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Item #: SCP-3058

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3058 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Locker at Site-73. Testing must take place in a chamber no larger than 30 m3. Test personnel must be subjected to psychological analysis before being allowed access to SCP-3058. Subjects suffering from schizophrenia, body-dysmorphic disorder, or borderline personality disorder should not be considered for testing. The host of an SCP-3058-A instance is not to be allowed to expire under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-3058 is a small jar of black ink. The chemical composition of SCP-3058 is 86% water, 10% carbon, 3% avian genetic material, and 1% [REDACTED]. Despite being composed mostly of water, SCP-3058 absorbs 99.8% of incident light. When a human being uses SCP-3058 to produce marks on a surface, an incorporeal humanoid figure (SCP-3058-A) will appear 5 meters directly behind them. SCP-3058-A will always remain in the same position with respect to the subject’s center of mass. The subject will betray no awareness of SCP-3058-A until notified, or until accidentally catching sight of it.

The appearance of SCP-3058-A will vary in accordance to the self-conception of the subject. No two subjects produce identical instances of SCP-3058-A, and the same subject may produce vastly different instances over the course of only a few hours. SCP-3058-A instances may change shape or size while being observed, but must always remain entirely within direct visual contact with the subject, limiting the size of the instance to the edges of the testing chamber. SCP-3058-A will disappear exactly 10 minutes after the subject stops using SCP-3058. Furthermore, if SCP-3058 is used to communicate a coherent concept, subjects will experience vivid lucid dreams following the usage of SCP-3058. Subjects report the ability to exert full control over the narrative, setting, and characters within the dream.

SCP-3058-A instances are incorporeal and therefore unable to physically injure or damage Foundation personnel or property. Testing has also failed to reveal any anomalous psychological effects from SCP-3058-A. However, awareness of SCP-3058-A may cause unusual behavior in test subjects. Most commonly, this behavior involves revulsion to the instance and strong feelings of self-loathing. In extreme cases, this may result in self harm or suicide. It is unknown whether this effect is anomalous, or a natural reaction.

Addendum 3058-1: Recovery

SCP-3058 was found in a novelty shop in Marion, North Carolina, after numerous reports of insanity in the staff and customers. After seizing all shop assets under the guise of criminal investigation, it was determined that the only items of anomalous nature were SCP-3058 and SCP-3025. SCP-3058 was moved subsequently moved to Site-73 and contained. A connection to SCP-3066 is suspected, but unconfirmed.

Addendum 3058-2: Test Video Logs

All tests took place in a cleared test chamber with a desk, fountain pen, and paper. Tests are supervised via video camera and speaker.

Test #: 1

Subject: D-619241, incarcerated for several counts of homicide and extortion


Supervisor: How are you feeling today, D-6?

D-619241: Okay, I guess.

Supervisor: Then let’s begin. Do you see the jar of ink on the table in front of you? Please remove the lid and dip the provided fountain pen in the ink.

D-619241: Thanks for the step by step. Real helpful.

Supervisor: Just part of the procedure.

D-619241: I see you gave me a piece of paper. Do you want me to write or something?

Supervisor: Yes, D-6. Feel free to write whatever you want.

D-619241 proceeds to scribble on the paper. A 3-meter-tall instance of SCP-3058-A appears 5 meters behind D-619241. The instance is dark, with leather-like skin and large eyes. Test supervisor expresses shock.

Supervisor: That’ll be enough for now, D-6.

D-619241: What’s up?

Supervisor: Do not be alarmed. Please stand up and turn around.

D-619241 complies and expresses severe shock and agitation. The SCP-3058-A instance becomes smaller and paler.

D-619241: What the hell is that!

Supervisor: I’m not quite sure. Please remain calm and continue observing the entity.

D-619241 complies and remains silent. SCP-3058-A returns to its original form, and begins to grow bony protrusions across its body. Ten minutes later, SCP-3058-A disappears.

D-619241: Where’d it go?

Supervisor: Again, I’m not sure. Please wait while our analysts make sure the chamber is safe.

D-619241: I was just starting to like it, too. Hey, could I go and…

Supervisor: Do not touch SCP-3058. Non-compliance is grounds for termination.

D-619241: Okay, okay! I got it.

Supervisor: Alright, that will conclude Test 1. Please exit the test chamber.


Test #: 2

Subject: D-591032, incarcerated for second-degree murder


Supervisor: Good morning, D-5. Please use the pen and ink in front of you to write something on the paper.

D-591032: Yes sir.

D-591032 proceeds to write his own name. A 1-meter-tall instance of SCP-3058-A appears 5 meters behind him. The instance is contorted, with several broken limbs. One of the eyes is significantly larger than the other.

Supervisor: That’s good, D-5. Now please stand up and walk backward.

D-591032: Excuse me?

Supervisor: Please follow my instruction.

D-591032: Okay…

D-591032 complies. SCP-3058-A moves backward at the same rate. It is believed to be tethered to the subject’s center of mass. The instance eventually disappears into the wall of the test chamber.

Supervisor: Please stop.

D-591032 complies. The expected position of SCP-3058-A, outside of the test chamber, is empty.

Supervisor: Now walk forward.

D-591032 complies. SCP-3058-A emerges from the test chamber wall. It appears to be limited by line of sight with the subject.

Supervisor: Please jump upward.

D-591032 complies. SCP-3058-A moves upward as expected.

Supervisor: That’ll be enough. Please wait…seven minutes, then you’re free to leave the test chamber.

D-591032: Sounds good.

D-591032 sits down, then gets and begins to pace. He quickly catches sight of SCP-3058-A.

D-591032: Oh god, what’s that?!

Supervisor: Do not be alarmed. It can’t hurt you.

D-591032 tries to move toward SCP-3058-A, but is unable to get within arm’s reach.

D-591032: Why is it so ugly? What the fuck is it?!

Supervisor: I repeat, please remain calm.

D-591032 cover his face with his hands. The SCP-3058-A instance mostly disappears, except for a small part of the “leg”, which is presumably uncovered from D-591032’s perspective.

D-591032: Can’t you make it go away?!

Supervisor: We believe it will disappear in about six minutes. If you pretend it doesn’t exist, it won’t hurt you.

D-591032: It looks like ██████ after I…I…just make it go away, please, please.

Supervisor: I cannot.

D-591032 removes his hand and regards the instance. He retreats to a corner of the test chamber and enters the fetal position on the floor, facing away from SCP-3058-A.

D-591032: This is sick. Sick. Sick.

Supervisor: Again, if you remain calm this will pass quickly.

D-591032: There’s nothing I could do, okay!! Stop staring at me! STOP!

D-591032 remains silent for the remainder of the test, and fails to leave the test chamber after SCP-3058-A disappears. He is removed forcibly by Foundation personnel. The following night, D-591032 reports having had a lucid dream.


Test #: 3

Subject: D-436190, incarcerated for political crimes, no known psychological issues.


Supervisor: Good evening. Please take the pen and ink on the desk in front of you, and make some marks on the surface of the desk.

D-436190: That’s quite an unusual request.

Supervisor: This will all be much easier if you just do as I say.

D-436190: I suppose it would.

D-436190 draws a stick figure. An instance of SCP-3058-A appears. It is a recognizable image of D-436190, with a few minor changes. The nose and ears are larger than those of D-436190, and the chest and shoulder are wider.

Supervisor: That’s good. Please take a seat and wait for further instructions.

D-436190: As you say.

D-436190 complies and waits 10 minutes. SCP-3058-A demanifests without the subject’s knowledge.

Supervisor: You'll now be escorted out for some…preparation.

D-436190 follows armed personnel out of the test chamber and is subjected to 45 minutes of psychological torture. The subject is repeatedly told that his efforts during the Nepalese Civil War would be ultimately fruitless, and that history would remember him unkindly, if at all. The subject is then reintroduced to the test chamber.

Supervisor: I hope you're well rested. Please use the pen and ink to make a mark on the wall of the test chamber.

D-436190: Why are you doing this to me?

Supervisor: Please comply.

D-436190: You are pigs!!

Supervisor: Refusal to comply is grounds for termination. Or would you prefer you go back outside for another two hours?

D-436190: I’ll do it, you bastard.

D-436190 makes a small mark. SCP-3058-A reappears. It is now about 1 meter tall and looks pallid. The eyes are tired and the body is much thinner and bonier.

Supervisor: Thank you. Please sit down. The test will end in about ten minutes.

D-436190: Will there be any more…

Supervisor: No. We are done. I'd like to assure you that your treatment during this test was for the greater good.

D-436190: I spit on your greater good.

D-436190 complies, and remains silent for the remainder of the test. SCP-3058-A disappears as expected. The following night, D-436190 reports having had a lucid dream.


Test #: 4

Subject: D-436192, incarcerated for political crimes, a known schizophrenic.


Supervisor: Greetings, D-4. Please use the pen and ink to write something.

D-436192: Why should I?

Supervisor: Don't worry. Nothing will happen to you.

D-436192: And why should I trust you?

Supervisor: Because I have nothing but your best interest in mind. Now, please, write something.

D-436192: What if I don't?

Supervisor: Then you will be terminated for noncompliance. It would be much more pleasant for all of us if that didn't have to happen.

D-436192: Okay…

D-436192 sketches a tree, and becomes engrossed in the activity. An instance of SCP-3058-A appears. It changes size and shape continuously, with few recognizable features. The exception is two very large eyes with red irises, focused on the subject. D-436192 is not disturbed, so as to facilitate observation of SCP-3058-A.

D-436192: You know, I was expecting something worse. This is pretty nice.

Supervisor: It’s good to hear that. Please continue at your leisure.

SCP-3058-A continues to exist past the 10-minute mark. It is believed that final use of SCP-3058 determines demanifestation time.

D-436192: Okay, I think I’m done.

Supervisor: No, please return to your seat…

D-436192 notices the SCP-3058-A instance, and pauses. She then begins to pace around the test chamber. D-436192 remains silent.

Supervisor: Please remain calm…

D-436192 continues to pace. She eventually wanders to the center of the chamber and sits down. She looks back at the camera.

D-436192: That’s a bad mirror.

D-436192 then clutches the fountain pen and repeatedly perforates her eye sockets with the nib. Foundation personnel are mobilized to stop her, but she expires before help can arrive. SCP-3058-A [DATA EXPUNGED]


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