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EuclidSCP-3070 Personal ComputerRate: -27

Item #: SCP-3070

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3070 is to be stored via secured general holding area location Site-15, contained in a 12m x 10m x 12m metal-lined room surrounded by a 5m x 3m x 5m electrical metal wire. SCP-3070 must be connected to a 120v outlet. No electronic devices of any sort must be allowed in a 10m radius of SCP-3070.

Description: SCP-3070 is a personal computer designed by ███████████████, a software engineer attending ███, in 1983. Evidence and notes have shown that the owner created the PC to try and extend the possibilities of computer processing, which is relatively close to processing during the ███. He apparently wrote in his journal that he spent the last 10 months working on his idea, but his creation had become dysfunctional after a 12 day period, and decided to continue to work on it for the next 2 months. After a 3 month period, SCP-3070, created a memory leak in its system, causing a OS failure. The owner, gave up on his project and chose to work on a different possibility, leaving his creation for the next 2 years. It is unknown how SCP-3070 was able to restore its OS, or even gain it's own conscience. Mobile task force [REDACTED] responded to a distress call by police about a [DATA EXPUNGED] in 2000 in [REDACTED], Wisconsin. The location of owner is unknown.

SCP-3070 has been shown to be able to transfer itself into any device, and cause it to become dysfunctional. It would continue to affect devices, and cause any organism with a humanoid figure in a range of 5m from infected device to be succumbed into a type of physiological trauma, and is resulted into a comatose state approximately ██████ later.

Subjects awoken after comatose state, begin claiming to have a urge to use SCP-3070. Subjects who log onto SCP-3070 receive a higher urges to continue to use it. The subjects begin to succumb into a screen addiction, receiving high dopamine levels and immediate brain restructures. Subjects will spend about 32-56 hours on SCP-3070, playing computer games or reading articles about [DATA EXPUNGED]. After subject logs off SCP-3070, the subject will collapse from exhaustion and dehydration. Research has shown that after subjects collapse state, appear to have lost 50% of their brain function. When subject wakes up, begin to [DATA EXPUNGED] any living humanoid figure, and wanders until it finds another living humanoid figure, and proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED] them. If subject escapes, they are to be terminated immediately.

Addendum A-1, 02/12/2004: Announced that SCP-3070 has successfully been moved to Site-15.

█████████, 03/23/2005: SCP-3070 has been shown to not have any affect to SCP-079. Further research is to be inspected.

Document #3070 Log-1

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 please enter SCP-3070's chamber.

D-2876-2: [enters SCP-3070's chamber with phone]

D-2876-2: The phone is vibrating.

Dr. ██████: Please move closer to SCP-3070.

D-2876-2: I don't like this. That fucking phone is-

D-2876-2 begins screaming

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 can you hear me?

D-2876-2: [Unresponsive]

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 can you hear me?

D-2876-2: [Unresponsive]

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 can you hear me?

D-2876-2: [Unresponsive]

Dr. ██████: [Continues to wait for ███ more hours]

D-2876-2: *groaning*

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 can you hear me?

D-2876-2: My fucking head. What the hell happened?

Dr. ██████: Nothing. Please approach SCP-3070.

D-2876-2: [approaches SCP-3070]: Man, I really wan't to use that thing.

Dr. ██████: Hmm… Please keep approaching.

D-2876-2: Man, I really wan't to use it. I'm going to.

Dr. ██████: Please keep approaching SCP-3070.

D-2876-2: [Proceeds to approach SCP-3070. Subject sits in chair and logs into SCP-3070]

Dr. ██████: [Waits at least 10 minutes]: That's enough. Please leave containment chamber.

D-2876-2: [Proceeds to use SCP-3070]

Dr. ██████: D-2876-2 please leave containment chamber.

D-2876-2: [Proceeds to use SCP-3070]

Dr. ██████ keeps asking D-2876 to leave SCP-3070 containment chamber for 30 more minutes. Dr. ██████ calls security to assist D-2876-2 out of SCP-3070's containment chamber

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