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Item #: SCP-3061

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Iterations of SCP-3061 are to be stored in high-security storage archives located at Site-81.

Investigation into SCP-3061 iterations existing among the general public and religious groups is underway. Monitoring of references to SCP-3061 throughout online sites has been established by Foundation web crawlers. Any individuals found possessing SCP-3061 are to be apprehended and iterations are to be contained. Release may be granted to regular civilians following amnestic treatment.

Foundation personnel are to follow standard Milton protocols while conversing with SCP-3061-1 during interviews and testing.

Update: Several groups have been identified as possessing iterations of SCP-3061. Details regarding these groups and their location are given in Document 3061-5C. Mobile Task Forces are to be dispatched upon locating such groups.

Description: SCP-3061 refers to a series of rituals used for the summoning of an anomalous entity (SCP-3061-1); commonly referred to as 'Fendsmul' in such materials.

SCP-3061 documentation and information relating to SCP-3061-1 are extremely scarce; SCP-3061-1 is barely mentioned in historical documentation or religious texts, occasionally being mentioned as an obscure and lesser-known demonic being throughout Irish mythology and minor religions. While research shows SCP-3061 texts to have existed in excessively larger quantities in the past, a majority of SCP-3061 remain lost or will outright fail to function even when the ritual is performed accordingly by certain individuals. Such cases have been confirmed to be caused by SCP-3061-1 itself.

SCP-3061 may differ slightly between texts, but will always be described as a ritual used for the summoning of SCP-3061-1. SCP-3061-1 is described to grant the ones performing the ritual some form of wealth or power, often in exchange for the soul(s) of their own offspring or that of another.

Below is a list of details mentioned in all functioning iterations of SCP-3061.

Summoning circle: A typical summoning circle used for the purpose of SCP-3061-1. The circle must be drawn at least four foot in diameter, using a blood mixture consisting of a cockerel, any species of canine or feline, at least two human infants and the blood of a human priest who has “Served under the guidance of the Lord for three decades”. No specific measurements for blood are given; enough of the required blood to draw the circle will be feasible.

Repeated attempts to summon SCP-3061-1 immediately after will be unsuccessful. SCP-3061 has been noted on occasion to manifest large mounds of animal feces in cases of excessive overuse of the ritual.

Human ash: Ash is to be placed in the center of the summoning circle. Instructions again do not specify a specific amount, instead describing the amount must belong to “Three blasphemers of her [REDACTED] of Tyranny”.

Agreement and payment: The one performing the ritual must then chant an eleven-minute prayer detailed at the bottom of the ritual's instructions (Transcripts may be found in Document SCP-3061-3B). SCP-3061-1 will then supposedly manifest from the pile of ashes. The summoner must then detail what they desire from SCP-3061-1, which will then describe what it requires in exchange. Once an agreement is settled, SCP-3061-1 will de-manifest. Any individual(s) offered to SCP-3061-1 as payment will expire immediately upon the conclusion of the deal, and the summoner at a later point will receive that which they requested in some form.

SCP-3061-1 is the entity referred to as 'Fendsmul', summoned using the rituals designated SCP-3061.

SCP-3061-1 predominantly appears human in the presence of Foundation personnel, as a humanoid male in its mid-forties, measuring approximately six feet tall. SCP-3061-1 on occasion will manifest baring physical features of various animals; the most common including the legs of a Lepus timidus (Mountain hare) replacing its own and extended fingers resembling that of a Daubentonia madagascariensis (Aye-aye, lemur).

SCP-3061-1 speaks with an undifferentiated Irish accent and is coherent in English, as well as a number of other languages.

SCP-3061-1 is capable of creating highly detailed and realistic illusions, which it is able to interact with as if real. SCP-3061-1 cannot manifest such illusions outside the parameters of the ritual circle it is summoned in. SCP-3061-1 describes these illusions to be used for “Presentation purposes” when interacting with those who summon it.

While SCP-3061-1 is generally cooperative and tolerant towards Foundation personnel, it will often display an extremely agitated demeanor. Many interviews with SCP-3061-1 have frequently resulted in ‘venting’ sessions, where SCP-3061-1 will express frustrations towards those who summon it. These feelings often ranging from minor aggravation to genuine disdain.

Discovery log: SCP-3061 was recovered in 14/05/200█, in ███████, Massachusetts, United States. SCP-3061 was located after local Foundation authorities detected nearby anomalous activity within a nearby house. The owner, Paul ████ was found to have obtained a book containing SCP-3061 and had killed several individuals for ritualistic purposes. Investigation showed several close acquaintances of the suspect to have aided him in the killings and had planned to use SCP-3061 for their own personal gain. SCP-3061 was contained and all suspects were taken into Foundation custody.

The following transcript was taken from a video recording filmed within the basement of Paul ████. The suspect later admitted to filming in case a future preference was required for performing SCP-3061 if need be.

Partial transcript

A basement is shown, later confirmed to be Paul ████'s. Paul ████ appears in front of a drawn circle reading from a large hardback book.

SCP-3061-1: You have risked a lot for the mere sake of calling me here, you know that? By the looks of things, you’ve been busy. What did you summon me for? What could you possibly wish of me?

Paul ████: Well, you see… I need a lot of cash. I can’t stand it around here and I want to leave. I’m in heavy debt and just want it to all go away…

SCP-3061-1: Well it's pretty simple, you're not exactly the most creative are ya? …But I can do that. Now you must exchange something for me in return. SCP-3061-1 reaches out with its hand, a ball of blue fire appears in its palm, which contains a still image of a young child.

Paul ████: T-Tony!?

SCP-3061-1: Yes… You weren't prepared for such terms weren't ya? I could come to another arrangement if you so desire though… But it will-

Paul ████: No! T-that’s fine! But I have another kid too, I can give you Christie as well if you want!

The flame disappears from SCP-3061-1’s palm. SCP-3061-1 appears visibly confused.

SCP-3061-1: …Wait… Pardon?

Paul ████: Do I have to wake them up? Or will you just take them?

SCP-3061-1 stares at the subject for several seconds before waving at the surrounding flames, causing them to cease.

SCP-3061-1: Aw, for fuck's sake- Is this really what I've gotten myself into!? Are you actually serious!?

Paul ████: …What? I don’t under-

SCP-3061-1: Of course this was going to happen… Don’t act like you don’t fucking understand! Do you even know what you’re doing? Just tell me, what sort of debt are you in to make you do this?

Paul ████: Mostly for my car… An extension for my home. What does this have to do with anything?

SCP-3061-1: Bills!? SCP-3061-1 scoops up a pile of human ash in its palm. Fucking bills? Why not call me up to do your goddam taxes for you next time!? I can’t do this, I’m out… Have fun cleaning up all your shit.

SCP-3061-1 dissipates.

SCP-3061-1 initial Interview log: The following interview was performed several days after initial containment of SCP-3061-1.

Partial Transcript

SCP-3061-1: I mean, he wasn’t the worst guy I’d ever met but who am I kidding? You might as well gather them all together and throw them in a big bucket labeled ‘scum’ for all I care! Not the worst, but he was the start!

Dr. Robertson: You mentioned something about a deal, but you’re not being clear enough. What did this ‘deal’ involve?

SCP-3061-1: Well here’s the thing. Normally I come to those who are down on their luck. We don’t just show up when just anyone summons us, don’t want to make ourselves too public and it’s just bad business practice. It’s nothing special, we’ve been doing it for centuries cos it’s easy and straightforward. Got a quick background check on this guy before responding to the summoning. He had pretty much no cash, lost his job and things were probably only gonna get worse for him. So I figure "This guy’ll be easy pickings”. So I make an entrance with the big hole opening in the ground and everything, a throne of skulls and wrenching arms and tell him I’ll make him rich if he gives me his child.

Dr. Robertson: What did he exactly do to upset you?

SCP-3061-1: The fucker said ‘yes’.

Dr. Robertson: …Excuse me?

SCP-3061-1: With like, zero remorse or uncertainty! Big scary demon pops up outa Tartarus or whatever the fuck you mortals like calling our world, and the guy agrees to the deal! One involving sending his child to a literal Hell!

And he knew! He knew who I was, the smell alone told me that he’d practically shit himself at the sight of me! But it didn’t matter that I was a demon, or that he knew what I could do or that I wanted his kid! And it’s only been getting worse. Less and less mortals are scared or even remotely agitated by us! They summon us like we’re a goddamn takeout place!

Dr. Robertson: I’d assume you’d have no problem with someone saying yes. After all, that is what you were hoping for.

SCP-3061-1: It's not! You just don’t understand… It’s less about the final luring and more about the baiting and fight they put up! We don’t just dance around all la-de-dah for nothing! Temptation is only satisfying when they’re actually being tempted! You can’t tempt someone when they just say “yes”.

Dr. Robertson: …So what happened to his child?

SCP-3061-1: Oh, I never took them. To be honest I don’t even remember if I responded to the guy. Safe to say, the whole situation was probably more awkward than irritating for the both of us at that point.

Addendum 3061-1: On 14/05/20██, during a raid on a minor religious cult known as ███████ █████, several documents of SCP-3061 were found. It is thought that the group had planned to use the documents to summon SCP-3061-1. Investigation showed that the group had successfully gathered the required components needed for the ritual and had attempted to perform it, which upon doing so failed to summon SCP-3061-1. The group was taken into Foundation custody and all copies of SCP-3061 were retrieved and contained. Following the incident, SCP-3061-1 was summoned using SCP-3061, for answers regarding the group.

SCP-3061-1: You people again. Surprisingly, I don’t normally get this much traffic in this location.

Dr. Robertson: Yes. We were hoping to ask you about an incident relating to a religious group known as ███████ █████. Are you familiar with them?

SCP-3061-1: Oh, those guys. Yes, I've dealt with those bastards a few times. They’re a bunch of slack-jawed imbeciles. Cling to whatever deity or higher being that’ll grant them what they want. You’ve met them?

Dr. Robertson: Several days ago we acquired documents of the very same ritual used to summon you during a raid at one of their gatherings. We were wondering if you could tell us anything you knew about it.

SCP-3061-1: They tried summoning me but I refused to heed their call. They’ve summoned me many times before and they're always the same. They’d praise me, but they're the type to worship just about anyone that’ll give them power. The needy don’t act like they’re worshippers, they come to me out of desperation. But that lot reek of it even after they get what they want. They’re no dedicated cult or long time worshippers of the Lower Planes, they don’t take satisfaction in sacrifice. They’re just drones dropping babies in circles of blood, hoping wealth and power will pop out.

Dr. Robertson: Yes. Well, if at all possible, we were hoping to ask you about any other groups or people with access to the rituals.

SCP-3061-1: Hey, it’d be a pleasure no longer having to deal with ███████ █████ anymore, but I know your game and you know I won’t be that easily swayed. I’m not just going to tell you about all the people that summon me obviously, but I’m fine with helping weed out the ones who're majorly taking the piss.

Dr. Robertson: We can at least prevent certain groups from getting access to the ritual if you desire. But we would need your cooperation. We would require details regarding those you are summoned to and their location.

SCP-3061-1: Well as far as identities go, I’m not helping you with that. Information gathering isn’t my area. I can’t do something like that without majorly stepping over the boundaries of some pretty big names. I can give you brief info like group names though, that’s nothing special. As for locations, I can keep it as brief as “A basement in North Carolina” or “Somewhere in Toronto”. But that’s all I’ll say.

Dr. Robertson: That will do. We can arrange the rest of the details ourselves. We can even plan out an appropriate basis for when to contact you if you wish, so we can exchange information. Does that suffice?

SCP-3061-1: …Did you just offer me a fucking deal?

SCP-3061-1 agreed to the arranged terms shortly after.

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