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EuclidSCP-3080 Killer SpongeRate: -11

SCP-3080 after being manually drained through machine pressure. The object still contains traces of body fluids belonging to subject D-████.

Item #: SCP-3080

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3080 is stored within a locked box, in Site 15. A video feed should be installed near SCP-3080's containment to monitor who accesses it. The box should only be opened for testing. Opening is restricted to personnel of Class C and above. No further requirements of the SCP exist as of now.

Description: SCP-3080's appearance is no different than that of a standard 10 cm sponge, with a green underside. The object was retrieved from a civilian home in ████, Canada. The owner of the item personally contacted the foundation to have the object brought away, but denies all implications of connections to it, claiming they had purchased it from [REDACTED]. The manufacturer of the object is unknown, making it very difficult to trace an origin.

Any human that squeezes the object (as one would do to remove the liquid from a normal sponge) almost instantly has their body fluids completely drained (this includes urine, blood, and in some cases forms of faeces). This has in all cases caused immediate death. A combination of all the fluids will now inhabit the SCP until another subject uses it. Upon usage, the previously contained body fluids will also be removed.

Body fluids stored within the SCP automatically drain during a process of five to six hours. This, combined with analyzes of the object when fully drained, revealed that it may very well still be a living organism that feeds on the fluids it picks up. However, this would not be the case for a normal sponge seeing as they cannot survive on dry land. No internal organs were found during scans, however small organism capable of breaking down the substances were traced. It is possible the SCP uses these to extract any nutrients within the body fluids. The SCP may be able to sense what fluids are around it, as when it is placed within other fluids it will not absorb them, except for forms of [REDACTED].

The SCP has also successfully been drained through pressuring machinery. Should a human pressurize the SCP using another object, however, their body fluids will still be drained, and placed within SCP-3080 (See test log). It is unknown how this is done, and it is considered another anomalous effect of the object.

Test Log of SCP-3080:
Test Subject Method Result
D-2436 Subject was given lead gloves Subject was able to firmly press the object, body fluids were drained slower.
D-5908 Subject was given a metal cube to pressurize the object [No Effect] Body fluids were drained at normal speed
████████ Subject poured hydrochloric acid on the object [REDACTED]
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