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nn5n: scp-3088 Cellular Terrestrial Transmitter
EuclidSCP-3088 Cellular Terrestrial TransmitterRate: -16

Item #: SCP-3088

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: The device must be contained in a 24x24ft sound-proof room made of cotton or wool. The device must also be placed in a dry, metallic box with a lock left on it to prevent anyone from taking the device. All employees who are within it’s reach proximity must not have any cellular devices with them as the system can use them to send out messages. They also must carry a signal jammer with them to prevent any satellite connections from becoming corrupted or disrupted. The employees entering the room must be a Class C or above.
Description: A small flip-type cell phone taken into space to be used for an electronic circuital experiment on the I.S.S. (International Space Station). The entity had started to transmit messages and signals from the I.S.S. when activated in the experiment. The signals were sent to an unknown signal. The messages were in transcribed in ancient hieroglyphs depicting images of alien lifeforms. The device was found in good condition. It was covered in dirt, sand, and some splotches of paint can be found on the back of the device.

Additionally, the members of the crew that same night had nightmares of a large, skeletal creature with large incisors and luminant green eyes. It also had splittable gums. The creature as told by some of the crew members, had spoke in a very inaudible tone. They also had said that they had seen a large, triangular light go by in the distance when one of the crew members had looked inside the cupola (a large window in the spacecraft for observation) within seconds. During the following night the crew had kept getting the same dreams of the creature. Once they woke up they suffered serious paranoia and extreme stress. Three people of the crew on the space station have died of heart attacks because of this.

Log #3012 - Day of the experiment

:Crew member 302: "We are starting up an experiment with an abandoned cellular device we had found. We are going to test out an experiment about whether or not we can connect to any signals out here."

Crew member 308 "Powering the device up now."

Crew member 302 "We are logging this experiment onto this recording so we can check if any strange occurrences happen."

Crew Member 308 "The device seems to be running fine, except for the part that the LCD is cracked a bit. Seems like the owner was some kind of anonymous user as the user's name was set to TCE2879. There is no evidence however that shows what this text means."

Crew member 302 "We seem to be picking up a signal around the planet known as [DATA EXPUNGED]."

Crew Member 308 "That is strange. The last time we looked there we noticed absolutely nothing using our telescopes."

Crew Member 305 "Systems are starting to go haywire. We are getting a huge malfunction on Monitor [DATA EXPUNGED].

End of log

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