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Item Number: 3049

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3049 must be kept in a
2m x 2m x 2m Containment cell block in a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm cardboard box within a steel cube, 1m x 1m x 1m .
Only security clearance of level 4 or higher may interact with SCP-3049 in any way. Consumption is only permitted under these circumstances:

  • There are at least three researchers present
  • Two Class-A doctors are present
  • At least one person with security clearance 4 or higher.
  • A team of 3 firefighters.
  • A D-class personnel is consuming the instance.

All present within 50 meters of the one consuming an instance of SCP-3049 must be wearing at least Class-A flame-retarded suits.
Any non-D-class staff seen consuming an instance must be immediately turned to the equivalent D-Class, with all clearances removed.

Thirty-six instances of SCP-3049 were recovered separately in ██████, London, after bizarre reports of "people swelling and exploding" appeared in a local newspaper. The Foundation became involved after large amounts of fires occured immediately after the persons were reported exploding. The thirty-six instances were found separately beside various manholes and gutters. They were collected over the course of 7 months.
Staff witnessing the effects of SCP-3049 are permitted to request for administration of Class-A amnestics.

Item Description: SCP-3049 is the designated name for a collection of Thirty-Six (36) Hershey's Kit-Kat chocolate bars. They are identical in packaging to the manufactured product, and are reported to taste "great" or "completely ordinary" by D-class personnel. When an instance of SCP-3049 is consumed, or damaged significantly, the packaging will disappear and so will the chocolate itself (if it is not consumed). Roughly twelve minutes later, a new instance will appear, for unknown reasons, in the cardboard box it is contained in. This is considered highly unusual, due to the fact that its containment itself is not anomalous.


Image of an instance of SCP-3049

This is made even stranger by the scattered nature when the instances were recovered. However, this does, oddly, make containment fairly easy.
The chemical content of SCP-3049 is almost identical to the manufactured product. This was found via chemical tests and Spectroscopy. However, it does contain very large amount of ██████████████. It is unknown how this impossibly rare chemical exists in these bars, as well as it being physically impossible for ██████████████ to exist in temperatures higher than -107 degrees Celsius. Chemical tests are still ongoing.
Whenever a human being consumes any part of an instance of SCP-3049, they will describe the experience as highly pleasurable. However, approximately 3 minutes later, the subject will begin to complain of abdominal pain. This is the start of the conversion from human flesh to chocolate. It will start by converting the gall bladder. It then spreads to organs, tissue, and veins. This abdominal pain becomes steadily more severe until about 10 minutes later, where the subject's abdomen will visibly begin to swell. Subjects usually begin to scream in pain at this point. This swelling will continue, and the subject's entire body will swell exponentially larger. After approximately 20 minutes after consumption, the subject's body will have taken the shape of a sphere. The head will not be visible at this point. The subjects screams are now inaudible. This sphere-shaped human will now be approximately 2 metres in radius. They will stop growing at this point. Then, the subject will begin to emit a strange noise, described as sounding like "rocks rolling down a hill" by listeners. About thirty minutes after consumption, the conversion of human to chocolate will be complete. Then it will be apparent to observers, as they will look like a solid, about 200 kilogram ball of chocolate. About 5 seconds after complete conversion, the subject will explode suddenly with the power of a grenade filled with napalm. There is a very large initial explosion, then everything flammable within a 20 metre radius will immediately be set on fire. This is massively destructive.

Personnel who witness SCP-3049 in the late stages of expansion become very agitated, describing it as "Grotesque". Many witnesses vomit at the sight.

Reccomendations: Experimentation should be ceased.
Note from Dr. Nandra: Stop testing. It is unnecessary, and there are no adverse effects if they are not eaten. I will request a downgrade to safe.

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