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SafeSCP-3046 The TelevisionRate: -28

Item #: SCP-3046

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3046 is to be kept in a 5m x 5m x 5m windowless, soundproof containment chamber consisting of reinforced concrete. The chamber may only be accessed via one bullet-proof metal door. In order for anyone to enter the chamber, personnel below Class-B must receive clearance from Class-B personnel in order to enter. Personnel entering SCP-3046's chamber should not remain there for more than twenty (20) minutes in order to protect against the effects of SCP-3046. SCP-3046 was initially discovered at [DATA EXPUNGED] on March 22nd, 19██, and it was noticed by the foundation after hearing reports that ██ people had been injured by it.

Description: SCP-3046 is a 0.7m x 0.9m television dating back to around 1970. The television itself has ordinary controls and can be manually controlled by anyone who wishes to use it. The television can even be controlled by any remote that is compatible with it.

In the event that a subject activates SCP-3046, he/she will exhibit Stage One symptoms. There are three stages:

Stage 1: The person will begin to go into the state of Somnolence and collapse within a one to five (1-5) minute period. The subject will then proceed to go into a coma for a random amount of time, feeling absolutely nothing in their present state of being. Once the subject awakens from their coma, they will begin to feel the urge to cause harm to anyone that sees them and will use any means necessary. After 48 hours of being in this state, the subject will enter what is called Stage 2.

Stage 2: In this state the subject will begin to become even more violent and start screaming in cries of pain for intervals that can last up to two (2) hours, that can be heard up to three (3) miles away. If the subject remains in Stage 2 for 96 hours, they will reach Stage 3.

Stage 3: It is unknown what happens to the subject at Stage 3 due to the fact that anyone who observed the subject in that stage had reportedly gone "missing" and was never seen again.

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