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ALERT MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") IMMEDIATELY






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Item #: SCP-3054

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3054 is to be contained at Site-62 in a Secure Space-Time Container (see Addendum A1-1). No researchers and D-Class Personnal are to ever enter beyond the observation room after Incident 1-2 (see Addendum A2). The Secure Space-Time Container is to never be deactiviated or shut down unless the 05 Council unanimously votes on it. Should SCP-3054 breach containment, immediately aleart MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") and if possible, every single available Mobile Task Force of at least six (6) personnel. Ten (10) Foundation Guards are to be posted outside SCP-3054's containment chamber at all times. Only holders of at least Level 4 clearance may enter observation room.

Description: Not much is known about SCP-3054, though the Foundation has evidence to prove what SCP-3054 can do. It is believed that should SCP-3054 breach containment, it will be ZK-Class End of The World event or even CK-Class End of The World . SCP-3054 was found in Osage City, Kanas, America on ██/0█/1998. Undercover Foundation Agents and MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") were alerted to "an invisible force pushing rows of stuff down" and "something that was causing staff and people being trapped in bubbles and other people floating in mid-air and moving back and forth in a constant motion.". Agents were able to locate SCP-3054 by using an electromagnetic EMF detecter. When finally located, MTF Lambda were able to contain it with [REDACTED] and transported it using a Field-Grade Secure Space-Time Container. The entire population of Osage City, Kanas were subsequently administered Class A Amnestics.

Addendum A1: The Secure Space-Time Container was invented by the Foundation from 1968 to 1982 long before Einstein's theory on Special Relativity and Space-Time were confirmed. Construction of the Secure Space-Time Container (SSTC) ceased in 1985 when the Foundation's budget got cut by $2.7 million (adjusted for inflation). At that time, 23 Storage-Grade SSTC and 45 Field-Grade SSTC were manufactured. The SSTC outer layer is made out of 100m by 100m by 100m steel and lined with titanium and an extremely rare element, (DATA EXPUNGED). The inside of the SSTC holds a Portal linking to Universe 627-A7-53BY, where SCP-3054 can roam freely, far away from the Universe the Foundation and the people they protect live in. Though unclear how the Portals in SSTCs were made (see Addendum C10), it is estimated that its lifespan and built in nuclear reactor could keep the SSTC Portal running for at least 94 billion years. The Portal is suspended in mid-air by the magnetic force of repusion that acts as a barrier to prevent any object from entering Universe, 12B-38-82N.

Addendum A2: Incident 1-2 occurred shortly after the containment of SCP-3054. At 0900hrs on ██/██/1998, SCP-3054 breached containment when SSTC Portal Nuclear Reactors shut down and as a result the Portal's repulsion fields failed. In an effort to contain SCP-3054, twenty-two (22) D-Class personnel and three (3) On-Site Maintenance Personnel entered the inner layer of the SSTC. Files found on Incident 1-2 showed that the original plan was for D-Class personnel to distract SCP-3054 while On-Site Maintenance Personnel attempted to fix SSTC's nuclear reactors. SCP-3054 failed to breach the Outer Layer of SSTC when On-Site Maintenance Personnel fixed the Reactor after forty-three (43) seconds. As a result, SCP-3054 and all personnel were repelled by the repulsion fields into Universe 627-A7-53BY. No other Foundation Personnel were ever allowed entrance into the Inner Layer.

Addendum C10: SSTC was invented by:

Researchers Scientists
Researcher James Cowey Scientist Bob Dule
Researcher Roy Ko Scientist Chloe Aue

In 2009, the 05 Council hadunanimously agreed that Secure Space-Time Containers were to never be produced after 1985.
Reasons given by 05 Council Members include: unstability of SSTC, high cost of production of SSTC, low number of SCPs (not special containment procedures) like SCP-3054.

Overseer Council Order-6374 reads:

Overseer Council Order 6374

"Following the incident 1-2, the 05 Council has come to a decision to rewrite SCP-3054 Containment Breach Plan 1-4.
Containment Breach Plan 1-4 will be modified such that no Foundation Personnel may enter SCP-3054's Containment Chamber (SSTC-2 @ Site-62) Inner Layer.
Only On-Site Maintainance Personnel may enter the Outer Layer for Routine Checks.
MTF Callphones within proximity of SCP-3054 have lowered their Clearance Level Requirements to Level 2, such that MTF Callphones may be used by more people
in such an emergency. Containment Breach Plan 1-4 has also been modified such that Lockdown be activated as soon as SCP-3054 has been found to breach the Portal."
~ Overseer Council
Secure. Contain. Protect.

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