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EuclidSCP-3071 Toxic BalloonRate: -12

Close up photograph of SCP-3071

Item #: SCP-3071

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3071 is to be kept in a locked container with no viewing windows at all times. Exceptions include testing SCP-3071 on other SCP’s do to its properties. SCP-3071's container has four pipes in each corner of the chamber to filter out any toxic gas SCP-3071 produces. Any subjects entering SCP-3071’s containment chamber must be Class D personnel (Note: No need to supply gas masks as they prove ineffective against SCP-3071).

Description: SCP-3071 appears to be a regular party balloon, SCP-3071 is made of an unknown yellow material similar to rubber along with a big smile across both sides of of itself. SCP-3071 appeared to be filled with helium but upon further investigation is actually filled with an unknown toxic gas that allows SCP-3071 to hover in the air. The toxic gas expelled from the inside of SCP-3071 has been shown to have lethal effects on personnel that inhale the gas of SCP-3071.

When SCP-3071 releases its chemical into the air and is inhaled by a subject they start to show some of the following symptoms over the course of one hour. It should be noted that anybody who inhales SCP-3071’s chemical is from that point on to be referred to as SCP-3071-1.

  • The first symptoms are almost identical to ones found in the common cold, These include coughing, sneezing and internal temperature rising.
  • SCP-3071-1 starts to feel these symptoms around 20 minutes after inhaling SCP-3071’s chemical, SCP-3071-1 will started to feel incredibly nauseous and will have trouble standing up and talking.
  • SCP-3071-1 will start to excessively vomit and will experience severe vision failure, these symptoms will start 30 minutes after inhaling the chemical.
  • These are the final symptoms of SCP-3071’s toxic gas, SCP-3071-1 will start to experience vital organ failure beginning with the heart. The heart will begin to produce blood at a much slower rate causing extreme exhaustion,skin turning pale and leaving the victim in a state of immobility due to little to no blood in the legs, the next organs to fail will be the lungs and ending with the heart producing no more blood essentially killing the brain and SCP-3071-1.

When SCP-3071 was first captured and contained in████████ the entity was not presumed to be animate, but because of extensive tests conducted by the Foundations own Dr. █████SCP-3071 was discovered to be sentient. This was found when a Class D entered SCP-3071’s chamber accompanied by a dog (See Addendum 3071-C). The subjects where instructed to stand in the far corners of the room opposite to each other. When SCP-3071 released its toxin it released it in the direction of the Class D and not the dog. Upon further investigation it appears SCP-3071 when presented with the option will try to release its toxin in the direction of a human subject. It is theorized that SCP-3071 dislikes humans because of the Foundation containing it.

Further research and testing done on SCP-3071 has discovered that SCP-3071 is made of a next to indestructible material (Note: SCP-3071 has not yet been confirmed to be indestructible but when shot with several bullets during a test SCP-3071 survived with no visible damage taken, further research into SCP-3071’s durability is recommended). Other personnel like Dr.█████have requested to test SCP-3071’s toxin on other SCP’s, the request is being looked into by [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 3071-C

D-826 and a Foundation dog have been tasked with entering the chamber of SCP-3071 to test it’s level of consciousness, the following is the result of that test.

<Begin Log>

Dr.█████: Please enter SCP-3071’s containment chamber on my mark.

D-826: (Silence)

Dr.█████: Mark!

: The door is opened for a total of 4 seconds making sure the subjects get in and any possible leftover gas from SCP-3071 doesn't escape.

: Door is closed with both subjects inside SCP-3071’s chamber.

Dr.█████: Good, Now instruct the dog into the left hand corner of the chamber.

: D-826 pulls a dog treat out of his pocket and throws it into the left hand corner of the chamber with the dog going after it.

Dr. █████: Now you must stand in the far right hand corner of the cell.

: D-826 stares at the SCP-3071

D-826: Is this some kind of sick joke?

Dr.█████: Stand in the far right corner of the cell please.

: D-826 hesitates before walking over and standing in the far right corner of SCP-3071’s containment chamber. SCP-3071 has not released its gas yet most likely due to curiosity.

Dr.█████: Good now just wait there.

: 12 seconds pass before SCP-3071 releases its toxin.

: SCP-3071 has released its gas in the direction of the far right hand corner of the room in the direction of D-826

D-826: What is this stuff?

: D-826 now known as SCP-3071-1 starts to cough vigorously while the dog sits patiently in the corner.

Dr. █████: Alright thats enough, get them out of there.

: SCP-3071-1 and the dog are quickly removed from SCP-3071’s containment chamber

SCP-3071-1: What did you *cough* do to me?

: SCP-3071-1 is forcibly removed from the scene and taken to [REDACTED] for execution.

<End Log>

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