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nn5n: scp-3051 Deafening Shadow
KeterSCP-3051 Deafening ShadowRate: -32

Item #: 3051

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment: SCP 3051 must always be in a 5X5X4 containment chamber. SCP 3051 cell is to be cleaned within 2 weeks of time. SCP 3051 must be tested on with no more than class D personnel, which must go in pairs, and must have special headsets which deflect any sound made by 3051. There may not be any video footage or photograph of 3051 because no matter where you view it from you will hear it and you will go deaf. But rather using the pressure sensors to detect it still being in the containment chambers.

Description: SCP 3051 is a humanoid anomaly which produces sounds anywhere from 100 DB to 170DB. It dose this as to remove subjects hearing so it can slowly kill it without the subject knowing of it being there.

Founding of 3051: SCP 3051 was found in a remote village in Syberia after some people reported hearing something and then getting deafend as well as some families have reported kidnappings but with no evidence found.

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