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KeterSCP-3103 Anti-Big BangRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3103

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3103 is physically uncontainable; any materials provided would be ultimately destroyed due to SCP-3103's anomalous properties. SCP-3103 is to be monitered every six (6) to eight (8) weeks, using instruments provided by NASA. Secure research facility staff are instructed to report any major changes in SCP-3103's size and location, and it is to be considered top priority.
SCP-3103's rapid movements are highly concerning to research staff. No evidence of SCP-3103 delaying have been brought forward, and discovering any method of impediment is critical. All theoretical attempts of halting SCP-3103 are conclusive and should be brought to the attention of appropriate foundation staff.

Description: SCP-3103 is an anomalous astronomical void located in the local galactic cluster. SCP-3103 manifests as entirely empty space, ranging approximately four thousand five hundred ninety nine (4599) parsecs in diameter. SCP-3103 is extremely unstable, composed of sub-atomic particles similar to [REDACTED], but 35 times stronger. SCP-3103 is known to expand at an increasingly rapid pace, growing 186,282 kilometers per hour.



When any type of material comes into contact with SCP-3103, the materials exposed will be immediately destroyed. Disintegration of materials will take place approximately 10 to 30 seconds after exposure to SCP-3103, but duration of disintegration may vary depending on the composition of materials, and the size of materials which have been exposed.1 After contact with SCP-3103 for the appropriate amount of time, the masses affected will de-materialize. De-materialization will commence after the materials have fully disintegrated into small particles. Any fluids affected by SCP-3103 do not require disintegration to de-materialize, as they will simply evaporate upon immediate contact. Explosive and or flammable materials do not appear to combust upon contact with SCP-3103. These materials will disintegrate or evaporate as expected.

Origins of SCP-3103 are thought to have formed from the initial creation of the observable universe. Theories suggest unstable anti-matter may have developed after the "Big Bang" had occurred, and had only become active within the last millennium. SCP-3103 is most likely an expiration of the observable universe, though how the observable universe would "collapse" like this is not entirely understood.

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