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an image taken from inside an instance of SCP-3057-1

Item #: SCP-3057

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3057 is to be surrounded by an electrified fence that is to be situated 1 km away from any SCP-3057 instances. The areas surrounding every SCP-3057 instance are to be monitored for unauthorized personnel via cameras inside and outside the perimeter fence. Any instances of SCP-3057 that are within 100 km from any populated area are to be destroyed

Description: the first instance of SCP-3057 was discovered when a man and his wife died in their house during a power cut. Their bodies had no evidence of how they died, catching the attention of the SCP foundation.

Areas effected by SCP-3057 are typically buildings or in rare occurrences, caves. The effects of SCP-3057 manifest when a human (as of now specified as the "subject") enters an area effected by SCP-3057 and enters a dark area while in a state of fear. When the subject does this, they will enter what is known as SCP-3057-1. When they enter SCP-3057-1 their body will still be alive, but their "being" will be gone. The subject will experience the inside of SCP-3057 as they would the "real world". When the subject moves inside SCP-3057-1 they can be tracked via a Walkie-Talkie and a special visor that can detect [DATA EXPUNGED]. Anyone wearing the visor can see a bright glow in the shape of a living creature when looking at said creature. When wearing the visor, they can see the subject inside SCP-3057-1. Anyone monitoring the movement of the subject inside SCP-3057-1 can communicate with them via a Walkie-Talkie. the subject inside SCP-3057-1 can be "awoken" as easily as someone who is in a deep state of sleep.

Inside SCP-3057-1 there are entities known as SCP-3057-2. All instances of SCP-3057-2 are extremely hostile to humans and will kill any subject inside SCP-3057-1 by making physical contact with them. Instances of SCP-3057-2 can be seen through the special visors used to monitor subjects inside SCP-3057-1, indicating that they are, in fact living things. When the subject is killed inside SCP-3057-1, their body in the real world dies as well. There is currently no known way to harm, slow, or kill any instances of SCP-3057-2.

As of the discovery of SCP-3057-2 instances, SCP-3057 was reclassified from object class safe to object class euclid.

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