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Containment Procedures
SCP-3048 is to be contained in a 4x4 carpeted bedroom with fridge, Tv, bed, and computer with internet access.

SCP 3048

SCP-3048 has the appearance of a 12 year old child wearing a jesters outift and a pure white smiling mask. The SCP is a safe class as they are harmless unless provoked enough. SCP-3048 was obtained by Agent [REDACTED] on ##/##/##. SCP-3048 was found wandering Washington DC, handing out strange items to random people. Three of the presumed 20 objects have been captured and deemed SCP-0348-1,2, and 3. SCP-3048-1 seems to be a strange sword of Japanese descent with glowing blue lightning symbols covering the blade. When tested it showed to shock anything it touches with the aptitude of lightning. When hooked to a power gauge and a large battery for exactly 31 days it showed signs of constant energy production and is presumed to be infinite, further testing must be done. SCP-3048 is a strange .44 magnum with fire marking on the cylinder. When fired it is normal all except the bullets are able to pass through walls without making holes. After firing 6 times it was noted that no ammo was used, meaning the magnum has unlimited ammunition. SCP-3048-3 is a gas mask but when tested appeared to have the effects of a gas mask
put through SCP-914 on very fine. Further testing required.


All communication with SCP-3048 has been successful. SCP-3048's name is "Kanto" and they do not mind being within the SCP facility. After an interview with Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED] it was revealed that "Kanto" has the ability to create matter and objects from thin air with no strain or limit to the size. It was revealed the extent of this when he made a copy of SCP-999 right in front of Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3048 has also mentioned he has a father and even called him through a cellphone. We attempted to call and only got him saying this "It's ok if he stays just don't hurt him or so help me I will [REDACTED]" After this we decided to make a room for SCP-3048.


SCP-3048 has been seen wandering the facility, interacting with other SCPs and singing with D-class personnel to cheer them up. No matter what SCP-3048 has the ability to open any door even without a key card or clearance. He was even caught sitting in the director's chair during lunch. No harm is to be done to SCP-3048 and if intentional harm is done to him it will result in termination. SCP-3048 may go wherever he likes and has even helped in observation and research, saying things not even the researchers knew.

Dr. Bright

Dr. Bright is allowed to discuss with SCP-3048 but only in a room with cameras and when 3 LVL4 guards are present.

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