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The exterior of SCP-3082

Item #: SCP-3082

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The suburban locale surrounding SCP-3082 and the private property associated with the anomaly itself are to remain in the Foundation's ownership, functioning as a Site-11 satellite facility. In order to more easily preserve the appearance of an unremarkable neighborhood, it is recommended that Foundation personnel inhabit residences in the vicinity of SCP-3082.

The ladder granting access to SCP-3082 is to be removed when not in use.

Personnel must maintain diplomatic relations with the human population of SCP-3082-1. In the interest of perpetuating goodwill, personnel are not to interfere with internal conflicts among residents of the anomaly.

The population of the village designated SCP-3082-1-ϴ may request that the Foundation provide certain items. Requests for clothing, entertainment devices, and media may be fulfilled at the discretion of authorized staff. The provision of livestock, pets, tools, food, beverage, and/or other items must be approved by a Level 4 supervisor and endorsed by the village's "chief royal council".1


SCP-3082 as seen from SCP-3082-1's pocket dimension

Description: SCP-3082 is a 2 m by 2 m by 2 m treehouse located in the mid-western United States. The object is made of cherry wood planks. SCP-3082 is also a 4 m by 5 m by 2.5 m maple wood treehouse cabin located in an evergreen section of SCP-3082-1. In this form, the object appears to have been constructed in the Greek revival architectural style.

SCP-3082's two forms are connected by a 1 meter by 1.3 meter hatch on an interior wall of the object. The hatch serves as the access point to and from a stable, Earth-like pocket dimension containing neither large fauna nor sentient native inhabitants. This external reality is centered around SCP-3082-1.

Measuring an estimated 160 km tall, SCP-3082-1 is an extreme megaflorum and arboreal organism displaying numerous traits from a large variety of identifiable plants seemingly grafted onto it. Sampling and analysis have determined that sections of SCP-3082-1 which resemble various plant species are genetically identical to non-anomalous specimens. Analysis of bark samples taken from transition areas between one plant species and another has revealed [DATA REDACTED].

Conifers (Pinophyta) and flowering deciduous trees are the most common phenotypical features in the portion of SCP-3082-1's geography that has been documented by the Foundation. Approximately 10% of documented plants are edible or bear fruit edible to humans. The most notable graft organism observed of the many that make up SCP-3082-1 is an anomalous species of pitcher plant (Nepenthes) which contains fresh water in its pitcher cups2 rather than trap fluid.


Enhanced long-range photo of the ground-level geography surrounding SCP-3082-1

SCP-3082-1 appears to be the sole major vertical structure within its extradimensional space. Long-range imaging has revealed only flat terrain and decaying plant life extending out from the organism's base for at least 3000 km. Despite great altitude variation, atmospheric pressure remains largely consistent (averaging 101 kPa) throughout the pocket reality. Temperate weather patterns exist in the local vicinity of SCP-3082-1. Researchers have determined that the organism receives approximately 1300 mm of annual precipitation on average.3

Living within the pocket dimension are 74 human children of American nationality ranging from 4 to 12 years old. 73 of these subjects currently reside in a village of treehouses, henceforth designated SCP-3082-1-ϴ, located in a section of SCP-3082-1's uppermost branches. Each individual claims to have suddenly appeared on the porch of SCP-3082 after fleeing from an abusive household. Neither the children nor their possessions appear to physically age or deteriorate. Investigation has positively identified these children as the subjects of missing person reports from 1996 through modern day.

SCP-3082-1-ϴ is situated approximately 120 meters from the location of SCP-3082 within the pocket reality. A series of platforms and rope bridges4 lead from the access point to the village without detour. The tree forts of SCP-3082-1-ϴ are of notably cruder construction than SCP-3082. Corroborated statements from the chronologically oldest residents of the village indicate that the object was present prior to when subjects began appearing.

The residents of SCP-3082-1-ϴ are prevented from entering the access point in SCP-3082 by a reportedly glass-like barrier unobservable by human subjects age 13 and older.

Two distinct political factions have arisen within SCP-3082-1-ϴ as an indirect result of Foundation interference. The presently larger camp has expressed support for research efforts toward the goal of releasing the village residents from the pocket reality. The smaller group, which calls itself the "Neverland movement", has declared opposition to the Foundation's planned resettlement of the subjects to normal reality should a viable means of cross-dimensional transportation be found.

Document #3082-01: Visually aided dossier of SCP-3082 case files relevant to current research and operations.


Foundation guest house

Following the establishment of diplomatic relations with the governing assembly of SCP-3082-1-ϴ, residents of the village provided Foundation personnel with lodgings on the outskirts of their community.

Both manned and unmanned explorations of SCP-3082-1 are directed from this location.




First contact encampment site

With an average radius of 0.8 m and an estimated depth of 3 m, the site of SCP-3082-2's encampment at the time of the Foundation's first encounter with it was a tree hollow located5 on a primary branch of SCP-3082-1. The subject6 had established a temporary base in this location less than three hours prior to when visual contact was achieved by a remotely piloted exploration drone (ID# AEXD-1348).



Document #3082-02: Excerpts from transcripts of interviews with the residents of SCP-3082-1-ϴ.

Interviewed: SCP-3082-1-AR (Wexley Olson)

Interviewer: Researcher Dr. Seymour Tracy

<Begin Log>

Dr. Tracy: Hello—

SCP-3082-1-AR: Yeah. I'm Wexley Olson, I was born January 18th 1999, I went missing April 7th 2005. Isn't that what you guys want to know? To find our records outside and stuff?

Dr. Tracy: Oh… well, yes. It is.

SCP-3082-1-AR: Great. Now fuck off.

Dr. Tracy: What?

SCP-3082-1-AR: I said fuck off. What are you, stupid?

Dr. Tracy: I think you need to watch your language, little man.

SCP-3082-1-AR: I think you need to fuck off. Leave. We don't need your fucking charity!

[Dr. Tracy begins backing away.]

Dr. Tracy: Okay, okay… I'm going to leave just like you want me to. But maybe we can talk a little more some other time?

SCP-3082-1-AR: Fuck off!

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-3082-1-K (Lucy Fujimoto); SCP-3082-1-AR (Wexley Olson)

Interviewer: Researcher Dr. Seymour Tracy

Foreword: The following transcript is of an interaction between the leaders of the "Neverland" and pro-Foundation factions of SCP-3082-1-ϴ. Taking place at the end of a follow-up interview with SCP-3082-1-B, it was unintentionally recorded in the log's audio feed.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3082-1-K: You're an idiot, Wexley!

SCP-3082-1-AR: No, you are! There's no good reason to help those Foundation people kick us out!

SCP-3082-1-K: They don't even have a way to get us back to the real world yet, stupid.

SCP-3082-1-AR: But they're gonna make all of us leave if they find one. Why should I have to go if I don't want to, huh? Some of us are happier here!

SCP-3082-1-K: Happier here? It's rickety and dangerous and half the roofs leak when it rains! Some of the kids have been toddlers for fifteen years! Why do you like this place so much?

SCP-3082-1-AR: Neverland gives us everything we need without any grown-ups to tell us what to do or knock us around. You're the stupid one if you want to give that up.

SCP-3082-1-K: [pauses] … Everything we need? You really think so?

SCP-3082-1-AR: Yeah!

SCP-3082-1-K: Then you're dumber than I thought.

SCP-3082-1-AR: Am not! I'm smarter than you are, Lucy!

SCP-3082-1-K: I'm older than you are.

SCP-3082-1-AR: So?

SCP-3082-1-K: So I was here back when we were still building the village. I was here before we had safety nets, ladders, and fences and before we figured out how to build a tree house that wouldn't fall apart if someone leaned on a bad wall. I was here before we knew where there was more food if we needed it. When did you get here, huh?

SCP-3082-1-AR: 2005.

SCP-3082-1-K: Yeah. After we knew what we were doing. But I was here when Ahmed fell off a bridge and broke his leg and Mary couldn't fix it because she's not a doctor like her mom!

SCP-3082-1-AR: But—

SCP-3082-1-K: He only acts like it doesn't still bother him, you idiot. Mary didn't fix his leg right and this place didn't fix it either. Aria prayed, and you know what happened? Nothing! Ahmed's gonna have a messed up leg for the rest of his life, you know. This place isn't magic — or if it is, it doesn't care about us.

SCP-3082-1-AR: … It's still better than out there. No one gets a happy ending out there.

SCP-3082-1-K: Out there, they have stuff like hospitals and fire stations and grocery stores. And happy endings? News flash — no one gets them in here either! We're not living in some stupid story book, Wexley. This place isn't Neverland.

[It is at this point that SCP-3082-1-K walked away, ending the argument despite attempts from SCP-3082-1-AR to continue it.]

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-3082-1-AR

Interviewer: Researcher Dr. Seymour Tracy

Foreword: The following interaction took place in the early morning as personnel began arriving in the pocket dimension.

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Tracy climbs through SCP-3082's hatch to enter the pocket dimension. The sound of knocking on the tree cabin's door is heard. Other personnel begin filing through the hatch as Dr. Tracy answers the door. SCP-3082-1-AR is revealed standing on the porch outside, red-faced and tense.]

Dr. Tracy: SCP— er, Wexley? What are you doing here?

SCP-3082-1-AR: [quietly] … We have a problem. I… They sent me here to tell you guys.

Dr. Tracy: You want our help?

SCP-3082-1-AR: [loudly] We don't know yet, okay?

Dr. Tracy: Okay, okay. I don't mean to pressure you. Just tell me what's wrong.

SCP-3082-1-AR: It happened last night. We don't know exactly when, but it was after you guys left.

Dr. Tracy: What happened, Wexley?

SCP-3082-1-AR: Weird stuff, that's what. The tree grew a giant slide going from where the apples used to be down to where the cherries are. It snapped two safety nets. And it's full of splinters.

Dr. Tracy: Where the apples used to be?

SCP-3082-1-AR: They're kinda… not apples anymore. The fruit still looks like an apple on the outside — but it's squishy and full of cotton candy on the inside.

Dr. Tracy: That's… odd.

SCP-3082-1-AR: Just shut up and do something about it, okay?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Sturdier safety nets have been supplied to SCP-3082-1-ϴ. Currently pending O5 approval is a proposal to equip the village with soil-less farming technology and a stock of non-perishable foods as a precautionary measure in case SCP-3082-1 ceases to provide the residents with sufficient nutrition.

Document #3082-██: Records logging interactions with SCP-3082-2.


AEXD-1348 shortly before its final departure

Item requested: s1300 Aerial Exploration Drone

Reason: Replacement of lost/damaged equipment

Lost/damaged equipment specifications:

s1300 quadcopter model with ivory finish


  • Retractable solar panel array
  • 7-hour rechargeable power cell
  • Camera mount (360° horizontal range, 150° z-axis motion)
  • HD camera (on-board image enhancement and facial recognition software)
  • Long-range radio transmitter/receiver
  • Emergency locator beacon

Affiliated project/personnel authorization:

Project Galileo Mission Statement: Documentation of SCP-3082-1 on a larger scale must be performed for two reasons:

  1. To improve scientific understanding of the biology of SCP-3082-1 in order to investigate its origins.
  2. To gain a comprehensive grasp of the structure of the organism in order to facilitate human exploration and manned operations beyond SCP-3082-1-ϴ.

This project's operational team has been allocated the use of 4 AEXD drones (ID# AEXD-1346 through AEXD-1349) to accomplish these goals to the best of its ability.

Proof of loss:

Incident Report #3082-2-A: At 14:23 local time on 14/07/2017, the operator of AEXD-1348 piloted the drone into a previously undocumented section of SCP-3082-1 during standard exploration procedures. Exploration continued normally until 14:35, when the drone encountered a tree hollow in an oak section of SCP-3082-1.

This tree hollow was the second such discovered example of physiological damage to the megaflorum. Closer investigation was deemed pertinent to research operations, and so the drone operator piloted AEXD-1348 nearer to the location of interest.

Upon approach, movement was observed within the hollow's interior. Continued observation led to visual contact with and positive identification of subject SCP-3082-2, Aria Morrison, at time 14:42.

SCP-3082-2 appeared physically healthy and uninjured. Its attire at the time of the encounter was composed of a white T-shirt, short denim overalls, and white sneakers, all matching the description of the clothing it was last seen wearing before being labeled a missing person. The subject also seemed to be in possession of a red knapsack within its temporary base in the tree hollow.

Due to close proximity, AEXD-1348 soon became noticed by the subject. SCP-3082-2's immediate reaction to the sight of the drone has been described as that of astonishment. After recovering from its initial surprise, SCP-3082-2 began waving and calling out to the AEXD unit.

The drone operator was ordered not to engage with the subject as the Project Galileo team awaited the arrival of its supervisor. With AEXD-1348 at 11% battery, the operator attempted to have the drone withdraw to the nearest branch of SCP-3082-1 from which it could maintain view of the tree hollow while conserving power.

At time 14:44, SCP-3082-2 displayed signs of distress at the drone's apparent retreat. It began pounding its hands against the interior of the tree hollow and making soft vocalizations which were indistinct to the AEXD unit's microphone.

At time 14:45, AEXD-1348's third rotor was struck by a falling, moderately dense object later determined to have been a small watermelon. The drone subsequently flew into the lowermost branches of a maple section of SCP-3082-1. Immediately following this, there occurred rapid, targeted ivy growth in the vicinity of the drone's crash site. It is believed that this ivy became entangled in the rotors of the AEXD unit, preventing its escape.

At time 14:48, AEXD-1348 experienced emergency system shutdown due to overheating detected in its flight motors. Subsequent attempts to remotely restore communications with the drone have failed.

Requisition status: Denied

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