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Microscopic view of matured SCP-3084 bacteria (View at 80 µm).

Item #:SCP-3084

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3084 is a bacterial infection, efforts must be made to stop its contraction. Any areas suspected or reported to harbor SCP-3084 infection must be quarantined, disinfected utilizing burning or acid treatment, and any hosts of SCP-3084 are to be held for rehabilitation if needed, otherwise they are to be indefinitely held by the foundation. Special conditions for the release of victims of SCP-3084 may be reconsidered at a later time by O5 command.

SCP-3084 is a species of bacteria whose cells mature to collectively resemble the shape of a smiling face. SCP-3084 itself is a more resilient bacterial strain, and can live up to [REDACTED] days in the longest documented case. SCP-3084 begin in small spherical Iota segments approximately .02 µm in diameter. After a 2 day period, SCP-3084 bacteria will segment into 3 major parts, an Alpha segment,1 and two other smaller spherical beta-segments. Both Alpha and Beta segments, after a twelve hour period, arrange into its mature state, resembling the smiling-iconography shape. At this stage, the full bacterium of SCP-3084 spans a diameter of 20 µm. Alpha segments of the bacteria seem to possess control over the movements of the two Beta segments via autoinducer messaging.

SCP-3084 multiply at a rate faster than most bacteria, which occurs after which SCP-3084 bacteria have reached full maturity. New bacteria spheres stem off from Alpha segments at this point in groups of about 25,000. Growth of SCP-3084 is induced by Alpha Segments, which send electrical charges though the human nervous system in a way that stimulates the hypothalamus to release dopamine. This leads to the host becoming energized, encouraging the host to exercise. This exercise thus induces higher-energy, rapid electrical signals to the body from the brain, which is later siphoned off from nerve endings by SCP-3084 bacteria.

While it is not known how the first case of SCP-3084 infection was contracted (See Addendum 3084-01), SCP-3084 usually spread through a mucous like fluid secreted by later stage SCP-3084 hosts. Bacterium spread throughout a host via orifice entry or skin absorption, and mainly accumulate on nervous system and spinal cord cells. Other bacteria are usually consumed by a bacterium of SCP-3084 or consumed among a population of SCP-3084. These other bacteria show in all situations, no ability to consume SCP-3084. Humans are susceptible to SCP-3084's anomalous properties, but aren't the only organisms to be exposed to SCP-3084. Other species most often show lethargic like symptoms between 24 and 72 hours of initial exposure. It has been proven that multiplying SCP-3084 infections cannot be reduced utilizing penicillin injections or any known medical process. Annihilation of SCP-3084 bacteria are the only possible course of extermination, either through combustion or the use of strong corrosive materials. The progression of SCP-3084 infection has been documented below:

Hours after exposure: 28
Changes: Subjects report mild cough and headaches, most request water.

Hours after exposure: 35
Changes: Subjects are presented with increased serotonin and dopamine output in the brain, subjects often try to ignore mild pulsating feeling around the body, especially on the spine and mood becomes better. Central nervous system activity increases.

Hours after exposure: 38
Changes: Subjects adrenaline increases, as well as dopamine levels which increase to that of a large sugar dose. Subjects often ecstatically suggest activities like running, biking, and other cardiovascular exercises.

Hours after exposure: 50
Changes: Subjects uncontrollably raise their voices to a yelling volume. Dopamine and adrenaline levels increase above a point where the human body should be inoperable with the amount given. Subjects usually are unable to sit down and may do vigorous exercises in place reacting to the chemical changes.

Hours after exposure: 65
Changes: Dopamine stops increasing. Subjects appear to experience a hallucination/euphoric state and show strength and capabilities that of a "Hysterical Strength" adrenaline boost. Subjects over a prolonged period demonstrate the ability to pick up thousands of pounds and other exceedingly increased bodily function performance.

Hours after exposure: 70
Changes: The corners of the subjects oral cavity begin to expand inward toward the auricles of the subject over a period of the next 10 hours. Internal bone structure begins to alter along with this process to accommodate for the expanding oral cavity.

Hours after exposure: 80
Changes: Subjects vocal chords elongate giving any further vocalizations by the subject a deeper pitch. At this point, bacteria travel from the nervous system into the metabolic systems of the body and have multiplied thousands of times.

Hours after exposure: 84
Changes: Subjects begin secreting an bright yellow, mucous substance into the oral cavity containing millions of SCP-3084. Through many vigorous air bursts from the lungs, hosts can spread SCP-3084 filled mucous over a 20 yard radius.

Hours after exposure: 90
Changes: 98% of SCP-3084 has exited the body via host's secretions, and the remaining bacteria die within the body. Body-shape manipulations caused by SCP-3084 are permanent, and subjects bodily functions and chemical balances return to normal 20 hours after this stage, and mainly are able to function properly. Subjects often have difficulty masticating due to oral bone structure and often suffer from depression like symptoms due to over-stimulation of the hypothalamus, similar to that of a short-term drug withdrawal.

Addendum 3084-01
SCP-3084 first came to the foundations attention on ██, █,16 after the report of a "Creepy disfigured man hanging", in ██████ █████, Florida. Field agents quickly intercepted the report, which led to the discovery of a deceased end-stage SCP-3084 host hung from a tree in the area, and the body of the victim was taken into foundation custody. Residents nearby who were suspected to have witnessed physical alterations were given class B amnestics and no further on site alterations were needed. It was later suspected that the victim may had been severely depressed due to the effects of SCP-3084. Autopsy of the victim revealed scar tissue of millions of SCP-3084 on the subjects spinal cord, some of which were still alive which microscopy revealed. Further study was introduced, but it is still not known how the victim contracted SCP-3084. This led personnel to believe there is a live bacterial outbreak of SCP-3084.

Incident Report 3084-01: On ██, ██, 16, a report of 11 individuals, each in different states of SCP-3084 were discovered in ████████, Illinois. 3 of which were deceased due to different causes, all of which presumed suicides on site. One victim died via stabbing into the oral cavity, the second from hanging from the neck, and the third from a gunshot to the head. A note was found on a desk next to the second victim which has been documented below(See Addendum 3084-02). All witnesses were administered class B amnestics on site and released. All hosts to SCP-3084 were taken into foundation custody as they are still contained at the time of writing on ██, 24, 17.

Addendum 3084-02: The following was a recorded note found next to a victim of SCP-3084 (See Incident Report 3084-1).

To those who cared about me-

God, I don't know what the hell happened to me, but its so difficult to do anything now. I'm something from my own nightmares! I'M A FREAK! I don't know who or what caused this but I don't care. All I know is that whatever happened, there isn't a doctor or thing on this earth that can fix me. I sound like a psycho as I write this, but I swear I felt like I was on top of the world 4 days ago, then it all went to shit. My mouth was at my ears by two nights ago! I can barely speak, my mouth just hangs open all the time!!! I just can't go on knowing that every time I look in the mirror I will be seeing something a 4th grader drew in his class time. I'm so sorry Julie, you wouldn't want to see me anyway. Please don't look at my body if you find this… please don't. For everyone else, you probably want to do the same. Goodbye everyone.


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