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nn5n: scp-3107 The Ring Forged in the Burning Desires of a Wild West Cowboy
SafeSCP-3107 The Ring Forged in the Burning Desires of a Wild West CowboyRate: -17

Item #: SCP-3107

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3107 is to be kept in a 1m by 1m blast-proof safe containing a small observational recording device. The video and audio feed is to be checked by both Dr. Kiryu and Dr. Cimmerian every 24 hours in case of any movement. A similar recording device will be placed in the room the item is contained in as well, and will have identical observational measures. In the case of displacement, a general search of the room SCP-3107 is stored in will be conducted by (1) D-class personnel. Once found the object must immediately be returned to its safe.

Description: SCP-3107, or "The Ring Forged in the Burning Desires of a Wild West Cowboy," as it's referred to by Dr. ██████, is a small golden ring inscribed with the words: "GREEN GRASS BLUE SKY" on its inner band. It was found in [DATA EXPUNGED], Tennessee in a small museum that kept it on display. The owner had complained about losing the item very frequently and being "very hesitant to wear it again after what happened." Aside from the inscription, the ring appears to be a standard wedding band similar to those made in the 1800s. The ring will automatically adjust in size to the finger of whomever may be wearing it at the time and will slip off with ease after being worn. Once the ring is worn, however, the subject will begin to feel an increased sense of what has been described as "adventurous instinct;" the subject is more inclined to take on dangerous tasks as prompted by SCP-3107-1.

SCP-3107-1 is a humanoid entity that appears any time the wearer of the ring faces any sort of extreme harm or danger. SCP-3107-1 (nicknamed "the Cowboy") moves at intense and almost untraceable speeds to protect the wearer from any and all harm about to be done to them. High speed tracking devices have been used to capture images of "the Cowboy" in action, showing it to take the form of hazy humanoid figure dressed in rancher gear. This entity may also account for the occasional displacement of the item around its cell and the room it's contained in.

Multiple tests have been conducted on Site-██ to understand the true capabilities of SCP-3107.

Addendum 3107-1-A: All D-Class personnel testing this particular object have reported hearing a gruff male voice call out specific phrases based on the types of danger they were put in.

Test 1
D-Class Age: 34
Subject shot with a standard Walter P99.
The gun was fired and the subject was moved
3m to the left of where the bullet made contact.
D-Class reported hearing a man say "Watch
that Heater!"

Test 2
D-Class Age: 27
Subject bombarded with varying explosives.
After the smoke cleared from the blast area
subject was found to be lying in a position that
completely protected their body from shrapnel
and explosions.
D-Class reported hearing a man say "Love guts
and glory!"

Test 3
D-Class Age: 58
Subject dropped into 8m by 8m steel sealed container
filled with water. Hands and feet are tied and mouth is gagged.

After thirty seconds all water drained from the container
through a small hole made in the lower right side of one of the
plates. The binds were loosened and were easily pushed off.
D-Class reported hearing a man say "Water ain't bad if yall
know how to swim in it."

Test 4
Dr. █████
Subject attempts to stab himself with a butchers knife.
Before the knife makes contact with the skin it is forcibly
yanked from the subjects hand and placed on the ground in front
of them.
Subject reported hearing a man say "How will yall ride
after somethin' like that?"

Test 173-1
D-Class Age: 22
Subject is placed into SCP-173s containment cell.
Upon losing direct line of site between subject and 173, 173
appears to not have moved at all.
Subject reports hearing heavy breathing.

Test 610-2
D-Class Age: 45
Subjected directly to SCP-610 and monitored for one week.
Subject states a nauseous feeling before [REDACTED]. This will
require further research into the affects of anomalous diseases.

Test 049-3
D-Class Age: 31
Subject is placed in a contained room with SCP-049.
SCP-049 appears to be visibly shaken and will not approach
the D-Class wearing the ring.
Subject reports hearing a low howling noise followed by screaming.

Dr. ████
Subject is [DATA EXPUNGED]
Upon contact SCP-3107-1 appeared and attacked [REDACTED].
Dr. ████ reports hearing "Nothing but screams."

Addendum 3107-1-B: I would like to make it clear that we still don't know the full capabilities of SCP-3107 or the identity of 3107-1. The ring may be our only connection to a possible ███████ ██████ and we can't risk destroying it in a failed test. Yes you may continue to test its abilities but only with authorization from me or any of the other researchers on site. We don't want another "locked under 3000 lbs of water then blown to shit by explosives scenario." I'm looking at you [DATA EXPUNGED]. -Dr. Kiryu

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