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nn5n: scp-3092 Screeching USB Drive
UnknownSCP-3092 Screeching USB DriveRate: -29

Item #:3092
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Must be kept under watch by three people at all times, in the event that one guard blinks. Level 2 is required to enter chamber. All technology must be stripped, in case of a situation where the flash drive effects the technology.
Description:SCP-3092 Is a flash drive that, when entered into a computer, sends a blaring white noise through the computer speakers, while displaying a distorted video of what seems to be a [REDACTED] with semi dyed hair. Anyone in hearing range of the noise is effected with paranoia. The longer you stay in the same room with the noise, the more drastic the effects become, eventually leading to insanity. Even if the computer, speakers, etc; is/are destroyed, the noise video and noise will continue until there are no living beings in hearing range. The flash drive will then take the form of another victims flash drive, and take it's place until it is eventually inserted, effecting another victim. The flash drive will not change when In visual range, or in recording range. The only way to tell if the drive is different is the [REDACTED], showing the number [REDACTED].
A still frame image of the video that plays when inserted.
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