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SCP-3103 at time of discovery.

Item #: SCP-3103

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3103 is to be contained in an aviary cage in a standard containment chamber, isolated from any other contained specimens on Site-██. During routine check-ups on SCP-3103, researchers must not remain in SCP-3103's chamber for more than 15 minutes at once. Only D-Class may be used as test subjects for SCP-3103 experimentation, and all experiment requests must be sent to the current Site Senior Researcher.

Individuals exhibiting anomalous behavior caused by SCP-3103 are to be transferred to a medical ward and carefully examined for sequential psychological changes.

Description: SCP-3103 is an adult female specimen of palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), appearing identical to non-anomalous individuals of the same species.

SCP-3103 will exhibit distress-indicating behavior typical of non-anomalous palm cockatoos (producing loud vocalizations, flying around erratically) when a human is within 5 meters of it (note that this only happens if SCP-3103 and the individual are in the same room). Its behavior becomes more erratic as it is approached, and after approximately 20 to 30 minutes, SCP-3103 will return to exhibiting normal behavioral patterns.

At this point, the individual in question (hereby referred to as SCP-3103-1) may begin exhibiting anomalous behavioral patterns; affected humans will fall to the ground, flailing their arms and legs in a seemingly random manner and producing high-pitched sounds reminiscent of [REDACTED]. SCP-3103-1 and all humans under this effect are, from this point onward, taken care of by SCP-3103.

Attempting to remove SCP-3103-1 from SCP-3103's protection causes it to behave aggressively towards the person who performed such an act. SCP-3103-1 instances will continue displaying anomalous behavioral patterns even after removal from the vicinity of SCP-3103. Additionally, SCP-3103-1 instances exhibit anxious behavior when separated from SCP-3103.

SCP-3103 was found in a cage inside a warehouse in ████, New Guinea, after a police raid on an exotic bird trafficking business, on 04/09/20██. The following footage was extracted from the surveillance system of said warehouse. Footage depicts SCP-3103's effects on a group of smugglers, and viewing is mandatory for all personnel currently involved in SCP-3103's containment or research.


The monitor shows a top-view of an approximately 5x5 meter room, where two individuals, PoI-3103-1 ("Kevin") and PoI-3103-2 ("Nick") stand in front of a large pen containing a specimen of a palm cockatoo, SCP-3103. The timestamp reads 03/09/20██, 1:18 PM. SCP-3103 exhibits distress-indicating behavior, flapping its wings, biting the metal bars of its cage, and screeching loudly. PoI-3103-01 holds in his hands three juvenile palm cockatoos (supposedly SCP-3103's offspring) all in a very early stage of physical development.

Kevin: I really don't think we should be doing this… I mean, just look at the poor thing.

Nick: This is why you never get employed anymore, Kevin. It's just a primal response, in fifteen minutes it won't even remember what fucking happened! Now, get those pests to the van, we're running late on schedule here.

Kevin exits the room with the three chicks. SCP-3103 continues to screech as Nick puts on a headphone set, sitting on a chair right next to SCP-3103's cage and staring down at the ground. A van's engine can be heard starting up in the distance, and the noise gets farther and farther away until it is no longer audible. The footage is sped up to timestamp 1:28, just as Nick stands up from his chair, beginning to yell at SCP-3103.

Nick: For fuck's sake, will you shut up? I'm supposed to look after you, and if you keep annoying me like this we're going to have some serious-

Nick abruptly falls to the ground directly in front of SCP-3103's pen, his headphone set splitting in half on impact with the floor. Nick moves his arms and legs erratically, opening his mouth and screaming in a high-pitched voice. SCP-3103 stops vocalizing and ingests some seeds from its meal bowl. It proceeds to regurgitate them into Nick's mouth, causing him to stop screaming. Nick simply lays on the ground, motionless and staring at SCP-3103. The footage is sped up to timestamp 1:35, just as Kevin re-enters the room.

Kevin gives Nick a slight slap on his face, causing him to screech. SCP-3103 loudly vocalizes at Kevin, startling him and making him run out of the room screaming. Kevin returns shortly after with PoI-3103-3 ("Vic") and they both begin attempting to lift Nick off the ground. Nick screeches loudly while SCP-3103 assumes an aggressive stance towards both individuals. Kevin slips on a loose pipe and accidentally lets Nick fall to the ground, and Vic quickly stands back. Nick falls head-first, and a thin trail of blood begins to flow from now unconscious Nick's left ear.

Vic: What the fuck were you thinking, Kevin?! Pay attention to your god damn surroundings for once!

Kevin: I-I'm sorry Vic… I-I d-don't know what's happening, this isn't normal, why was Nick s-screaming like that?!

Vic: Stay here you useless sack of shit… I'm going to go get the first aid kit, keep an eye on the merchandise!

Vic leaves the room and a van's engine is heard roaring in the background. Kevin stands up and runs out of the room, only to return thirty seconds later with a panicked look on his face.

Kevin: This can't be happening, t-this can't be happening… What the hell am I going to do with this bird? W-what the hell am I going to do with Nick?

Kevin leans on a wall, slowly assuming a fetal position. He then begins to sob. The footage speeds up to timestamp 1:59, as Kevin suddenly widens his eyes and begins crawling to SCP-3103, moaning. SCP-3103 once again ingests a relatively large amount of seeds from its bowl, regurgitating them into Kevin's mouth. For the rest of the video, Kevin lays on the ground, occasionally looking around, while Nick is motionless and bleeding. SCP-3103 is serene, seemingly unaware of Nick's state.

The footage abruptly ends at timestamp 2:24.

Closing Statement: PoI-3103-1 was transferred to Site-██'s medical ward for further mental examination; PoI-3103-2 was pronounced deceased on-site, and his corpse was moved to [REDACTED]. PoI-3103-3's current whereabouts are unknown, and Foundation agents in Papua New Guinea have been notified of his involvement with SCP-3103 and the imminent danger of information breach. PoI-3103-3 has been captured and interrogated, claiming that the three PoIs had no previous knowledge of SCP-3103's effects. All non-Foundation personnel (including PoI-3103-3) have been administered Class-A amnestics.

SCP-3103's offspring have not yet been located. The Foundation has ordered a thorough search of New Guinea to locate the specimens, though they are very unlikely to be found due to the sheer size and amount of active trafficking rings operating in Oceania.

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