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EuclidSCP-3059 Infictious Self-InsertRate: 77

Item #: SCP-3059

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3059 is to be held onsite at least 20 meters away from any and all physical texts, fiction and nonfiction. Foundation documentation is not allowed within 50 meters of SCP-3059.

Should any breach in containment occur, the incident must be logged immediately and reported to the current project overseer.

Description: SCP-3059 is an 18 year old Hispanic male named Sam Micheals. SCP-3059 passively affects all fictional and nonfictional literature, written and digital, within roughly 20 meters of it. Affected text is eventually altered to include "Sam Micheals" in some form or the other, with texts closer to SCP-3059 being affected at a faster rate. As texts are affected, the parts of SCP-3059's body closest to the text slowly disintegrate into a substance similar to a fine dust, which is then pulled into the text. Collection of this substance has so far proven impossible.

The rate of disintegration is directly tied to the distance of the text to SCP-3059. Once a text has absorbed enough of SCP-3059, a character named Sam Micheals will appear within the text, which is always physically identical to SCP-3059, apart from clothing. Their importance within the text being dependent on how much of SCP-3059 the text was able to absorb. The maximum amount of body mass SCP-3059 is able to lose to any given text varies from text to text. While some texts do not progress further than 'Sam Micheals' being mentioned, other texts may change to feature it as a much more major point within it.

This process is permanent and is painful to SCP-3059, described as feeling as if it were actually losing the parts that were absorbed. All parts which are no longer present continue to function as if they were still there. Currently, 23% of SCP-3059's body mass has been lost.

SCP-3059 was discovered in a library in New York City, New York by police officers, following complaints of a screaming man inside the library. After SCP-3059 was apprehended and taken into custody, it was identified by the John Smith Protocol, and subsequently taken into Foundation custody.

Any changes made to a text are reflected on every single copy of the text produced after the alteration has occurred. In certain texts, mainly nonfictional and historical texts, changes to it may also affect other documentation, creating fictitious persons in related media. These fictional people do not actually exist, with details about them often being obscure and vague, featuring only a single distinguishing feature or feat. Some examples can be seen below. For a current list of all affected texts, please see the current SCP-3059 project overseer.

Type of Text: Fiction/Fantasy
Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Author: J.K. Rowling

Excerpt: Harry walked around the other pairs, trying to correct those who were doing the spell wrong. Ginny was teamed with Sam Micheals; she was doing very well, whereas Sam was either very bad or unwilling to jinx her.

Notes: There were no other changes made to the text, simply changing the name of the character Micheal Corner (a minor character) to Sam Micheals.

Type of Text: Fiction/Historical
Title: A Thousand Splendid Suns
Author: Khaled Hosseini

Excerpt: "My name is Sam. I feel you should know the name of the person who must do this to you. I know you do not want to be here and neither do I," the Talib said, "but this is my duty, hamishira, so please kneel." Her bible verse was interupted. "What do you mean," Mariam said. "I know it hurts. Trust me, I know, but please, kneel here, hamishira. And look down." And in confusion, Mariam did as she was told.

Notes: It seems that not only is SCP-3059's importance to the story affected by the time spent in close proximity, but other character's reactions to differences from the original text.

Type of Text: Dictionary
Title: Dictionary of English Language and Culture
Author: Longman Dictionaries

Excerpt: Sam Micheals /sæm maɪkəls/ proper noun The name given to the bleeding vagrant: My name is Sam Micheals. It hurts. It's like being pulled in a million different directions. I don't know where I am. This place isn't right.

Notes: It is possible that a degree of SCP-3059's feelings also bleed into the texts as well. The pain and confusion seem to be a recurring theme.

Type of Text: Nonfiction
Title: The Elements
Author: Theodore Gray

Excerpt: And I have to thank my good friend, Sam Micheals. It was only with his help and love of the elements that I was able to foster my own. Sadly, he is currently going through great sickness, one that you don't recover from. I wish him luck in dealing with it and in what comes after.

Notes: Theodore Gray was later questioned about the excerpt. He expressed familiarity with the written text and Sam Micheals, despite the fact that he was unable to recall what he looked like or where they met. Research into the possibility of a memetic side affect of the texts are undergoing.

Type of Text: Historical Piece
Author: [REDACTED]

Excerpt of Affected Text: [REDACTED]

Additional Notes: See Addendum-3059-2


Interviewed: SCP-3059

Interviewer: Dr. Dartshire

Date: 12/23/2013

<Begin Log>

Dr. Dartshire: Good morning SCP-3059. How are we doing today?

SCP-3059: Better, I guess.

Dr. Dartshire: Well that's good to hear. I'm going to ask you some questions now, so we can better understand your affliction, and hopefully stop it. You OK with that?

SCP-3059: Yeah, of course. I'll, uh, I'll try my best anyways.

Dr. Dartshire: Well then, wonderful, let's begin. So then, when did you discover this thing affecting you?

SCP-3059: At the, uh, at the library.

Dr. Dartshire: Where you were recovered, right?

SCP-3059: Yeah, there. I was trying to get a book to read, but I couldn't.

Dr. Dartshire: What do you mean? Were you unable to physically pick it up or what?

SCP-3059: I could pick it up but I couldn't read it. The words were there, they existed, but I just couldn't read them. It just hurt.

Dr. Dartshire: Really? Was there any particular area it hurt?

SCP-3059: At first it was just a dull throb in my hands, but the moment I tried to read, I felt something go through my chest. I fell to the ground and then I was…I was there. In the book, I mean. It was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I could see the room, the people. I had never read the books, yet I knew all of them. There was a girl named Ginny there, casting jinxes. That part was vivid. I was there, holding a wand. Then a haze as I saw a mother, there, black hair, green eyes. I remembered friends, family, teachers, my whole life there flashed before my eyes. But that part…I don't know how to describe it. It wasn't a dream, it was real, but it felt like one. Then it all disappeared. For a flash I was somewhere else. I was on my knees and there was a spear through my chest. I remember screaming and then breaking. Then falling. I blinked and I was lying on the floor. I was bleeding. Everywhere. I called for help, but no one came. I tried to call out for my mom but names kept popping up. I didn't know which one was right.

Dr. Dartshire: Are you sure you were bleeding? There were no reports of blood in the library at all.

SCP-3059: I am still bleeding. I don't know what it is, but it's blood. I bleed around books more strongly than anything else, but I am always bleeding. Slipping through the cracks, the only way to go is down.

Dr. Dartshire: Alright, I think that's all we can get today, no need to press further. We'll see what we can do, alright?

SCP-3059: Thank you.

<End Log>


Incident Report: 3059-1

Date : 13/10/2015

Location: "Valley of the Kings," Luxor, Egypt

Summary of Events:

8:32 AM: Several news outlets in Egypt report the discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of Kings, a location near Luxor, Egypt. The news outlets report that not only is it one of the largest discovered, it is mostly untouched. Foundation database intercept key word "Sam Micheals" and take over operations.

9:47 AM: Foundation operations take over unearthing the tomb. A small exploration team is sent in to determine any possible hazards. Once the team returns and gives the go ahead, a full exploration group is formed and sent in.

10:11 AM: Reports from the exploration team begin. The tomb seems unfinished, with many dead ends and empty rooms. All glyphs found leading up to the main tomb are nonsensical.

11:58 AM: The main tomb is identified. The door to the room features eight women dead on the ground. In the middle of the scene three women are holding spears through a man's chest. All the women are wearing identical clothing and some sort of bird mask. The glyphs below it translate to mostly gibberish, but with recurring words 'shattered,' 'hurt,' and 'sealed.'

12:17 PM: The team enters the main tomb. A sarcophagus is found, completely featureless, roughly human shaped, and made out of iron. It lacks many of the features of other sarcophagi, having only a single layer and missing many of the features that would normally be found. The body found within is extracted from the site and sent to Site-19 for identification.

Additional Notes: Test Results determined that there was a 98.6% match with SCP-3059.

There's something wrong here. Not just the incident, but the entirety of SCP-3059. We're the only ones who have noticed any of the changes so far. Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series in the world, yet not one person noticed the change made, even if it was simple. Then this. The Valley of the Kings has been searched through extensively, and yet no one has questioned how a tomb this large just slipped by unnoticed. Why? Why did we notice these at all? Furthermore, what haven't we noticed? -Site Director Sam ████████

All I see before me are the endless ashes of the fallen.
I was once so much.
Ash to ash.
Dust to dust.
I am all that is left.
And all I can do is scream.

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