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nn5n: scp-3044 The Acidic Parasite
KeterSCP-3044 The Acidic ParasiteRate: -32

Item #: SCP-3044

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The cell which contains SCP-3044 is a 10x10x10 cube with walls made of a compound of uranium, iron and carbon, this has a repellent effect on SCP-3044 which keeps it from using its possessive and reproductive abilities to escape the cell.

Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the cell unless permission has been granted by Level 5 personnel.

No more then one person may enter the specimen's cell at one time. Anyone who exits the cell will be considered armed and dangerous until they have been exposed to at least 3 X-Rays, placed outside the cell, and if needed be, subject sent in with SCP-3044 may have to be terminated and exposed to multiple doses of radiation, followed by cremation.

There are pressure pads that release a basic substance in case of a containment breach. The only item that stops this release is a tag on the bottom of every shoe of the subjects that we send into the cell.

Description: The parasite was first recorded in [REDACTED], where it is presumed that it managed to finds its way into a pesticide factory. Supposedly, using its reproductive abilities, it infected the production line and was then distributed into stores across the country.

The first customers to buy the pesticide used it exactly 34 minutes later, and once they used it they were quickly possessed and turned into SCP-3044-2, a hive mind that gains the knowledge of its host and distributes it to all other parts of the SCP-3044-2. Currently the IQ of SCP-3044 is 238. From what we know now, even if all of SCP-3044-2 was destroyed completely, the hive mind would still exist.

From the experiments we've conducted, we can tell that the time it takes for a host of the parasite to turn into SCP-3044 takes exactly 1 hour, 5 minutes and 39 seconds. We have never had a case of either SCP-3044 or SCP-3044-2 escaping. So far there have been 3 victims of SCP-3044, one of the subjects we sent in with the specimen and the two people who sprayed the pesticide.

Our squad have managed to stop any usage of the pesticide containing the SCP. The factory has been completely terminated, with no known survivors.

The symptoms of the conversion from a human to part of the SCP-3044-2 are sweating after 5 minutes, a fever after 30 and necrosis over the nose and torso. The only known cure for the conversion are low-medium doses of radiation. If anyone is within 5.75 metres of the specimen, it is able to convert them.

It also has a possessive ability which can change the instinct of subjects. depending on how close the subject is to the parasite, it can change hormonal balance, rewrite memories and disable and enable various organs. However, the main objective of this function is to lure subjects in to convert it to the SCP-3044-2. It puts subjects into a hypnotic state that can be broken by radiation and semi-severe blood loss.

SCP-3044-2 seems to have strange reactions to hydrogen, which turns the corporeal body comatose. We have conducted tests on one of the bodies and discovered that all organs of its body have been completely dissolved by a highly acidic substance which has been identified on the pH scale as 0.5. This substance has been running through the specimen's veins, arteries and capillaries and seems to be acting as its blood. We poured a highly basic substance into the body and it dissolved almost immediately.

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