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SafeSCP-3093 The Color VulvideRate: 17

Item #: SCP-3093

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3093's state is to be monitored at all times, and all reported sightings of SCP-3093 are to be recorded and sent to Doctors Vaughn and Laika for further research.

Should an instance of EE-3093 occur, agents should be dispatched to the area of the anomaly and report all observations to the research team evacuate all civilians immediately and contain witnesses as soon as possible. If any sightings of SCP-3093-A are reported by witnesses, MTF-Mu-13 should be deployed to the location at once.

SCP-3093-1 is to be guarded and placed under surveillance for a minimum of 20 hours per day. SCP-3093-1 has been instructed to notify personnel of any recurrences of EE-3093.

Description: SCP-3093 is a wavelength of color thought to be located at (105, -101, -23) on the CIELAB colorspace spectrum grid1 that cannot normally be interpreted by the human eye. In rare cases, SCP-3093 can be interpreted by the human eye, although the exact reason why is unknown. It is hypothesized that certain light environments enable the eye to perceive external instances of otherwise invisible light. Subjects reported to have witnessed instances of SCP-3093 describe it as a a mixture of intense green and a self-illuminating magenta. Both subjects have referred to the color as "vulvide", despite having never come in contact with each other. Only two people claim to have seen SCP-3093:

  • SCP-3093-1 is a C-Class middle-aged man who possesses 20/12.5 vision. SCP-3093-1 wears prescription glasses, which are maintained carefully by the Foundation following his witnessing SCP-3039.
  • SCP-3093-2 is a teenaged girl who possesses 20/20 vision. SCP-3093-2 is the first known witness of the EE-3093 anomaly, and is thus under heavy surveillance since deceased.

Very rarely, SCP-3093 will accompany an occurrence of EE-3093, as well as an appearance of SCP-3093-A.

  • SCP-3093-A is a humanoid figure that has been described by SCP-3093-2 as featureless and bathed in the vulvide color. SCP-3093-A has not been seen by anyone except SCP-3093-2, though its existence has been proven by Dr. Vaughn. SCP-3093-A has not been observed to interact with subjects or attempt contact, and should be considered safe is extremely hostile when provoked and should be avoided at all costs, following Incident 3093-F1-B.
  • EE-3093 is an anomalous event in which a subject is able to see SCP-3093-A and its activities. The results of the only test conducted provide too little data to prove the exact circumstances under which EE-3093 occurs.

Interview 3093-A:

The following is an interview of SCP-3093-1, following the first known sighting of SCP-3093.

Doctor Ingrid Laika: So can you please describe this incident?

SCP-3093-1: I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. What I saw… it was almost unreal. But it was real. It was real.

<Begin Log, 20:00>

Dr. Laika: Please detail the situation in which you observed the phenomenon.

SCP-3093-1: Well, it had been a long night, and I was passed out on the bed…

Dr. Laika: We just need the details of what actually happened, Mr. █████.

SCP-3093-1: R-right. Well, I woke up, and the room was bathed in this bizarre light. But all the windows were closed, and the lights were all off. It wasn't coming from anywhere; there was no source… It was just… there.

Dr. Laika: Can you describe the nature of this light?

SCP-3093-1: It was a color I'd never seen before. It was like a mixture of pink and green, except it wasn't. I still can't recreate it in my mind… I wasn't drunk or high or anything, I swear…

Dr. Laika: We know that, sir. We tested your blood when we brought you here.

SCP-3093-1: You probably think I'm insane.

Dr. Laika: No, I can assure you, we think you're perfectly sane. Now, can you describe anything else you saw?

SCP-3093-1: Well, after I got up, the light faded a bit. I thought it was just a hallucination, but then I saw the room. Every surface was covered in blurry vulvide writing-

Dr. Laika: Vulvide?

SCP-3093-1: Sorry, I don't know why I said that. It just… fits. Doesn't it?

Dr. Laika: *mumbling* So the room was covered in writing. Could you identify the language?

SCP-3093-1: I couldn't tell, it was like it was permanently out of focus… it looked vaguely like the Greek alphabet, I guess.

Dr. Laika: And what happened then?

SCP-3093-1: Then it all disappeared. I blinked and the lights and writing were gone.

Dr. Laika: And one more thing, Mr. █████. Are you familiar with the girl in this photo?

SCP-3093-1: No clue who that is. An old girlfriend of mine? No, actually… who is she?

Dr. Laika: I believe that concludes this interview. We'll escort you to your containment cell in a moment.

SCP-3093-1: Wait, what? Wait, you said—

<End Log, 20:07>

Interview 3093-B:

The following is an interview conducted with SCP-3093-2.

SCP-3093-2: I don't know why I have to be here, honestly.

Doctor Terrence Vaughn: Please cooperate, Miss ██, and you'll be out shortly.

<Begin Log, 20:00>

Dr. Vaughn: Please describe what you saw.

SCP-3093-2: It was a weird light, I think. It just appeared when I blinked.

Dr. Vaughn: And what color was the light?

SCP-3093-2: I don't know. I guess it was like purply-green? It's not like I was on drugs. Can I go now?

Dr. Vaughn: And what other things did you see?

SCP-3093-2: You won't believe me.

Dr. Vaughn: Say it and let's see. We believe you may have witnessed a spectral anomaly.

SCP-3093-2: Okay, well there was writing all over the wall, but I couldn't read any of it. And then—

Dr. Vaughn: Was it indecipherable or just blurry?

SCP-3093-2: Blurry, it was blurry.

Dr. Vaughn: And was there anything—

SCP-3093-2: Vulvide… yeah.

Dr. Vaughn: I'm sorry?

SCP-3093-2: Well if it's a new color, I get to name it, right? I think we should call it vulvide.

Dr. Vaughn: Interesting.

SCP-3093-2: So I get to name it?

Dr. Vaughn: Yes, I suppose so. Informally, at least. The internal designation will remain SCP-3093.

SCP-3093-2: Hell, yeah.

Dr. Vaughn: Now, please look at this picture. Do you know this man? Answer honestly; this information will not be disclosed.

SCP-3093-2: I have no idea who that is. Were you implying that I was… involved with him? God, look at him. He must be, like, 40 or something.

Dr. Vaughn: That's not what I meant. This man has witnessed a similar event, and has just described the same color that you claimed to have witnessed as 'vulvide'.

SCP-3093-2: What? So… I didn't discover it?

Dr. Vaughn: 'Vulvide' has always existed, Miss ██. You're just one of the first to see it.

SCP-3093-2: Okay, cool, I guess.

Dr. Vaughn: Could you describe the light's source?

SCP-3093-2: I don't know if there was one… It was just, everywhere.

Dr. Vaughn: And was there anything else?

SCP-3093-2: There was someone there, covered in the light. It looked human, but somehow… it wasn't. It was just standing there, motionless in my room. But when the color went away, so did it. I didn't get a good look at it.

Dr. Vaughn: Okay, that's all we need. Do you have any questions?

SCP-3093-2: Can I leave now?

<End Log, 20:09>

Following this interview, SCP-3093-2 was taken in for further testing.

Test A - 10/13/██

Subjects: SCP-3093-2, D-9083
Procedure: Introduce subject to a range of environments with varying light levels and intensities in order to recreate circumstances of anomaly EE-3093. Place subject in 23x23 testing area with dim lighting, with glass two-way window at north end, and equip researchers with taskforce-issue infrared goggles so as to not let light into the chamber.

<Begin Log, 5:25>

Doctor T. Vaughn: Okay, ████, we're going to expose you to our first lighting condition now. Let us know if a similar experience occurs.

SCP-3093-2: Fine.

Dr. Vaughn: Laika, initiate strobe at frequency 12 for 60 seconds.

SCP-3093-2: Ow!! Holy fuck, that's bright.

Dr. I. Laika: Are you experiencing anything out of the ordinary?

SCP-3093-2: Nothing except for a migraine. Fuck.

Dr. Vaughn: Dr. Laika, move on to frequency 18 strobe.

SCP-3093-2: Wait, wait, I see it!

Dr. Laika: Excellent, early results. Vaughn, catalog EE-3093. ████, please describe to us the color of light you're seeing.

SCP-3093-2: It's… so bright, y'know? It's sort of greenish, but when I blink, it turns to some sort of pinkish color…

Dr. Laika: Would you say it's self-illuminating?

SCP-3093-2: What does that even mean?

Dr. Vaughn: Would you say it was brighter than the testing light? Brighter than pure white?

SCP-3093-2: I… I guess so. It's— *loud shriek*

Dr. Vaughn: It's what?

SCP-3093-2: The vulvide person… it's right here. Right in front of me.

Dr. Laika: Vaughn, see if you can detect anything on the scanner. Miss ██, can you describe any features of the being?

Dr. Vaughn: Can you see any of the symbols on the walls?

SCP-3093-2: No, the writing's not there… It's standing there. It's just the shape of a person, no face, no marks, just smooth vulvide light.

Dr. Vaughn: There's definitely a slight change in heat signature where she's looking. We can confirm the existence of an as-of-yet Safe anomalous being.

Dr. Laika: Okay, bring the guinea pig in. *throat clearing* Attention, D-9083. Please approach SCP-3093-2 in an orderly manner, and position yourself approximately 2 meters away from her. If you refuse to comply, you will be terminated.

D-9083: Jeez, I'm gonna have a seizure from this light. Oh, hey, little lady. Whatcha lookin' at?

Dr. Vaughn: That's enough, D-9083. Please extend your left arm in front of you.

D-Class: What is this, even? There's nothing here. Miss, I can't see what— *loud cries of agony*

SCP-3093-2: Oh, my god! Oh, my GOD! It… it just turned around and attacked him! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! *banging*

Dr. Laika: D-Class has flatlined. ██, please describe how the anomalous being acted.

SCP-3093-2: It… it didn't even move, it just switched from one position to another! Please, just GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Dr. Laika: Please, turn away from the glass and look at the anomaly, Miss ██.

SCP-3093-2: Oh, god… they're behind you. They're everywhere…

Dr. Vaughn: ████, please maintain control—

SCP-3093-2: HELP ME, PLEASE!!! It's shifting all over the room. Oh, god, it's writing those symbols again.

Dr. Vaughn: Describe the symbols, please!

SCP-3093-2: OH, FUCK, IT'S— *screaming*

Dr. Laika: Subject SCP-3093-2 has flatlined.

Dr. Vaughn: Heat signatures have faded.

Dr. Laika: Poor thing. I just wish we could have finished that test…

Dr. Vaughn: To hell with that test. We're not touching this again. Did you hear what she said about them? Those things are everywhere, and we can't see them. Who knows what'll provoke them?

Dr. Laika: Let's perform an autopsy and see if we can at least find out the cause of death.

Results: Subject D-9083 is deceased as a result of an instance of EE-3093. Subject SCP-3093-2 is deceased as a result of an instance of EE-3093. Insufficient evidence collected to determine exact circumstances under which EE-3093 occurs.
Analysis: SCP-3093 and SCP-3093-A classification changed to Euclid. No further testing of SCP-3093 will be conducted.

Addendum: Autopsy results show evidence of complete shutdown of the nervous system, although no physical incisions or injuries have been exacted on the cranial or spinal areas. The only visible exterior damage was to the corneas of both subjects' eyes, which, when removed, had an encrypted message in Greek letters, which read ΣΗ ΥΣ.

When translated, the message reads, simply: SEE US.

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