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SafeSCP-3075 A Day At The Beach Is All It TakesRate: 40

Item #: SCP-3075

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Households and orphanages affected by SCP-3075 remain under clandestine surveillance indefinitely. MTF Tau-70 (“Sun Bathers”) are on standby to recover SCP-3075-A instances should previously undocumented anomalous activity be observed, at the discretion of Site-49 Command.

UPDATE (24.08.2023): Specimen ZQ-457, which is stored in Class III biocontainment at Site-86, is now provisionally a constituent object of SCP-3075. As part of recovery efforts, the search for similar instances in Nordfriesland and Schleswig-Flensburg is ongoing.

UPDATE (09.12.2026): The containment revision of 24.08.2023 is hereby obsolete (see Addendum 3075-19).

Description: SCP-3075 is a statistical discrepancy concerning the number of births in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The anomaly was first noted by government statisticians during the European Union census of 2021; 468 more children (designated SCP-3075-A) between the ages of four and nine were reported in predominantly coastal communities in the district of Nordfriesland than could be accounted for in any way. In all cases, birth certification was absent and no other evidence of birth was found. Persons directly affected by SCP-3075 could not provide meaningful information regarding the circumstances of the appearance of SCP-3075-A and fail to express suspicion regarding SCP-3075-A in general.

The unusual and unexpected size of the discrepancy prompted a federal investigation that was unable to identify the cause of the anomaly; the case was handed to the Foundation by July of 2023.

SCP-3075-A are physiologically and biologically indistinguishable from human children. However, instances exhibit difficulty with the comprehension and communication of complex abstract ideas. SCP-3075-A also exhibit poor facial and body language comprehension. The possibility that SCP-3075-A produce a memetic effect obscuring true anatomical characteristics has not been ruled out.

Persons that regularly interact with SCP-3075-A tend to behave in an excessively agreeable manner and, in the case of psychologically mature individuals, exhibit a high degree of sexual assertiveness. This may be linked to persistently high levels of both serotonin and dopamine in affected individuals.

Specimen ZQ-457 is the cadaver of a humanoid entity of unknown provenance, discovered on 04.07.2021 (one month before the undertaking of the census) in the outskirts of a truck stop near Silberstedt, a town less than five kilometres outside Nordfriesland. The circumstances surrounding the specimen’s discovery and autopsy results led to the provisional reclassification of the object.

The current focus of investigation is establishing a definitive connection between SCP-3075-A and ZQ-457.

Autopsy of Specimen ZQ-457

Date, Time & Location of Examination: 08.07.2021, 09:45 CEST, Site-86 Operation Suite D

Conducted by: Dr. E. Kampf, Site-86 medical examiner; assisted by mortuary technician R. Penning

Examination Summary: ZQ-457 is superficially human in appearance. The cadaver is largely covered with short brown hair, with the exception of the face, hands, and feet. The cadaver is reminiscent of a human child between the ages of four and five. Black putrefaction is evident.

ZQ-457’s facial features and skull structure vaguely resemble those of a chimpanzee, with pronounced browridges and a notably narrow cranial cavity evident.

The brain exhibits significant deviations from conventional biology. Complex metallic plates cover approximately 40% of the total surface area of the brain. Moreover, metallic, filament-like strands extend into the brain, with a maximum depth of 18 cm evidenced.

ZQ-457 lacks a reproductive system. Furthermore, an approximately 27-week old human foetus of unclear sex was recovered from the abdominal cavity where the uterus would have been situated. The foetus was found to be covered in a polymer textile resembling a full-body bathing suit.

Manner of Death: Unclear.

DNA results: In comparison to H. s sapiens, ZQ-457 possesses a similarity of 99.6%. The DNA of the specimen closely corresponds with that of extinct species H. erectus.

SCP-3075-A Surveillance Report E13 (15.09.2023)

Prepared by: F. Hakim, Site-49 Surveillance Operative

There is little distinction in behaviour among the 45 SCP-3075-A instances under my team’s surveillance. Instances invariably and indiscriminately exhibit a high degree of obedience, docility, and friendliness, effectively latching onto any individual with which visual contact has been established. Individuals that are the target of this affection tend to respond positively, especially with increasing exposure. However, even where a negative response is observed, SCP-3075-A do not deviate from their established behaviour.

Interview Log 3075-903

Location: ██ █████ Orphanage Date and time: 07.01.2024, 12:35 CET

Interviewer: D. Marion, SCP-3075 Field Agent

Interviewee: SCP-3075-A-57 (referred to informally as Mira)

Other presiding individuals (at Site-49 Command): A. Kaminski, SCP-3075 Project Head; G. Naga, SCP-3075 Chief Researcher

Foreword: 3075-A-57 is the most successful target of Operation LT05 to date, with Agent Marion able to establish a rapport with the instance within two days of initial contact. Agent Marion was instructed to question the instance regarding its past, prior to formal identification.

The agent was fitted with a hidden body camera transmitting a live feed to Site-49 Command. Voice communications, linking the agent and Researcher Naga, were also established to allow further instruction.

<Begin Log>

<Extraneous information omitted>

Agent Marion (AM): Are you comfy, Mira?

SCP-3075-A-57 nods and smiles at the agent. The instance holds a toy car, with which it interacts.

AM: Alright. This is just a short little talk, and then you can go outside, ok?

The instance nods again and continues to smile.

AM: Ok. Now, what’s the earliest thing you can remember? Take your time, Mira.

At this stage, A-57 ceases smiling. Instead, the instance is facially inexpressive and stares at a point off-camera. The instance continuous interacting with the toy.

AM: Mira? Is everything alright?

A-57 does not react.

Project Head Kaminski (PHK): I take it this is unexpected behaviour?

Chief Researcher Naga (CRN): Yes. I’ve never seen this reaction before. I don’t know what could be causing it… perhaps fatigue. It isn’t usually very taciturn. How should we proceed?

<Extraneous information omitted>

CRN: Ok. (To AM): Please cease the current line of questioning and direct the conversation to an unrelated topic.

AM: How was your day, Mira? Made any new friends?

The entity ceases its previous behaviour and proceeds to vocalise.

A-57: Yes. Lots and lots. Too many to count. It helps that I give lots of presents to everyone. Did you see the one I gave you? I hope you like it.

<Dialogue between AM and A-57 omitted here for brevity>

PHK: Odd. Well, now that she’s responsive, let’s return to the original question.

<Extraneous information omitted>

AM: What can you remember from before you came to live with us, Mira? Any little details would be really helpful, if you can’t remember much.

A-57 is once again unresponsive.

PHK: Ok, there must be a pattern here, am I right? It’s connected to the question itself. Could this be intentional, or some kind of involuntary psychological response?

CRN: It’s too early to say. It might be deliberate, but I find that unlikely. The As are always cooperative, to a fault. Although there might be detectable neurological impacts worth—.

PHK: What, what’s this?

A-57 exhibits facial spasms and struggles to vocalise.

A-57: Insim… in… sem… inse… inseminate? I… I must t—tell you. Ah… zone three… zero… one? I love y—you too much. Insemination zone three… zero… pro—procreate, proli… pro…?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: A-57 immediately fell silent and unresponsive. The significance of the instance’s last recorded words are unclear.

CT scans and related analyses of neurology conducted on A-57 and three other instances while the aforementioned behaviour was exhibited failed to return unusual results.

No cause for the anomalous behaviour could be identified, and no useful information could be extracted from the 3075-A instances in the context of Operation LT05.


Tidal flats near █████, a setting of alternate memories according to a subset of subjects

OR12 Executive Brief

Duration: 15.02.2024 – 28.02.2024

Mission Statement: The exploration of the possibility of mental tampering in individuals linked to the appearance of SCP-3075-A instances, including the identification of obscured and engineered memories and memory cavities.

Methodology: 15 preselected subjects from different households and orphanages affected by SCP-3075 were subjected to a two-week regime involving conditioning for increased suggestibility, mnestic therapy, and pre- and post-therapy interviews.

Results: In all subjects, declarative memories occurring after 24.06.2021 are accompanied by parallel memories concerning the subject, alone, engaged in a variety of activities on various sand beaches and tidal flats located within the district. Although not corresponding to activities documented in reality, and inspiring no concern from the subjects themselves, these memories do not display traditional signs suggestive of a synthetic origin.

One set of memories show a high degree of contextual convergence among subjects. These memories involve the subjects receiving intelligible information in an unclear form from an unidentified source. Recitation demonstrates a similarity of 90% among subjects (see appended document).

Reconstituted Memory Fragment OR12-95776

<Note: Sections in braces ({}) denote observed variations in the account of content among the individuals.>


I saw you. Yesterday, at the beach. I was on the edge, by the rocks. You looked at me for 0.03567 seconds. I looked at you for longer. 1.43892 seconds – enough to see everything. Skin so soft and clean. Like melting soap. Bones so white and strong. Fingers so slick.

And your head. Gently {pulsating} {quivering} crown. The {curve at the base of your skull} {subtle dent in your temples} – something otherworldly. Your brain. The perfect jewel in the perfect fluid. I can only imagine. What is it like? To be you?

Come and meet me. By the beach. I’ll be waiting. I’ve burrowed deep. Stared at your fresh, warm heart. It’s time you stared at mine. We should see the {sunset} {sunrise} together.

Addendum 3075-19 (09.12.2026): In light of the current absence of meaningful investigation regarding SCP-3075, Specimen ZQ-457 now ceases to be an associated object of SCP-3075. Following a review of SCP-3075 and its associated properties, and with the recommendation of the Ethics Committee, neither SCP-3075-A nor associated persons are to be subject to in-site containment. Furthermore, the object class has been revised from Euclid to Safe. —Director of Site-49, J. Havel

SCP-3075-A Surveillance Report C236 (15.09.2042)

Prepared by: E. Fowler, Site-49 Surveillance Unit Operative

There are currently 38 3075-A instances under my observation. All may be described as well-adjusted and possess a broad range of social ties within their respective communities. All but three instances possess an active sexual life, with multiple partners and a mean average of 3.5 offspring per instance. This fertility rate corresponds with those documented by most of my colleagues, and are higher than the national average. The offspring in question are behaviourally similar to their non-3075-A parent, exhibiting relatively little of the comprehension and communication issues that are, to an extent, still present in 3075-A instances.

Incident 3075-12: At approximately 02:27 CEST on 17.09.2042, all surveillance infrastructure in SCP-3075-affected domiciles permanently failed without warning. Upon establishing direct contact, all SCP-3075-A instances, as well as their offspring, were reported missing. Recovery is ongoing.

Video Log 3075-VC425 (02:23 – 02:27 CEST, 17.09.2042)

The following was documented several minutes prior to the spontaneous failure of all surveillance infrastructure at the home of SCP-3075-A-252.

<Begin Log>

The first floor bathroom, in darkness, is viewed from the south-east corner of the room. At 02:23, A-252 enters the room and switches on the lights. The instance moves towards the sink and looks directly at the lens through the mirror in front of it. At 02:25, A-252 begins vocalising.

A-252: Thank you. It was a beautiful. That moving sun. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You are so perfect.

The instance pauses and smiles. At 02:27, the instance begins to vocalise again.

A-252: Now you know me. What do you think? Am I as perfect as you?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: MTF Tau-70 were dispatched to the domicile and confirmed the disappearance of A-252 as well as the instance’s five children. The instance’s spouse was found at the scene, unharmed and unaware of the transpired events.

The body of a biologically sexless human child between the ages of four and five was discovered 100 metres from the domicile. An autopsy report revealed the presence of a 27-week old foetus in the abdominal cavity. This foetus is of approximate human origin, but possesses notable genetic and anatomic deviations.

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