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SafeSCP-3082 Spontaneous CurrencyRate: -8

SCP-3082 in its inactive state

Item #: 3082

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3082 is to be contained at site-52 in a 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.25 meter wooden box. No Foundation members or D-Class personnel are to be allowed in the room without explicit lv-2 permission.

Description: SCP-3082 is a worn-out, brown leather wallet of unknown age. Under normal circumstances, SCP-3082's anomalous properties are inactive, and the entity itself appears to be an ordinary wallet. However, when held under the following circumstances, SCP-3082 instantly fills with currency appropriate for the region's monetary system:
1. SCP-3082 must be closed.
2. SCP-3082's holder must be aware of their current location
3. SCP-3082's holder is currently thinking about a specific sum of money.

When these conditions are met, SCP-3082 will fill with the amount of money desired earlier in the form of random bills and coins, referred to as SCP-3082-1. The currency received does not have to be currently in use, and ancient forms of currency have been known to appear rarely in SCP-3082. Any instances of SCP-3082-1 that would not normally fit in SCP-3082, such as items with monetary value, will instantly fall out when SCP-3082 is opened.

All attempts to destroy instances of SCP-3082-1 have resulted in failure.

Initial Containment: SCP-3082 was discovered by the Foundation through an intercepted phone call in which the owner of a small, local store in ████, Texas, complained to the police about how a teenager tried to pay him with Confederate bills he had retrieved from a previously empty wallet. After realizing what he had done, the teenager fled the scene with the goods. Shortly after the phone call was intercepted, the teenager in question was captured, interviewed, and given Class C amnestics, while class B amnestics we're prescribed to all other civilians involved in the incident. After being determined as the object in question, SCP-3082 was moved to site-52 for safekeeping.

Addendum 1: Interview 3082-A01, an interview regarding information on SCP-3082

Interviewed: SCP-3082-A, a 1█-year-old teenager previously in ownership of

Interviewer: Dr █████

Date: 4/06/20██


Dr █████: Welcome, ████. That is your name, isn't it?

SCP-3082-A: Look, this is about the wallet, isn't it? I promise I did nothing wrong. Please, I don't want to go to jail!

Dr █████: Calm down, we're not going to take you to jail. We are just here to ask you a few questions about SCP-3082.

SCP-3082-A: You mean the wallet thing?

Dr █████: Yes. Now, what can you tell us about how you acquired it?

SCP-3082-A: Alright. Originally, it was a friend's. At the time, he got in all kinds of trouble, and we obviously now know why. He gave it to me, wanting to get rid of it, and… simple as that.

Dr H█████: Interesting. Do you remember the name of the friend in question?
SCP-3082-A: Yeah, G██████ B█████. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Dr H█████: Did he tell you about how he acquired SCP-3082?

SCP-3082-A: Yes, but only a little bit. According to him, the wallet was found in the ditch by his house. I always felt a bit strange there, you know?

Dr █████: Thank you, SCP-3082-A. How did you find out about SCP-3082 anomalous properties?

SCP-3082-A: Well, about a year ago, I wanted to buy a gaming console, but I knew I didn't have enough money. I considered shoplifting it, ya know. I wanted it that bad, and the price was all I could think about. Either way, I checked the wallet I got just a few days before, and even though I knew it was empty, I still decided to open it. And then the most awesome thing happened- it was full of money! I ended up having just enough to buy the console, including tax. It was just so amazing, get what I'm saying?

Dr █████: Understood. Did you feel anything different when the currency appeared, like SCP-3082 was altering your mind in some way?

SCP-3082-A: Yeah- pure awesomeness! I got everything I wanted from that da-

Dr █████: Not that feeling. I mean did you feel a psychic presence, or anything influencing you.

SCP-3082-A: Yeah, I guess I did feel a bit of guilt, but it was all worth it in the long run. Oh, you mean "mind control​". Nah, I didn't feel any of that.

Dr █████: Thank you, SCP-3082-A. That will be all.


Concluding Notes: Interview moderately helpful, information noted. I'm prescribing Class C amnestics to SCP-3082-A and Class B amnestics to all other civilians related to SCP-3082. Will request permission to begin testing. - Dr █████

Addendum 2: Testing 3082-A01, a series of various tests conducted in █████████, California, to discover how SCP-3082 works.

Date: 4/15/20██

Supervisor: Dr █████


Test #1

Subject: D-373649

Instructions: D-373649 is informed that he is currently in the United States. Subject is instructed to close SCP-3082 and think about the value of 251.45 U.S. American Dollars.
█ seconds later, he is to open SCP-3082.

Result: SCP-3082 is opened, revealing exactly 251.45 U.S. American dollars in the form of two one-hundred dollar bills, five ten dollar bills, and one one dollar bill, along with one quarter and two dimes.

Test #2

Subject: D-372847

Instructions: Subject is repeated the same instructions from the previous test. However, subject is currently unaware of their whereabouts. Subject may open SCP-3082 whenever they decide to.

Result: SCP-3082 is opened, and is shown to be empty.

Test #3

Subject: D-472645

Instructions: Subject is told they are in the United States. Subject is asked to think about 35.4 Japanese Yen. At any time, subject may open SCP-3082.

Result: SCP-3082 is found empty when opened, revealing that only the currency of the current location may be created.

Test #4

Subject: D-927476

Instructions: Subject is told that they are in California. Subject is asked to imagine exactly 200 dollars. They are to open SCP-3082 at any time.

Result: The wallet is opened, but a fur instantly falls out, along with exactly three five dollar bills. After close analysis, the fur is determined to be of Canis Lupis, the Gray Wolf, which was occasionally hunted by the Tejon Indian Tribe of California. After thorough examination, SCP-3082 is determined to not have enough space to contain the fur alone.


Concluding Notes: Testing of SCP-3082 has taught us much about how it works, and SCP-3082 itself seems to pose no threat. Will request approval to perform testing on SCP-3082-1. - Dr █████

Addendum 3: Testing 3082-A02, a series of tests performed on SCP-3082-1 to check for any anomalous properties.

Date: 4/30/20██

Supervisor: Dr █████


Test #1

Subject: D-736395

Instructions: Subject is told to create a thin cut in a five dollar bill instance of SCP-3082-1 using provided, ordinary
6 in. scissors.

Result: Blades on scissors shatter as if they were glass. All analysis of blades finds no evidence that their chemical composition changed in any way.


Concluding Notes: Testing of
SCP-3082-1 has gone successfully. I believe no further testing of SCP-3082 is needed. - Dr █████

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