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nn5n: scp-3085 "Whiteout"
EuclidSCP-3085 "Whiteout"Rate: -38

Item #: SCP-3085

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3085 is to be allowed to freely roam the facility, guided by shock collar. SCP-3085 is to be kept in a titanium reinforced square, the size of this is to be at most 12 feet bigger than SCP-3085’s current size. This container is to be equipped with an electronically sealed door, matching the color of all other walls.

Description: SCP-3085 is a humanoid 2-D figure standing usually around 5’5.SCP- 3085’s hands and feet are that of rounded nubs. SCP-3085 is capable of changing its form into “whatever I want it to be”, however this has been proven wrong, as it can only add about 5 feet to it’s mass. SCP-3085 is capable of speech and is known to be as sarcastic as possible at almost all times. SCP-3085 has dubbed itself “Whiteout” because “it just sounds cool, okay?”. SCP-3085 is also capable of running up to exactly 102 mph.

During a Containment Breach SCP-3085 is known to release other SCP’s (which tend to be Keter) and use them in some way or form to help themselves escape.

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