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KeterSCP-3056 Intelligent BacteriaRate: -21

Item #: SCP-3056

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3056 is to be kept inside of a vial made up of reinforced glass and it is to be kept in a reinforced metal room approximately 5ft in length 5ft in height and 5ft in width. This metal room is to be kept at a temperature of -10°C and the room is to be placed 100ft below ground. Any personnel testing on SCP-3056 must wear a standard hazmat suit and immediately after exiting the room SCP-3056 is held in, personnel should be subjected to a thorough decontamination. The room must also be equipped with a cleansing button which will engulf the entirety of the room in fire in case of a contamination.

Description: SCP-3056 looks like a common bacteria under the microscope measuring approximately 10 micrometres in length and 5 micrometres in height. SCP-3056 seems to be sentient and aware of it's surroundings. We suspect that it may have human level intelligence, but further testing is required to confirm this.

Trying to kill SCP-3056 with antibiotics proved futile as SCP-3056 would either kill the Class D before he can administer the antibiotic onto SCP-3056 or SCP-3056 would quickly adapt to the antibiotic and become immune to it. SCP-3056 can rapidly multiply itself faster than any normal microbe, the only way to halt this is to keep SCP-3056 in freezing temperatures.

After testing SCP-3056 on some white blood cells we can see that SCP-3056 attacks the cells in almost a strategic way, exploiting all the weaknesses white blood cells have and then overwhelming them. After infecting a Class D subject with SCP-3056 we can see that the bacteria quickly spreads throughout the whole body and overwhelms any form of immune system.

When a subject is infected with SCP-3056 there appears to be no symptoms for the first 2 minutes after then the subject starts violently coughing up bodily fluids such as Blood and Mucus before they quickly die. Most of the deaths caused by SCP-3056 are from heart failure as SCP-3056 seems to target the subject's heart once it has infected them, but some deaths also come from lung failure or kidney failure, but this only occurred on the subjects with only 1 lung or kidney.

SCP-3056 was found frozen inside of a glacier on the coast of Antarctica after a scientific expedition crew started taking samples of ice form the glaciers. We believe that SCP-3056 is prehistoric and became frozen inside of the glacier during the ice age.

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