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SCP-3102 has been locked out of this file.

Item #: SCP -3102 "Dr. Trenton"

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3102 is to sleep in a room roughly 246 sq. feet (about 15x15) with a bed and any average entertainment activity you’d find in a human’s bedroom; such as a monitored television and a bookshelf; he is also to be provided a small wardrobe. He is also to be allowed. Though SCP-3102 is allowed to safely roam the facility, but should normally be in the presence of two or more other workers. He is to see a 'Foundation Therapist' every Tuesday and will be monitored as he is answered questions about his life and his mental state. He currently has a room on site-██

SCP-3102 is too be allowed food consumption every morning, midday, and evening1. He is also allowed to have snacks from the break room in between testing procedures. SCP-3102 is to be called by the names "Dr. Trenton; Trenton; and Trent" at all times. If anyone accidentally calls him SCP-3102 while he's in present they are to act as if they have no idea what they were talking about if questioned by him.

Description: SCP-3102 is a man of roughly 6"1' feet (73 in.), his hair is a dark brown and usually combed and is known to curl slightly when wet. His skin tone is a light brown and he has a small number of freckles covering his face. He's got a chubby body type weighing at about 250 lb.

SCP-3102 entered the facility in year 2014, January 2nd. He was found out to be an SCP only recently (Said to have started to collect information around sometime in march near August 2014) when a noticeable "occurrence" began to be noticed during testing procedures. For months 'Dr. Trenton" was only allowed into safe childlike entities as a sort of welcome to the facility and to ensure his safety as we taught him the ways the facility was run. In those months, he made good pals with Dr. [REDACTED], Dr. [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. His Full name is Trent ██████ Trenton. Further research has not concluded his family but if found they must be located and brought to site-██ immediately. SCP-3102 is known to have been in a small amount of past relationships that have always failed; as he recalls the person he was first 'in love with' left him in year 2012 on Valentine's day for another person. Any relationship in fact that is beyond platonic friendships always end.

SCP-3102's first incident was while testing SCP- ███. Upon video surveillance, the SCP began a type of flirting with SCP-3102 which is unusual for the SCP. Trenton is shown to try and avoid being flattered and drawn in by the SCP's flirtatious words before approx. 15 minutes after the flirting erotic acts were seen to have happened; We will spare the details that Trenton and the SCP are seen fornicating. Once out of the room Trenton does not mention the actions and will only say what he was told to do for procedures, upon more testing it's seen to happen when in a room with any grade SCP, With exceptions; Children SCP, Child-like SCP's.

He is also known for completely blowing off certain questions; Questions specifically about where he was born and his parents will be completely blown off; though it has been concluded that his mother died when he was 15 years of age. She seemed to have been a really good mother and enjoyed sharing 'many things' with her son.

He's also recorded to heal incredibly quickly. Any wounds conflicted to him by SCP's he's 'with' will immediately seem to disappear seconds after leaving the testing area. He's also seen to interact with world ending Keter classes without any troubles; He's evidently able to not at all get hurt from them. They are only interested in getting in his pants it seems. Sometimes we are sure it is entirely impossible for him to do anything with a certain item and yet it still happens. It's horrible. Even items that are seemingly unable to speak they seem to let out a 'aura of seduction' (that are some sort of telepathic speech) that lures Trenton to them. Trenton though is seen to do similar things. Items that are completely uninterested will suddenly start to exhibit a sort of hypnotic love for him. We are still testing to see what will and will not be drawn to him.

He seems to have very rare episodes of some sort of panicked violence in he exhibits odd inhumane behavior before forgetting completely; these episodes only happen when under extreme stress and should be monitored. As of recently a sedater will be waiting outside of the Therapy office in case of an emergency. He needs to be kept away from stress as much as possibly in case this happens again. Only three cases have been reported. Though we are also suspicious he was the Cause of Mike ██████'s death. But it has been unconfirmed as of yet.

Access 2015 Therapy Scripts
Therapy script #1
Therapy sessions: 1
Date:** [REDACTED]
Therapist: Jennifer █████
SCP-3102: Is this the right place?
Jennifer:** hm? Oh you must be Trenton; Yes please sit
SCP-3102: he sits and smiles I didn't know we had to do this. Why wasn't I doing therapy stuff earlier?
Jennifer:** It's a new implement. Especially due to the scarring work of the facility
SCP-3102: oh… makes sense
They proceed to exchange names and general information; nothing too interesting

Therapy script#2
Therapy session: 5
Date: 1/3/15
Therapist: Jennifer █████
Jennifer: Hello Trenton she offers him a seat, he is noticeably on edge
SCP-3102: hi Dr.█████ he moves and slowly sits down. Looking around the room as he does often
Jennifer: So how have you been Trenton? You seem to be on edge. Are you alright?
SCP-3102: oh— yes! I- well. Kind of. Just feel kind of bad is all haha
Jennifer: why?
SCP-3102: Just… my mothers birthday. Wish I could see her you know?
Jennifer: of course, she was a big part of your life.
SCP-3102: yea… I just… I can't talk about this Dr.█████ … I've had a very confusing day.
Jennifer: how so?
SCP-3102: well today Mike mentioned that he doesn't HAVE therapy sessions.. I though it was normal for us? you know? since the work here can be so… Grueling and scarring, aren't we all supposed to have therapy sessions
Jennifer: She writes this down; he is suspicious and seems to be getting more and more alarmed Well of course it's normal dear. What exactly did he say?
SCP-3102: well… we were in the break room. I was telling him how I was going to my therapy session today… and— well he started questioning me; he was getting mad you know? Telling me that's not normal. I'M not normal…— I — I
Jennifer: please calm down Trenton…
SCP-3102: I-I'm sorry I just… I'm so confused?.
-The session goes on for another 45 minutes, Trenton is calmer but will not answer certain questions-

most transcripts are albeit boring. Will not be put here as they are unimportant
First known violent outbreak
Therapy script #3
Therapy session: 23
Date: 6/10/15
Therapist: Jennifer █████
Jennifer: hello Trenton.
SCP-3102: hello.
SCP-3102: something is wrong
Jennifer: what… what do you mean? are you alright?
SCP-3102: I'm wrong
Jennifer: Can you tell me what you mean?
SCP-3102: I'm. Wrong.
Jennifer: Trenton can you-
SCP-3102: I'M WRONG I'M WRONG he begins to get extremely agitated. he's yelling the same words over and over again. Audio cuts out.
Jennifer quits the next day
Trenton does not remember what has happened

2015 scripts have recently went missing under unknown circumstances; some audio was recovered but only reveal odd glitches. Work is being done to recover them.

Access 2017 Therapy Scripts

*Access Jennifer's notes*
I have concluded from our most recent session that he's from someplace called ████████ in Washington state; I have not been able to locate it on a map. I have also earned that he has got some level of anxiety but only from certain things; mention family and old friend's seems to put him on edge and I'm not sure if that's because of past trauma's or due to his unknown nature naturally trying to leave certain details out. He has completely avoided telling me any of his family members names. He seems to be fantastic at changing subject. It's like a charm goes over me when he does. I will ask a question and he'll suddenly avoid it, the question I asked will completely leave my mind until the end of the session. That is all for now

He seems to be incredibly cautious about telling me his experiences with certain SCP's during certain conversations about an SCP he will avoid the conversation again; Though he does not seem to have any trouble telling me conversations with Safer children SCP's. He also seems to be completely unaware of his SCP status.

I learned tonight that Mike has told him some things that were supposed to be classified; I have alerted the authorities but I've been told Mike has disappeared. We hope to find him before he lets loose more info. We hope to relax Trenton as he now is suspicious; Everyone has been authorized to tell him correct info and to keep him relaxed about the whole thing to lull him back to believing everything is under control.
Mike was found dead in Site- ██; We are unable to locate cause of death.

I've been told more about his family; possibly more than I have in all his sessions. His Mother's name was Jannie, apparently the name of his Great Grandmother's last name before a name change. He told me more about his Latino family, still refuses middle names. He Said he's got a sister named Taylor. He has also told me his father was a Scientist, which is why he's so interested in the work, He refuses to tell me exactly what his father did. He also informed me that his first 'True love' was a man by the name of Jason ████ ██████-█████. But we are unable to locate him

I was attacked today by Trenton. He was completely inconsolable and my leg was nearly broken. He was yelling about the fact that he was 'wrong'. He yelled in some sort of language I did not understand. After the horrible yelling which was almost inhumane I fainted and awoke with him waking me up in fear. Asking what had happen. He told me he walked in and found me like this. I

know that is a lie but I will not be telling him.

This is my last entry, I was told I would be safe and will not be returning soon.

More Information to be added soon

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