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EuclidSCP-3105 Snake EyesRate: -19

Item #: SCP-3105

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3105 is currently located in Facility ████ under authority of commander █████. Founded under ████ on ██/██/██, SCP-3105’s room contains 8 inch walls with SCP-3105 hanging by the ceiling directly in the center of this room. SCP-3105’s room’s exact dimensions are 67x67x67 meters, and each wall was thoroughly measured by ████.

Watch Schedule is camera ████ from 12:00 am to 6:00 am, and camera ████ from 7:00 am to 12:00 am. Cameras’ are switched, so Professor ██████ can exchange power batteries, as frequent exposure to SCP-3105 seem to drain camera battery faster.

-All manifested recordings researched and recorded by Professor ██████ and Lieutenant █████-

Description: SCP-3105 is four standard game dice tied together by a thin rope. The effects of SCP-3105 depend on the length, in meters, subjects are away from SCP-3105, and take six seconds to initiate.

At 60-70 meters: Subjects begin to feel nauseous, and after 18 seconds in this perimeter, the subject will die.

At 50 meters: Subjects’ limbs will be amputated by a mysterious force. After the legs and the arms are amputated, the head will be slowly amputated, as if to purposely inflict pain.

At 40 meters: Subjects muscle tissue will deteriorate, leaving a pile of skin and bone.

At 30 meters: Subjects will begin to expel an extreme level of blood from their mouth, before dying via blood loss.

At 20 meters: Subjects’ entire body will burst into flame, in which somehow leaves no trace of the subject when the flame dissipates.

At 10 meters or less: Subjects’ bones will begin to protrude from their stomach, before spontaneously combusting.

Camera footage of subjects coming in contact of SCP-3015 show them disappearing, and radar shows their heat signature disappear as well.

SCP-3105 is in fact capable of speech, as footage taken by Professor ██████ has picked up SCP-3105 talking to itself, but when anyone goes to ask it questions, it stops talking, and when speaking, SCP-3105 sounds like that of a small female child.

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