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EuclidSCP-3074 A Sweet ToothRate: -4

Item #: SCP-3074

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3074 is to be held inside a sealed cylindrical container, guarded by a 4 digit pass-code. Said container is held in a 4 x 4 metal room and should be monitored directly using the four main security cameras currently held in 3074's chamber. Any researchers wishing to study SCP-3074 should equip a pair of lead gloves to deter 3074's effects.

Description: SCP-3074 is a type of spherical candy commonly known as a jawbreaker. 3074 bares little difference to other types of this candy, and no source for manufacturer has yet been found. Object is a solid white, splattered with other colors. SCP-3074 was located in the basement of ████ Candy Shop, located in [REDACTED]. Owner of said shop claims no responsibility for creation of SCP-3074. Traces of cement, lead, paint, blood, bone marrow and ████ have been found to make-up the object, alongside unremarkable elements such as sugar and corn syrup.

Any direct skin contact made with 3074 made by a person will result in said person's jawbone becoming dislocated to an eventual point of breaking and “collapse”, or the point in time when the subject's jaw will fall off the skull. Result has been found to be identical with any biological subject that makes contact with SCP-3074. After contact is made, severe pain will be felt in the jaw of the subject, which has been compared to the pain of ████ Any attempts to anesthetize the pain caused by SCP-3074 has proved unsuccessful. The effect of contact with SCP- 3074 can be broken down into a few symptoms

  • Jaw of subject will begin to rot away, in a similar fashion to decomposition of a corpse.
  • Blood and mucus will buildup in the throat for a duration of 2-5 hours.
  • Fluids will clog the Larynx until subject begins to heavily wheeze and choke.
  • The jaw will officially collapse

After medical attention is done, recovery is possible, but subject is rendered incapable of speech, and will require a feeding tube. It is unknown if SCP-3074 is capable of producing mental trauma, but subjects have reported having vivid nightmares and brief sessions of repeated sobbing.

Handling 3074 with lead gloves has seemingly no negative effects on subject holding the object. SCP-3074 has proven indestructible when attempts were made to cut the object in half. When tests were made to test what would occur when 3074 was placed in the mouth, object remained the same size, and taste was compared to rusty metal.

Test subjects have since been terminated. Those effected by 3074 prior to containment are currently undergoing medical treatment.

Addendum 3074-A

At approximately 10: PM, on 6/21/█, Subject D-7172, a 27 year old Caucasian male broke free from his containment cell. Shortly after reports his escape, a group of Agents were sent in to terminate him. A loud scream was reported coming from the containment chamber of SCP-3074 alongside the shattering of glass.
Subject was found curled into a corner of the chamber. his jaw hanging from his face. It is unknown how and why the subject entered the chamber, or what drove him to touch 3074.

"It sounded like fifty goddamn jets going off at once"- Dr. ████

Mobile Task Force opened fire on the subject, but were in unsuccessful in killing him. The subject reportedly turned aggressive and began to attack the guards, all while screaming and crying.

"I looked into his eyes, they were the eyes of an animal on the hunt, but there were tears. his jaw was just hanging there, he looked just like ████- Agent Ross

The subject did no major damage to the guards he attacked, and was shortly sedated during his attack. It is still being studied why the subject, now designated SCP-3074-1, suffered no damage from the bullets fired.
3074-1 is to be kept in a cell directly across 3074's chamber, connected by a tunnel. Cell should be cooled to 30 degrees and subject needs medical treatment once a week, alongside clean-up of blood and fluid.
Object displays brief moments of aggression, and can attack if feeling impatient, angry, or at random. After the subject's jaw collapsed, written interviews were done with the subject. 3074-1 seems to display very little knowledge for his past life as a Class D and [REDACTED]. 3074-1 will occasionally scratch messages with his nails into the walls of his holding cell, as well as drawings, including:

  • Drawings of other types of candy
  • Skulls
  • Top Hats
  • A variety of swear words
  • Drawings of other SCPs, such as ████- It is unknown how subject was able to create illustrations of said SCPs when a majority of them the subject has had no reported interactions with.
  • Poems
  • Eyes

A second written interview was conducted with SCP-3074-1. Subject was given a piece of paper asking why he has broken free to make contact with SCP-3074. After a minutes, the subject used the pen provided to him and gave an answer

"I did it so no more blood could be shed, there are other victims out there that have still eluded you. I'm not just talking about 3074. It didn't start with the jawbreaker, I think you'll find more treats waiting for you, doctors. When you find them, maybe you can find who made me come here. Maybe. Seal that damned thing tighter next time."

Since giving response, subject has made no other messages when interview was attempted, and containment for SCP-3074 has since been increased.

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