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nn5n: scp-3059 Medallion of Lies
EuclidSCP-3059 Medallion of LiesRate: -13

Item #: SCP-3059

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3059 is to be kept inside a sealed steel box inside a room, at least 10 meters away from all other rooms. Nobody is permitted to touch SCP-3059, except for experimental purposes. The steel box should have a door with a combination lock on the side. At least 2 Agents and 3 D-Class Personnel should be in the room together when the door is open. All should be in sealed suits made of the same materials as space suits. The object, if not being experimented on, should be inside the box at all times. If someone touches it, they should immediately be quarantined if they tell a lie to SCP-3059-1 and “die.”

Description: SCP-3059 is a circular medallion with a 7 centimeter diameter and a 1 centimeter thickness, with a depiction of a seemingly screaming skull on it. It seems to be made of gold, but in reality is made of an unknown element.

SCP-3059 incites untruthfulness in a 10-meter radius around it. Anyone knowing about this effect will have a 25% chance of not being affected. Otherwise, they will tell lies 100% of the time.

If SCP-3059 is touched, an entity, named SCP-3059-1, forms next to the one touching it. SCP-3059-1 looks like a humanoid figure with skeletal hands in a black cloak with a large scythe, similar to the scythe in depictions of Death, strapped to its back. If it is not asked a question within 5 minutes, it asks, “Why did you summon me?” If this is answered untruthfully, SCP-3059-1 will still “kill” the person who answers.

If SCP-3059-1 is asked a question, regardless of who asked the question, it will throw back its hood and reveal a skull behind the shadows of the hood. In one eye socket of the skull, a white point of light glows. In the other, there is a red gem. SCP-3059-1 pulls out the scythe and asks the same question back, regardless of what question it is.

If the truth is told, SCP-3059-1 answers the question truthfully. If SCP-3059-1’s question is answered untruthfully, SCP-3059-1 seems to go into a fit of rage. It swings its scythe back and forth in the air, “killing” the liar. SCP-3059-1 then disappears. The next part of SCP-3059’s effect comes into play after exactly 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes have passed, multiple stages of anomalous effects suddenly appear.

Stage 1: The subject of “death” by SCP-3059-1 wakes up. Their wounds heal, their vital signs reappear, and they don’t seem to remember the event. The subject is now known as SCP-3059-2. SCP-3059-2 only remembers touching the medallion.

Stage 2: About 10 minutes later, SCP-3059-2 begins to hear whispers. The whispers seem to come from all around the subject. Nobody else can hear the whispers. This stage lasts for about an hour

Stage 3: The whispers get louder. SCP-3059-2 becomes xenophobic and paranoid. There is a 10% chance that the effect will end here. If it does, the xenophobia and paranoia doesn’t go away. This stage lasts for 2 hours.

Stage 4: SCP-3059-2 begins hallucinating. Out of the corner of their eye, they begin to see writing on the walls. The writing seems to be in blood, and the subject can sometimes decipher the writing. The writing seems to spell out prophecies of death. SCP-3059-2 is frightened, and cannot be convinced that the hallucinations are not real. The irises of SCP-3059-2’s eyes begin to turn red. This stage lasts for 5 hours.

Stage 5: SCP-3059-2 goes insane and starts to attack anybody and everybody who is near them. SCP-3059-2 uses anything in the area as a weapon. If there is nothing, then they will attempt to kill by biting, tearing, strangulation, or any other method they can use. The hallucinations become more and more violent during this period, which can last from anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Stage 6: SCP-3059-2 begins to mutate. The SCP-3059-2’s teeth fall out, and sharp teeth grow in. The new teeth are stronger than titanium and cannot even be broken by bullets. SCP-3059-2 experiences extreme muscle growth and grows claws. SCP-3059-2’s skin turns a blanched white color, and their eyes glow red. SCP-3059-2’s intelligence decreases to an animalistic level, and the SCP-3059-2’s limbs change so that the subject can walk on all fours. This stage lasts about 10 minutes. There is a 10% chance that SCP-3059-2 will die of the exertion of mutating, essentially starving to death due to all the used nutrients.

Stage 7: SCP-3059-2 attacks everything that moves. It kills and consumes all organic matter in the area, using the nutrients to mutate further. After 5 to 6 weeks, the next stage begins.

Stage 8: SCP-3059-2 uses all the nutrients it takes in from this point onward to grow larger. This stage lasts 1 week.

Stage 9: SCP-3059-2 attacks everything that moves, but only consumes what it needs to stay alive, instead of using the nutrients to mutate or grow. This stage lasts 6 weeks.

Stage 10: SCP-3059-1 reappears. It walks to SCP-3059-2. SCP-3059-2 does not attack SCP-3059-1. SCP-3059-1 holds up a medallion identical to SCP-3059. SCP-3059-2 shrieks in pain. 5 minutes later, SCP-3059-2 vanishes in a puff of smoke. The smoke is sucked into the medallion. SCP-3059-1 sinks into the ground and is gone, along with its medallion. SCP-3059 glows with a golden light for the next 5 weeks. During that time period, SCP-3059 has no anomalous properties, other than the glow. When the time period ends, the golden glow vanishes and the medallion regains its properties.

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