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SCP-3042 in containment

Item #: SCP-3042

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the nature of the anomalous abilities displayed by SCP-3042, no conventional method of singular containment has proven successful. Procedures instead focus on containing the individual SCP-3042 is showing affection to, designated SCP-3042-1. -D. Gellman, Sc.D, Project Research Lead

SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 are held in joint containment in a small ranch-style modular house on the grounds of Biological Testing Area 45. Containment house is completely furnished and includes a full entertainment suite, access to a request line linked to a special liaison within Area 45, and a standard custom datakey-activated atomizing termination chamber. Containment house is surrounded by an electrified and reinforced palisade fence at a radius of 15m and a height of 5m. Fence supports a full coverage chain-link canopy, introduced after the events of incident 3042-CB-3 (see report). Fence includes an airlock-configuration gate for safe delivery of supplies, removal of rubbish, and introduction of personnel.

Land outside containment fence must be patrolled at all times by no fewer than three (3) all-terrain swift response security specialists. In the unlikely event of SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 becoming separated by any significant distance outside containment house gounds, swift response specialists are to use all means at their disposal to expediently deliver SCP-3042-1 to SCP-3042. During test periods, delivery of subjects to test site will be executed by no fewer than five (5) members of the Specal Fugitive Transportation unit.

Containment house must be staffed by no fewer than two (2) Scheduling Enforcement specialists. Should SCP-3042-1 attempt self harm or fall into a medically untenable state, enforcement specialists are to restrain SCP-3042-1, schedule immediate termination, and request delivery of one (1) D-class personnel (designated 3042-D) to containment house. 3042-D will be supplied with a one-use datakey for activation of termination chamber. Chamber controls must be operated by 3042-D. SCP-3042-1 is to be terminated on schedule and D-3042 is to be immediately reclassified as SCP-3042-1. These procedures may also be enacted at the request of the current SCP-3042-1 designatee.


SCP-3042 is a small dog with a mottled coat; primarily white with gray and brown areas. Genomic saliva tests reveal DNA consistent with an unrecorded breed of canis lupus familiaris. On site veterinary studies report SCP-3042 to be an unneutered male weighing 5 kg and measuring 25 cm tall at the shoulder, resembling an estimated 4-5 year old member of the Havanese breed. SCP-3042 seems in an extreme state of health, free of any outwardly observable sign of past or present injury or malady. Continued observation has yet to record any instance of SCP-3042 sleeping, consuming food or water, or producing urine or stool. Further medical testing has proved thusfar imposible due to the anomalous traits of SCP-3042.

SCP-3042 was discovered during a raid executed by Special Task Force Kappa-7 while seeking to contain possible instances of SCP-4841. Raid resulted in institution of lethal measures against narcotic distributors. It is at this time SCP-3042 began following and showing affection to Special Agent ██████. While at first believing SCP-3042 to be a typical dog, Special Agent ██████ reported anomalous behavior and abilities within one week and was the first to be Foundation designated as SCP-3042-1.

SCP-3042 Perpetually exhibits excited and affectionate behavior toward the individual designated SCP-3042-1. SCP-3042 will continuously jump on, lick, play bite, paw at, and playfully bark at SCP-3042-1. Even when abused or severely rejected, SCP-3042 will continue expressing extreme energetic affection. On site animal behaviorists have likened the behavior to an extreme and obsessive form of psychological imprinting. Studies have yet to uncover any stimulus that will distract SCP-3042 from its focus of attention on SCP-3042-1. As of the writing of this report, no individual designated SCP-3042-1 has ever been severely injured by SCP-3042 despite it's extreme destructive capabilities. Occasional reports of welts, scratches, and skin ulcers due to wear from long-term continuous licking by SCP-3042 are to be considered normal and non-emergent.

Individuals designated SCP-3042-1 have reported physical and psychological symptoms during their containment including but not limited to: body aches, burning eyes, chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, confusion, memory lapses, delusions, and seizures. Project medical lead Dr. A. Eastmore beleives these symptoms may be results of sleep deprivation and chronic stress due to the constant attention of SCP-3042. Currently there is not enough evidence to consider the symptoms anomalous.

Should SCP-3042 become separated from SCP-3042-1, It will immediately make its way back to SCP-3042-1. SCP-3042 will always move in a predictable straight path toward SCP-3042-1. When motivated to this end, SCP-3042 has shown the capability to destroy even the strongest materials and move at extreme speed (see Test Log 3042-A). SCP-3042 also displays an astounding resistance to physical damage, poison, disease, and deprivation. Research has yet to discover any conventional means of injuring SCP-30422. (see Test Log 3042-B).

When SCP-3042-1 is terminated or expires, SCP-3042 will immediately and directly seek out the next SCP-3042-1, who has thusfar always been a person with a measure of responsibility in the expiration of the previous SCP-3042-1. Current containment procedures are designed to create an unbroken chain of direct responsibility for terminations. These procedures contain SCP-3042 while also preventing casualty and damage among Foundation and civilian populations. Research into how SCP-3042 reacts to SCP-3042-1 expiring by way of suicide or misadventure on hold indefinitely, as no acceptably safe methodology by which to test these reactions has been developed. (See Incident Report 3042-CB-2)

Report 3042-CB-1
Note: This incident took place early in SCP-3042 containment period; initial containment was relegated to a standard on-site humanoid holding cell. Motivations of SCP-3042 were not known at this time. -D.G.

On ██/██/20██, SCP-3042-1 entered a request for termination, claiming he could "…No longer deal with this goddamn dog!". Request for termination was granted, consdered a "research opportunity" by site director. SCP-3042-1 termination delayed by destruction of initial termination chamber by SCP-3042, which rammed through level 3 ballistic glass with little effort. Agent ████████ ordered to administer ballistic termination and complied. Immediately upon the termination of SCP-3042-1, SCP-3042 imprinted onto Agent ████████ and made its way to the agent. In its travels, SCP-3042 dug through two steel reinforced cobcrete walls, rammed through an observation deck end to end, and shattered 14 windows in section 3 by producing a speed-induced pressure wave. 22 foundation staff injured, 4 killed, secondary containment protocols enacted for 3 other SCPs. Agent ████████ reported firing several shots into SCP-3042 at point blank range with long range high powered rifle to no effect. Agent reclassified as SCP-3042-1. Current containment protocols enacted soon thereafter.

Report 3042-CB-2


Foundation Skysight file photo: Path of SCP-3042 post containment breach

At approximately 14:30 on ██/██/20██, SCP-3042 Burst through the wall of containment house, through intervening fence, and began transiting northeast at extreme speed. Foundation Skysight units recorded maximum speed as approximately Mach 1.2 before losing contact. Site contacted approximately 4 minute 37 seconds after breach by Supply Agent █████ from nearby public highway ██ . Agent reported the driver side door of Foundation supply transport vehicle being torn off and SCP-3042 jumping into his lap at highway speed. Agent ordered to return immediately to Area 45 and complied. Investigation uncovered that Agent had introduced most recent supply drop to containment house, and that SCP-3042-1 had choked to death on beef jerky included in supply drop. Agent reclassified as SCP-3042-1, staff introduced to containment house on a permanent Basis.

Report 3042-CB-3

At approximately 02:45 on ██/██/20██, containment house personnel reported SCP-3042-1 acting erratic. As observation continued, designatee scooped up SCP-3042, ran outside, and pitched it over the containment fence. Designatee was subdued by containment house staff. SCP-3042 was reported to land, right itself, and rush back to SCP-3042-1, ripping an approximate 1 meter diameter hole in containment fence. SCP-3042-1 restrained while fence was repaired, 3042-D dispatched to containment house. SCP-3042-1 terminated on schedule per procedure, 3042-D reclassified as SCP-3042-1. Security canopy installation completed on schedule.

Universal Procedure:

SCP-3042-1 will deliver SCP-3042 to the opposing side of an obstacle in the form of a wall by way of physical kinetic propulsion. Affect of SCP-3042 on obstacle will then be recorded by multispectral ultra high speed camera. Time to return contact with SCP-3042-1 will be recorded.

Material: Tungsten Carbide
Thickness: 5cm

Result: SCP-3042 clawed a .5m diameter hole into wall utilizing typical canine digging action.
Return time: 2.594 seconds.
Notes: samples of wall material collected display no anomalous traits. Material appears to have shaved from wall by mechanical shear.

Material: Chobham composite
Thickness: 5cm

Result: SCP-3042 ran directly through barrier. Two (2) foundation personnel injured by burst of shrapnel
Return time: 1.953 seconds
Notes: samples of wall material collected display no anomalous traits. Material appears to have been overcome by shattering blunt force.

Researcher Note: this second test marked a turn in our testing approach. We decided to work from the top tier of resistant materials as opposed to our usual "step-up" procedures.

Material: Graphene
Thickness: 15nm

Result: SCP-3042 gripped all layers in its mouth and shredded them with a thrash of the head.
Return Time: 2.285 Seconds
Notes: samples of wall material collected display no anomalous traits. Material appears to have been shredded, not unlike newsprint.

Capabilities study suspended indefinitely pending Overseer approval of cross-testing with other SCPs or sufficient scientific advancement in materials science -L.E., Area Director

Universal Procedure:

A number of health stressors will be applied to SCP-3042, which will then be tested for illness or injury.


Stressor: SCP-3042-1 instructed to strike SCP-3042 with a steel machete using maximum effort.
Result: SCP-3042 unphased. Machete experienced catastrophic failure. designatee treated for minor lacerations. No injury to SCP-3042 recorded. Remains of machete show no anomalous traits.


Stressor: SCP-3042-1 instructed to assault SCP-3042 with a .45 calibur pistol loaded with overpressure hollow point rounds.
Result: SCP-3042 unphased by sound, flash, or impact. Against researcher advice, designatee pressed firearm muzzle directly against SCP-3042. Firearm catastrophically failed, designatee treated severe injury to right hand as well as concussion after being struck by ejected pistol slide. No injury to SCP-3042 recorded. Remains of firearm, ejected casing, and collected rounds show no anomalous traits.


Stressor: SCP-3042-1 instructed to fit SCP-3042 with a vest containing a standard M112 C-4 demolition block. SCP-3042-1 instructed to propel SCP-3042 over chobham composite barrier and immediately detonate block.
Result: SCP-3042 tore through barrier after detonation and returned to designatee (Return Time: 3.256 seconds). SCP-3042 observed to have slightly messed fur, but free of injury. C-4 observed to have detonated properly and as expected.


Stressor: SCP-3042-1 scheduled for termination. Designatee joined in standard atomizing termination chamber by SCP-3042. Chamber operated by 3042-D.
Result: SCP-3042-1 terminated on schedule. SCP-3042 burst out of chamber after termination cycle was complete. No injury to SCP-3042 recorded 3042-D immediately reclassified as SCP-3042-1.

Director's Note: I have assigned a Special Engineering team to modify a standard termination chamber which… and I never imagined writing these words… allows swift and easy escape of SCP-3042. We can't keep replacing doors every three weeks. -L.E.

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