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The trail directly above SCP-3065, formerly part of Gibraltar Loop.

Item #: SCP-3065

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has quarantined 1.4 km2 of public land around SCP-3065 and is utilizing cover story A-91 ("Wildlife Sanctuary"). Outpost-3065 has been constructed around the quarantine zone, and its perimeter is to be monitored at all times. All personnel must stay at least 50 500 meters away from SCP-3065, except for testing purposes. Seismometers have been deployed above SCP-3065 and are to be inspected monthly; all inspections and repairs must be carried out through remote drones.

Description: SCP-3065 is an inaccessible cave located below a hiking trial in Paul Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia (50.751° N 120.153° W), approximately 250 meters underground. The structure of SCP-3065 is humanoid and shifts in real time to match the shape (at a size ratio of approximately 12:1) and posture of its current living occupant. If no living human is in SCP-3065, a person on the surface may vanish and appear inside the cave. Non-human animals are not affected by SCP-3065.

On 21 May 1997 at 4:02 PM, Foundation seismographs began recording erratic activity from the Paul Lake region. At 5:18 PM, a Foundation AI flagged the seismogram as potentially anomalous and alerted Dr. Hardy at Site-144. Hardy ordered a low-priority investigation, and a geological field team arrived on location at dusk. SCP-3065 had several periods of minimal activity during this time, one of which lasted nearly an hour.

Upon discovering that the seismic activity was highly localized, the field team conducted a seismic reflection survey. This revealed a large void, although the resolution was too low to identify its shape. Because SCP-3065 was dormant at this time, Dr. Hardy authorized the team to drill a 6 cm borehole for visual contact.

The following is a partial transcript of the operation conducted on 21 May 1997. The field team consisted of Researchers Collins and Berry and Junior Researcher Nguyen, and was overseen by Dr. Hardy from Site-144.

Berry: Alright, we're in. Retracting the drill now. Ready with the scope?

Collins: Got it.

Approximately three minutes pass. Conversation not relevant to operation removed.

Berry: I'm lowering in the cable, and video should be live soon. Is your connection okay, doctor?

Hardy: Everything looks fine on this end. Go ahead.

Berry: Few more seconds, and… there we go. Okay, I'm seeing an adult on the cave floor, dead or unconscious. Looks male, maybe forty or fifty years old.1

Hardy: Confirmed. Looks like a hiker. I'll check out any local disappearances.

Berry: Nothing else here stands out to me. Looks like normal granite. I'll… shit, the camera just cut out. Harry, can you tell what's…

Nguyen: Um.

Berry: Where did… Harry? Harry?

Nguyen: He just, uh. Disappeared. Right when the video died.

Hardy: Tell me you're joking.

Berry: Never, sir, Collins is gone.

Nguyen: And the seismo is suddenly going nuts.

Hardy: Jesus. I'm sending in backup. Ninety minutes away. Keep me updated.

Six minutes pass.

Nguyen: Doctor, are you there?

Hardy: Just got in the truck. What's happening?

Nguyen: We pulled up the camera, and there was just cable. Looks like it got cut. Zoe put in the spare, and the borehole is filled in after about ten meters.

Hardy: Well shit. I want you two to start drilling again. Harry might have joined our hiker friend, and he'll need air.

Nguyen: Understood.

Approximately 35 minutes later Berry and Nguyen finish drilling into SCP-3065, and the scope is reinserted along with a small speaker. The light from Collins' headlamp can be seen as the scope enters the cave.

Berry: Harry, are you okay? Can you hear me?

Collins: I'm here. Doing okay, just some bleeding. You fuckers… drilled into me…

Berry: Shit, really? That's terrible luck. We'll throw down some bandages and-

Collins: No, I… you drilled in… Look. *panting* This cave is weird. It looks like a big hollow person, arms, legs, dick, everything. It moves when I move, like it mimics me. I'm sitting in my ass cheek right now.

Berry: What.

Collins: When the drill broke through there I felt something pinch my shoulder… The wound is way smaller than the bit though, barely any blood. The dead guy has the same hole in him.

Berry: Huh. Okay. The big guns will be here in about an hour. What's the air situation? You breathing okay?

Collins: It's definitely getting to me. Probably okay for a while with the hole.

Berry: Alright. Let me think for a second. The guys coming will have oxygen, so we were gonna widen the borehole enough to lower it down to you. But I don't want to hurt you more if we can avoid it.

Collins: It's not life-threatening, Zoe. Just give-

The borehole is closed off. Recording ends.

Note: For experimental purposes, a small flag was placed on the trail above the estimated center of SCP-3065.

Experiment 3065-1
Date: 23 May 1997
Subject: D-213-729
Procedure: Subject was told to stand next to the flag and wait for further instructions.
Result: After 24 minutes, D-213-729 disappeared. Seismic activity indicated his capture by SCP-3065.

Experiment 3065-2
Date: 23 May 1997
Subject: D-213-755
Procedure: Immediately after the previous experiment, subject was told to stand next to the flag and wait for further instructions.
Result: While SCP-3065 was still seismically active from the previous experiment, nothing notable occurred. 32 minutes after activity ceased, D-213-755 disappeared and the tremors resumed.
Note: Confirmed, it's limited to one victim at a time.Dr. Clark

Experiment 3065-3
Date: 23 May 1997
Subject: D-213-902
Procedure: Subject started approximately 100 meters from SCP-3065 and was instructed to move one meter forward every two minutes.
Result: D-213-902 disappeared 12 meters away from the flag.
Note: I'm making 50 meters the official safe zone.Dr. Clark

Experiment 3065-4
Date: 24 May 1997
Subject: D-214-689
Procedure: Subject was instructed to climb a tree close to SCP-3065 as high as they are able, and wait for further instructions.
Result: D-214-689 climbed a pine tree four meters away from the flag, to a height of approximately 8 meters. She disappeared 20 minutes later.
Note: Apparently you don't need to be touching the ground.Dr. Clark

Experiment 3065-5
Date: 25 May 1997
Subject: D-214-770
Procedure: D-214-770 was chosen because he is missing his left arm. Subject was told to stand next to the flag and wait for further instructions. A remotely operated drone was ready to inspect SCP-3065.
Result: The subject disappeared after 22 minutes, and the drone began drilling a borehole. Exploration revealed that SCP-3065's interior was truncated at the left arm, matching D-214-770. SCP-3065 contained six corpses in normal condition. The borehole closed 42 minutes after drilling was completed.
Note: Interesting. I assumed that the arm section would be inactive, but it's actually gone. SCP-3065 also doesn't seem to be… well, digesting…Dr. Clark

Proposal 3065-6
Date: TBD
Subject: D-class, general
Procedure: While SCP-3065 is inactive, a remotely operated drill will dig a shaft large enough for the subject to fit through. The subject will be instructed to quickly approach the shaft, and a prepared crane will lower them into SCP-3065.
Result: N/A
Note: Request for additional D-class personnel declined. It's just a cave that eats people, David. We have bigger fish to fry. You're being reassigned to SCP-████.Dr. Hardy

Addendum 3065-1: On 11 November 1997, a guard walking approximately 90 meters from SCP-3065 vanished and appeared in the chamber. Seismometers recorded heavy activity during the event; the epicenter moved from SCP-3065's location to directly underneath the guard, then returned to its original location. Minimum safe distance extended to 500 meters.
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