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UnknownSCP-3041 The Real GodRate: -38

Item Description: SCP-3041

Object Class: Apollyon

No picture because the mere sight of this horror might give you a heart attack

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the Extraordinary power of SCP-3041, all personal shall pray to whatever god there is and hope that SCP-3041 will never become bored again. Make sure at all cost that SCP-3041 is entertained or the world is screwed as we know it. If you fail to entertain SCP-3041 then lockdown the facility immediately, travel about 1000 miles away from the site, and kill yourself before that monstrosity can get into your head.

Description: SCP-3041 is a dark figure with wing-like appendages on the opposite side of its form. SCP-3041 appears to be a being from another universe, possibly a far stronger version of SCP-106. SCP-3041 has the ability to teleport to any living being and envelope them in darkness. While this action may seem frightening, it is actually a sign of joy like when a dog wags it's tail. What's truly evil about this creature is that once it gets bored it decides to "explode" and releases a dark substance into the air. If this substance touches you then after a few weeks you will start to develop dark patches on your body. By then it is to late to save your soul and it would be better to sacrifice yourself for the good of mankind. This is because if your body turns completely black then everyone within a 1000 mile radius will die instantly, including yourself. But the creature will start to get into your mind and force you to try and not kill yourself. It's mind control is also strong enough to force anyone around an infected to not run away. SCP-3014 is delighted by the thought of seeing the pain and misery of the infected individual struggling to kill themselves. What is truly terrifying is that every SCP is scared of SCP-3014. Remember SCP-682? When introduced to SCP-3014 it started screaming in a loud high pitched noise and attempted to kill itself. SCP-49? Attempted to inject its own poison into its body when seeing SCP-3014 for the first time. But the scariest act of all is that it isn't afraid of [ http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-729-j SCP-729-J]. That's right, it isn't afraid of the very devil itself and SCP-729-J attempted to kill itself by jumping into a fire. Yep, the most terrifying SCP tried to kill ITSELF upon meeting SCP-3014. If this doesn't prove that SCP-3014 will be the death of humanity then I fear humanity has no chance of surviving any longer.

By Doctor Jonas, A very scared scientist

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