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Item #: SCP-3047

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3047 is to be kept within the medical wing on Site ██. It is to be kept under patient care in a room outfitted with standard medical equipment for dealing with brain-dead patients. It must be restrained to the bed whenever it is in its inactive state to avoid any possible danger it might pose to itself or staff. Staff are not allowed to bring any written documents, books, files or any other form of written media into the room without prior authorization by Dr. ██████ ████████. SCP-3047 is to be activated at breakfast time and kept as a standard psychiatric patient under the pretense of having long term memory loss and then deactivated through the removal of SCP-3047-1 on retirement.

Following the events of Experiment 3047-41 SCP-3047 is to be kept in an underground reinforced humanoid containment cell with a three phase secure entry procedure on Site ██. Any and all media or written word is forbidden from entering the containment cell. It is to be kept in its inactive state and cared for under medical guidelines surrounding comatose and brain-dead patients. Nursing staff are to be screened for religious or fandom affiliation, with anyone attempting to introduce written media to be executed immediately by on-site guards who must be armed with, at the minimum, a 5mm firearm at all times. An incendiary bomb connected to an emergency panel in the security room is to be kept armed at all times, to be activated at the occurrence of an unauthorized super-human active state. Only researchers with clearance level 4 or above are allowed to consult Dr. ██████ ████████ to request access.

Description: SCP-3047 is a Caucasian male of unknown origin covered in micro-script tattoos containing the entirety of the Oxford English Dictionary as of ████. Its true age, identity and history is unknown, although according to SCP-3047-1 its name is ███████ ████ of ██████ ████, placing its age at ██. Due to the nature of SCP-3047 this information is unreliable, but descriptions of the person in question does match SCP-3047. According to public record ███████ ████ went missing on ██ █████ ████, which is roughly █ years and █ months after the first entry in SCP-3047-1.

While inactive, SCP-3047 shows all typical characteristics of a medically brain-dead patient and does not exhibit any anomalous properties. Once it is exposed to a piece of written work containing at least one humanoid character, it will take on the characteristics of that character and as such enter its active state. If the writing has more than one character, it will take on a character according to the following guidelines:

• Main subject of written work
• If multiple main subjects present, subject closest in description to SCP-3047.
• If multiple white male main subjects, highest level of development.
• If equal levels of development, first to be introduced.
• If all introduced simultaneously, with most dialogue.
• If equal levels of dialogue, random.

Once an identity has been assumed, SCP-3047 will not assume the identity of any other characters in pieces of written work it exposed to. However, upon making contact with a piece of written work, it will immediately have full knowledge of all information within until it resumes an inactive state. This includes writing, pictures, graphs, numerical values and any other meta-data present.

After exactly 60 minutes of separation with the host book of the currently assumed identity, SCP-3047 will enter its inactive state. This state is similar to a person that has become brain-dead, with ECG monitoring equipment confirming the absence of brain activity. The entry into this state is instantaneous and can result in injury to SCP-3047 if it is entered at an inopportune time. It is recommended that staff insure that SCP-3047 is either lying down or seated if an inactive state is expected.

SCP-3047-1 is the diary of ███████ ████. It contains a biographical history and a day to day account of activity and thought. It is bound in hard leather and was manufactured by the ████████ company in ████. On the cover is a sticker with the words "Knowledge is power" printed on it. Other than this, the diary is unassuming in appearance. This is the standard identity of SCP-3047 and as such is to be the primary identity that it assumes at all times outside of specific testing scenarios. The diary seems to contain roughly fifty-five thousand entries, despite page and binder thickness only allowing roughly 365 days worth of entries, as per a standard calendar dairy. Any information written within the diary by anyone or anything outside of SCP-3047 will not be integrated into SCP-3047's core personality, and will instead be recognized as additional information.

Apprehension: SCP-3047 was first discovered when reports came out of Oxford University of a middle aged man wondering the grounds offering tutorship in exchange for food and money. Those who accepted reported the man to have expert levels of knowledge in any field that was requested, granted that the student brought their textbook. Task force MTF Rho-1 (The Professors) were dispatched to investigate and found SCP-3047 with little difficulty. Posing as a student interested in tutorship in "Electro-psycho-botany", Agent █████ approached SCP-3047 with a blank textbook. Upon handing SCP-3047 the textbook, it became annoyed and requested he return with a proper manual, despite never having opened it. Agent █████ then apprehended SCP-3047 under suspicion of anomalous activity.

The following Experiment Log has been sealed using memetic kill agent Jester's Green. Researchers level 4 and above may request inoculation from Dr. ██████ ████████.

Experiment 3047-1
Subject: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Procedure: SCP-3047 transported to a standard holding cell while in an inactive state. The book was placed on his lap and then removed.
Results: After assuming a more comfortable sleeping position, SCP-3047 began to stir and woke up after approximately 15 seconds. When he opened his eyes he was visibly confused and started speaking in the voice of a young girl. The rest of the hour followed as suit, with SCP-3047 continuously inquiring as of his whereabouts and becoming more and more panicked. After 60 minutes, SCP-3047 fell unconscious and ECG monitors confirmed brain-death.
Analysis: It has been confirmed that SCP-3047 is capable of assuming the identity of any individual character. The extent of the identity assumed is complete, with vocal patterns, behaviour, and apparent mannerisms included. The simplicity of the book barred us from learning more. I suggest a more advanced title for future testing.

Experiment 3047-2
Subject: Romeo and Juliet
Procedure: SCP-3047 transported to standard holding cell while in an inactive state. The manuscript was placed on his lap and removed.
Results: SCP-3047 woke almost instantly and began to speak in a man's voice with a Mediterranean accent. The manner of speaking was very flowery and to be expected of a Shakespearean play. The man identified himself as Romeo and inquired repeatedly about the whereabouts of Juliet, even apparently threatening violence on the researchers. As the hour progressed, he became more melancholy and his threatened to commit suicide. The researchers intervened and held him down for approximately thirteen minutes before the effect of the book wore off and he returned to an inactive state.
Analysis: Well that was something. For future testing, I'm upgrading security procedures. We don't want SCP-3047 accidentally hurting himself or others during his active state. As for the test, it appears he takes on the personality of one of the main characters. I propose a further series of tests to set up parameters for his identity assimilation.

Footnote: Parameters developed over the course of the following fourteen tests described in the Description section of the main document for SCP-3047.

Experiment 3047-17
Subject: Uncanny X-Men #161
Procedure: SCP-3047 placed in a secure holding cell while inactive. Two guards armed with non-lethal weapons present. Comic book placed on chest and removed.
Results: All present researchers and guards immediately felt an intrusive mental presence upon SCP-3047 entering its active state. When the subject awoke he appeared confused but calm. After about a minute, SCP-3047 addressed Dr. ██████ ████████ directly, informing him that he is aware of the situation. Despite this, he was co-operative and performed a series of psychic feats far beyond anything recorded in SCP-3047 before. In addition to this, SCP-3047 had become completely paralyzed from the waist down, in accordance with the Charles Xavier (A.K.A. Professor X) character. After sixty minutes, SCP-3047 once again became inactive.
Analysis: This development is troubling. We got lucky this time, but had we been unlucky to place a comic book with a more aggressive super-hero like character, we could have been in serious danger. Requesting reclassification of SCP-3047 to Euclid. However, this is probably one of the most important discoveries to date. The ability of the subject to acquire abilities to the extent displayed shows that the assimilation of identity goes beyond a simple neural reconfiguration and may show SCP-3047 to be a reality bender of sorts. Further test is requested in this line, however I suggest it is done with extreme caution.

Experiment 3047-28
Subject: The Breaker
Procedure: SCP-3047 placed in a secure reinforced holding cell accompanied by five guards armed with non-lethal weapons. The book was placed on his chest and removed.
Results: SCP-3047 reacted violently as soon as he regained consciousness. It quickly overwhelmed and killed the five guards and two researchers which were stationed behind a one way mirror. SCP-3047 then attempted to break down the door between the holding cell and the corridor and, despite doing serious damage, did not manage to succeed before the end of the sixty minute mark. It then returned to its inactive state as per usual.

Footnote: Experiment 3047-28 was a disaster. The use of a novel with a combat focused primary character, regardless of perceived weakness, did not go as planned. It has become apparent that relying on the establishment of the identity by the character state at the end of the novel was an error in judgement. To avoid further casualties to staff, the use of novels containing super-human characters is now suspended baring personal exception under my review.

Experiment 3047-29
Subject: Animal Farm
Procedure: SXP-3047 placed in a secure holding cell while inactive. Two guards armed with non-lethal weapons present. Book placed on chest and removed.
Results: SCP-3047 woke after approximately thirty seconds and immediately showed clear signs of distress. He began screaming "I am a man! A man! Oh curse me what have I become!" and began to tear at his own skin. The guards subdued him until the remainder of the time had transpired. He became inactive as per normal at the sixty minute mark.
Analysis: That went terribly. Animal characters are clearly a no-go. I am proposing a series of tests on other characters to see the limitations of what it can handle.

Footnote: The following eight experiments demonstrated that the subject finds it distressing when an identity that is not a Caucasian male discovers it is a Caucasian male. The pointlessness of these tests have led me to file a motion to suspend all identity based experiments. We know the results. How is that not clear to you guys after over thirty experiments? Pick a better line of experimentation before SCP-3047 takes any real damage. The bar on testing is now extended to include all identity imparting experiments, with exceptions on my approval only.

Experiment 3047-38
Subject: SCP-152
Procedure: Subject was put into its active state using SCP-3047-1. Following this, it was briefed on the nature of the Foundation and, after allowing a period to process, introduced to SCP-152, which was closed at the time.
Results: SCP-3047 absorbed the entirety of the book's contents upon laying his hands on its cover. He appeared slightly overwhelmed for a short while before regaining his composure. He remarked on a few of the events described within after a short time, asking about the nature of the book and the accuracy of the contents. The nature of SCP-152 was explained and he became thoughtful. After a short period of time, he requested to meet a high ranking member. Dr. ██████ ████████ revealed his status and SCP-3047 requested to discuss some things with him. Dr.██████ ████████ said that this was possible, after a short interview regarding the experiment. He revealed that he had in fact absorbed all the knowledge in SCP-152, with his knowledge of specific events more complete than any academic could achieve through prolonged study. He explained that he did not know the content in the way that would be known through language, but he knew it as if it was part of him, on a more intrinsic level. After this he was asked to open the book, which appeared blank to all observers, including SCP-3047. However, he was still capable of turning the pages to the sections where specific events would have taken place. After this SCP-3047 and Dr. ██████ ████████ retreated to the doctor's office, with a pair of guards stationed outside, and discussed the nature of the SCP Foundation for two hours and thirty seven minutes. SCP-3047 then requested the creation of document SCP-3047-A, to aid in his understanding of further experiments without compromising his daily life.
Analysis: That went better than I could have hoped. The experiment itself was very revealing. I myself would never have expected to text to turn into "pure understanding" or for SCP-3047 to be as effective at information absorption as he was. The information revealed in the post experiment interview was massively beneficial in our understanding of SCP-152. SCP-3047 has proven to be a great potential asset to the foundation and further experimentation with book based SCPs will be authorized shortly. The levels of understanding we could achieve could be far greater than we have ever been capable of before. As previously will be keeping a close eye on all proposed experiments with severe punishment being enforced on anyone that submits overtly dangerous proposals.

Experiment 3047-39
Subject: SCP-1230
Procedure: SCP-1230 brought to the hospital room of SCP-3047. After being exposed to Document SCP-3047-A, SCP-3047 was asked to interact with the book.
Results: SCP-3047 touched the book as per his normal way of reading a book. After being puzzled for a short while his eyes glazed over. When addressed, he focused back on Dr. ██████ ████████ and informed him he was having a conversation, before returning to his glazed over state. This continued for another three hours and forty nine minutes. SCP-3047 reported having a lovely conversation with a very intriguing old man, presumably SCP-1230-1. When asked to open the book, the usual text did not appear. After a few seconds SCP-3047 reported that, since he is incapable of dreaming, the usual effect of the book was lost on him.
Analysis: Well that was unexpected. It seems that SCP-3047 is capable of directly interacting with sentient SCPs contained within written formats. Post-experiment interview unfortunately did not reveal any new information about SCP-1230. Further experimentation is required, but before that, I have something else I wish to try.

Experiment 3047-40
Subject: SCP-1230
Procedure: SCP-1230 placed upon SCP-3047 while it is in its inactive state.
Results: SCP-3047 sat upright and held the book. When addressed it blinked and laughed deeply. When questioned it confirmed that it was indeed SCP-1230-1, speaking in a shaky voice. It expressed great amusement at being able to experience the "real world" for once. It was confirmed by Dr. F███████, who had traveled with SCP-1230, that the voice was identical to his previous encounters with SCP-1230-1. SCP-1230-1 was interviewed for sixty three minutes, all while keeping hold of the book, before Dr. ██████ ████████ and Dr. F███████ were satisfied. SCP-1230-1 was then asked to return the book. SCP-3047 returned to its inactive state one hour later as expected.
Analysis: The ability to draw SCP-1230-1 into the real world is indeed remarkable and warrants further testing. We will temporarily be moving SCP-3047 to a more secure containment facility in order to conduct further testing.

Experiment 3047-41
Subject: SCP-1230
Procedure: SCP-3047 was placed in a the large reinforced atmospheric testing chamber at Site ██. SCP-1230 was then placed on his chest.
Results: As previously SCP-1230-1 became active within the body of SCP-3047. He was then asked to attempt to construct one of the dream landscapes from his usual operation. After expressing some concern and being reassured by Dr. ██████ ████████, he [Redacted]. After putting everything back together, SCP-1230-1 apologized and returned SCP-1230 to Dr. ██████ ████████, claiming he felt that he should stick to his own world from now. SCP-3047 returned to its inactive state an hour later as expected, during which SCP-1230-1 aided on site search and rescue personnel locate various injured staff members.
Analysis: Lets never do that again.

Footnote: The level of destruction caused during testing with SCP-1230, a Safe class SCP, shows that the interaction between SCP-3047 and other SCPs is unpredictable and dangerous. I propose security levels to be upgraded to suit its threat. Testing must be done with greater levels of caution in the future. Access to SCP-3047 must be restricted to prevent a dangerous scenario, up and towards a ZK-class end-of-reality scenario, be it on purpose or accidental.

Addendum-1: If the identity imprinted is of a fantastical nature, SCP-3047 has been known to take on anomalous powers, abilities and characteristics in accordance with the capabilities of the identity assumed. If the physical description of the character does not roughly match that of SCP-3047 there is a chance that SCP-3047 will suffer distress upon taking note of these differences. If the physical differences are of an extreme nature, such as difference in species, gender or age, SCP-3047 might react violently and suffer a mental break.

Addendum-2: Following Experiment 3047-28 and Experiment 3047-37 all testing on the imprinting of personalities has been suspended, with exceptions made only with the consent of Dr. ██████ ████████.

Addendum-3: During standard testing, SCP-3047 is to be provided with document SCP-3047-A, which contains all required knowledge of the Foundation which SCP-3047 deemed necessary for his participation in standard experiments. All testing is now to be done with the consent of SCP-3047. This document is contained within the vault in Dr. ██████ ████████'s office. It appears as a completely solid metal box with hinges on the one side. As it contains a lot of potentially dangerous information regarding the Foundation, it has been permanently sealed through the process of welding the normally open side shut. Therefore, the contents of this document can only be accessed by SCP-3047.

Addendum-4: Following Experiment 3047-41, SCP-3047 has been upgraded to Euclid class. All experiments involving the use of written characters, SCP or otherwise, with abilities that contain the potential for destruction greater than 4kg of dynamite, protection able to withstand an attack greater than that of a 5mm firearm, any and all reality bending, any and all psychic ability, any and all teleportation, any and all shape shifting, or any and all magical ability must be approved by the 05 Council. Upgraded containment measures have been implemented.

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