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SafeSCP-3053 The IdiotRate: -12
An image of SCP-3053 aquired via remote controlled drone.

Item #: SCP-3053

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3053 is to be held in a secure storage vault at Site-28. An aluminum plate is to be attached to SCP-3053's surface via magnetic locks. These locks can only be opened remotely by staff of Level Four or higher. No personnel are to directly view SCP-3053, with the exception of Class-D personnel undergoing testing. Exposed subjects are to be monitored for any effects inconsistent with the common alterations caused by SCP-3053. Individuals who have been accidentally exposed to SCP-3053 may request to be terminated.

Description: SCP-3053 is a 0.5 m x 1 m wall-mounted mirror. The frame of SCP-3053 is intricately crafted from gilded oak. There is an inscription at the top of the framework which reads "The Idiot." The surface of SCP-3053 is covered with several faint smears and handprints. All attempts to remove these marks have been unsuccessful.

Subjects who view their reflection in SCP-3053 will immediately begin to doubt their own intelligence. After around 48 hours of initial exposure to SCP-3053, subjects begin having difficulty recollecting minor events in their lives. This will quickly escalate to subjects making an unusually large number of grammatical and mathematical errors in any task requiring these skills. Subjects' anxiety levels increase dramatically, causing them to seek and lucubrate as much knowledge as possible. Subjects will use any source to obtain this knowledge, even if they are aware that it is not credible.

Aproximately 12 additional hours after exposure, subjects will cease to be capable of the intake of knowledge. This causes exposed subjects to suffer from severe depression. Subjects will not be able to recall most previous knowledge of mathematics, geography, and science, as well as large portions of their vocabularies. Subjects forget all information concerning them as an individual, with the exception of their name, age, appearance, and birthdate, as well as the names and appearances of people that had a strong impact on their lives. One out of five exposed subjects attempt to commit suicide in this state.

No less than five additional hours after exposure, subjects' fine motor skills become ineffective, followed by subjects losing the ability to walk. Subjects' vocabularies become severely impaired. Subjects have no recollection of themselves as an individual, with the exception of their first name, and in one out of ten cases, their last name. Subjects in this state are unable to care for themselves.

Approximately three additional hours after being exposed, subjects become completely immobile. Subjects are completely unable to eat, drink, and speak. Because of their lack of the ability to drink, subjects die of dehydration.

SCP-3053 was found in the home of Liam Orico, a carpenter living in [REDACTED] Ireland. Orico had sought psychological attention under the circumstances that he was gradually forgetting all previous knowledge about himself. The psychologist which Orico visited was unable to find a diagnosis for Orico's condition. Orico reportedly went missing the day after seeking psychological help. Local police found Orico dead in his bedroom one week after his disappearance, along with SCP-3053. All officers involved in the discovery of Orico's body reported similar symptoms two days after the event. This series of events came to the attention of Agent ███, who was posted near the area at the time. After interviewing the officers affected by the event, Agent ███ contacted the Foundation, and a Mobile Task Force was sent to remove SCP-3053 from Orico's home.

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