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UnknownSCP-3097 The Time ChamberRate: -17

Item #: SCP-3097

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3097 is to be contained in a magnetic steel, 200x200x200 M box, the inside layered with carbon fiber sheets. SCP-3097's door must be closed at all times outside of testing, to ensure the pocket dimension does not leak into our reality. A Scranton Reality Anchor(SRA) must be connected to the entrance of SCP-3097 at all times, to allow avoidance of disruptions in time reaching into further expanses of Earth. SCP-3097 is to be held 450 feet underground, to reduce chances of the time relevance reaching the surface.

Description: SCP-3097 is a 187x164x93 M room, with a 2040x820x35 mm door to enter SCP-3097. The outer walls of the room are apparently made of a hybrid mix of iron and gold, but attempts to retrieve fragments of the walls have failed. Upon opening the door to SCP-3097, the inside appears to be a vast white expanse, with what seems to be as a concrete floor, stretching out for miles on end.

Upon entering SCP-3097 time outside the door seems to be slowed down, any attempts to speak with outside individuals have failed. Tests have shown that with SCP-3097, time goes to a relevance of 960 seconds, or 16 minutes, to a day within our time, further tests have shown that while inside SCP-3097, one does not age, or need nutrients, and seem perfectly fit and healthy upon leaving SCP-3097.

Tests have proved successful for objects to enter SCP-3097, and as seen with humanoid subjects, have no causes of aging, or any type of side affect, other testing has proven that going farther into SCP-3097 actually starts going slower in time, until it eventually starts reversing, subjects that have gone too far have been found reduced back to a fetus.

Testing for ███ have begun, and results seem to have outstanding effects on the members, further testing shall be done, before given fully to the ███.

Testing has proven SCP-3097 effectiveness for███.

Addendum: SCP-3097 testing has been shutdown, and will be used for purposes of ███, as authorized by O5-█ , four level-█ personnel have been chosen to use SCP-3097 for future [REDACTED] testing, and use. All personnel that have tested SCP-3097 beforehand shall be given Class-A grade Amnestics, and relieved of all duties involving SCP-3097.

SCP-3097 has been classed Thaumiel until further notice.

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