where?

SCP-3039-1: Right after we drew together, she said she'd protect me forever, so she held my hands and told me to close my eyes. I haven't seen her since. Can I see her now?
Dr. Wang Zu: I'll see what I can do. Where were you when ███████ -

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 growls in a deep, male voice] SHUT UP!
Dr. Wang Zu: [Dr. Wang Zu freezes]

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 shuts its eyes tightly, then repoens them, giggling again]
Dr. Wang Zu: [Dr. Wang Zu slowly repositions himself in his seat, visibly nervous] Was that - Was that her?

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 tilts its head] Who? [It begins looking around the room]
Dr. Wang Zu: Nothing. I must have just heard something… Where did she take you, again?

SCP-3039-1: Who? Oh! My bestest friend! [SCP-3039-1 pauses, grimacing] … I don't know. It's dark and cold. Sometimes, I feel… Hands. All over my body. And then sometimes… Poof! I see a bright light, and I'm surrounded by people I don't know. It's kinda scary. Can I please see her? Please?!
Dr. Wang Zu: I don't know if you can. But I'll see what I can do. [Dr. Wang Zu stands, fixing his lab coat] I think that's all we'll need for today, so we'll pick up again sometime soon.

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 stands abruptly] Wait! I don't wanna go back there! Mister Doctor, can I stay here a little longer?! You don't even have to "enta-pew" me! I don't wanna be alone, Mister Doctor, please!
Dr. Wang Zu: [Dr. Wang Zu kneels down to be eye-level with SCP-3039-1] Of course you can, sweetie. Just as long as you stay out of trouble.

SCP-3039-1: [SCP-3039-1 begins sobbing] I wanna be with my friend! Where is she?! I wanna see her! PLEASE LET ME SEE HER!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview was terminated shortly after this recording was ended. Dr. Wang Zu underwent a psychological evaluation post-interview and has since been released to continue his work. He is, however, currently barred from interviewing SCP-3039-1 or SCP-3039-2. When questioned about its reaction to Dr. Wang Zu using the name "███████," SCP-3039-1 became visibly confused, having no apparent recollection of her outburst. In the one instance where SCP-3039-2 was questioning about this name, it became visibly agitated and attempted to pick up a glass bottle on a desk, making a motion to smash the interviewer over the head with it. However, given its inability to interact with physical objects, its hand phased through the bottle and subsequently the interviewer in question. Containment procedures have been revised following this incident.

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