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Item #: SCP-3061

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3061 is to be stored in a standard contact lens container with saline solution at Site-19's Storage Unit 5E when not being used for testing purposes. Due to the nature of SCP-3061's effects, access to the object is restricted to D-Class personnel only. Once testing is concluded, SCP-3061 is to be disinfected with hydrogen peroxyde and re-secured in its respective storage container.

Description: SCP-3061 is a pair of ███████-brand spherical contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel, measuring 14.5 mm in diameter. The color of the lenses has been shown to vary based on the scenario viewed by the wearer, and can take on any color of the visible spectrum. Neither of the lenses show any signs of wear even after extensive use.

Tests have resulted in an overwhelming sense of euphoria and heavy hallucinations of colorful environments in most subjects for the first few minutes of wearing SCP-3061. After a small period of time, subjects report seeing gradually darker environments and an intense feeling of fear and anxiety. Extensive use of the item results in increasingly severe paranoia and aggressive behavior. Many test subjects report seeing a black cloud moving towards them after using SCP-3061 for more than about 10 minutes at a time. No correlations have been found as of now. Said subjects also mention hearing progressively louder whispers even after conclusion of testing.

Addendum 3061-A: SCP-3061 was discovered via random web crawler search of hidden service websites on ██/██/████. A website with the title ''Happy Lenses Inc.'' showed SCP-3061 for sale, with the motto ''Change your day-to-day life for good! Last unit, get yours now!''. Item was purchased via bank transfer to an unknown private account, and shortly received in a standard shipping box. However, no identification of sender was present. Number of other instances of SCP-3061 is unknown, as the original website went offline shortly after purchasing it, and the IP and location became untraceable.

Addendum 3061-B:

Test Log A-001
Subject: D-3012

Duration of use: 4 minutes and 50 seconds

Subject reports seeing green fields filled with colorful flowers and blue skies with a slight breeze. Subject walked around the room and sat on the floor, putting their hands on the floor and moving them through the ''grass''. Description of this experience was ''This is the happiest I've ever felt in my life."

Additional notes:
Color of the lenses remained brown throughout the test.

Test Log A-002
Subject: D-6019

Duration of use: 5 minutes and 20 seconds

For the first few minutes of use the subject reports seeing a sunset in Oahu, Hawaii over the ocean, and hearing the sound of waves. After three minutes, the subject informed Dr.████ that he was seeing massive thunderstorm clouds approaching his location, and asked to take SCP-3061 out. Request was approved.

Additional notes:
Color of the lenses shifted from yellow to light gray.

Test Log A-003
Subject: D-2402

Duration of use: 10 minutes and 55 seconds

The subject reported seeing her childhood farmhouse and feeling ''At home again.'' . Minutes afterwards, subject started becoming increasingly anxious and was unable to communicate what she was seeing, seemingly due to fear. After seven minutes of use, the subject started hyperventilating and looking sporadically around her, getting up from the testing chair and falling onto the ground as if she had tripped on something. After standing up, the subject looked behind her and started running towards the walls of the test chamber, hitting it. D-2402 was retrieved from the room with a minor contusion and taken to the Medical Wing. SCP-3061 was put back into containment.

One hour after the test, D-2402 woke up and described seeing black clouds consuming the farmhouse and approaching her while whispering "You could've helped them." , "What a selfish woman you are, I'm ashamed of having you as a daughter." and ''I can't believe you keep doing this to us.'' At this point, D-2402 pleaded to never partake in testing of SCP-3061 again, while crying. Subject was administered Class-B amnestics.

Additional notes:
Color of the lenses changed from an initial green to white for a minute, then red.

Test Log A-004
Subject: D-2091

Duration of use: 35 minutes

Subject was restrained with leather belts and placed on a stretcher in order to test the effects of longer exposure to SCP-3061. At first, the subject reported seeing various dogs approach him peacefully in a forest, licking his face various times, and expressed slight sadness due to his inability to pet them. After four minutes, the subject announced that the dogs began to leave, leaving him alone in the forest. At 10 minutes, the forest started getting darker, and the subject expressed notable fear. After 10 minutes of no notable events, D-2091 started shivering upon seeing a pack of wolves slowly approach his position. For the next 15 minutes, the subject began screaming and pleading for help, trying to free himself of the restraints by moving violently and attempting to bite them.

D-2091 was sedated. After removing SCP-3061 and regaining consciousness, D-2091 mentioned seeing and feeling how the wolves were biting and clawing him "Like a piece of meat in the middle of the forest." Despite this, no signs of bites or lacerations were found on D-2091. Subject was administered Class-B amnestics.

Additional notes:
Initial lens color was blue, then changed to white, then increasingly darker shades of red.

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