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nn5n: scp-3079 A Dose of Insanity
SafeSCP-3079 A Dose of InsanityRate: -11

SCP-3079 before initial recovery

Item #: SCP-3079

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3079 is to be contained within a steel containment locker, within a 10m x 10m x 5m secured room. Cameras should be located in every corner of the room. To gain access to copies of SCP-3079, a touch ID of fingerprints from Level 2 personnel and up will unlock the container. Test subjects ready for screening are to be accompanied in the room with at least two Level 2 personnel. No personnel below Level 2 are permitted in the room containing SCP-3079. This restriction may be cleared via written permission from Supervisors of at least Level 3. Any personnel found misusing SCP-3079, whether it be for their own use or against others, are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-3079-1 through SCP-3079-9 are discs from the popular home workout DVD, Insanity. Visual appearance of SCP-3079 is identical to standard Insanity discs. Video is also identical to actual Insanity discs, however after viewing, multiple symptoms of disease are prevalent anywhere from two hours to ten days of a viewing. Each different disc inflicts a distinct form of disorder, some of them similar to others. Nearly all subjects viewing these discs end up perishing within two weeks of symptoms. The current cause for every disc's damaging disorders is unknown.

-Plyometrics (SCP-3079-1) causes a form of brain death with no warning, usually occurring during rest or sleep periods of viewers. All occurrences thus far have been fatal.

-Upper Body Resistance (SCP-3079-2) shows no symptoms at first, but subjects will slowly go insane, their speech capabilities reducing to a minimum, and eventually they will begin to attack everything near them. Subjects will then drop dead due to exhaustion and severe brain damage, though some subjects have been found to start to [DATA EXPUNGED].

-Pure Cardio (SCP-3079-3) causes dementia to induce within a subject's brain, sometimes as early as just after a viewing of the DVD. This 'dementia' literally causes the brain to slowly corrode itself, as if it were to sit in a vat of acid. Over █████ months of testing only one individual survived with help from drugs and surgery.

-Cardio Abs (SCP-3079-4) causes skin to slowly weaken and muscles to atrophy over time. Eventually subject will bleed profusely after simply brushing against a surface. Naturally this will lead to severe consequences.

-Recovery (SCP-3079-5) inflicts progressive heart failure towards subjects. At first, heartbeat becomes irregular, eventually contracting at such a bizarre pace that their heart refuses to work.

-Max Interval Circuit (SCP-3079-6) causes the windpipe to stop working properly, opening and closing irregularly resulting in eventual death by asphyxiation.

-Max Interval Plyo and Max Cardio Conditioning (SCP-3079-7 and SCP-3079-8) have similar effects to Cardio Abs, while Max Recovery (SCP-3079-9) has similar symptoms to Recovery.

SCP-3079 was discovered on ██-██-2009, after reports of the Insanity program not working, and in fact causing more problems than solving them, became prevalent both online, and broadcasted by television. That day, a 1█ year old male known as ███████ Booth who had recently purchased the program had been and proclaimed dead. His cause of death was unknown at the time. After multiple reports of death from the exercise program, Foundation officials thereafter quickly obtained the first copies of SCP-3079. Since then, numerous other copies of SCP-3079 have been discovered around the globe. The ratio of contaminated copies to normal copies is [REDACTED].

SCP-3079 appears to only affect the original Insanity. Later volumes of Insanity including The Asylum or Max 30 are not found to be contaminated.

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