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nn5n: scp-3064 A Hot Shower
UnknownSCP-3064 A Hot ShowerRate: -23

item number #: scp-3064

object Euclid

Description: scp-3064 is a green porcelain on appearance but further testing proves it is smooth hardened citon as are the walls surrounding it. Scp-3064 will repair any and all damages to the shower head walls or tub. Scp-3064 is used as a normal shower but after 15 minutes the subject will start to feel a slight burning in the water. The subject can move the handle to try and change the temperature but will not change. the subject might attept to escape but the curtan will hard and be imbobile. If the subject starts to struggle the water temperature will rise rapidly until subject melts and flows into the drain (mouth). Scp-3064 makes scp-3018-2 after it has claimed a victim scp-3018-2 can take any form of a creature it has come in contact with via sight. with the mass of the victim without gaining the abilities this is to try to lure a victim to scp-3018. Scp-3064-2 is a clear gelatinous blob of human matter. Scp-3064-2 can terminated with a blunt object. However scp-3018-2 is extremely hostile if any human it comes in contact with doesn't follow it to scp-3018 and when enraged it becomes extremely strong with whatever form it is in. Scp-3064 will fog and steam any cameras watching it. Scp-3064-2 does not take any special abilities of the creature it is posing as. Scp-3064 origins are currently unknown.

Containment: scp-3018 is to be kept behind a 3 inch thick steel door and cannot be entered without security level 2 or higher and armed with a blunt weapon because scp-3018-2 can be hostile if in containment too long with no contact with other life and will die over time. Scp-3064-2 is to be terminated on sight.

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