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EuclidSCP-3115 99.7 Cognitohazard FMRate: 44

Item #: SCP-3115

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3115 is to be locked inside a Standard Item Storage Locker at Site - ██. This locker is to be placed centrally within a containment cell measuring 5mx5mx5m and secured to the floor with standard steel bolts. The cell is to be lined with soundproofing material with an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of greater than 60.

At no time should the USB of SCP-3115 be inserted into an electronic device except for the purpose of an approved test. All tests must be approved by no fewer than two Level 4 personnel stationed at Site-██ and the on-site 'Memetics Department'.

Researchers wishing to observe testing with SCP-3115 may do so only with the aid of a video feed. No audio transmissions are permitted to leave the containment chamber whilst testing is in progress due to risk of containment breach (See Testing Log).

Description: SCP-3115 is a set of standard audio headphones consistent with those manufactured in the early 21st Century. The headphones contain no external markings and show signs of slight use. The headphone portion of SCP-3115 is 'plugged in' with a standard double ended USB cable which was present with SCP-3115 at acquisition.

When connected to an electronic device via the USB connector, SCP-3115 will begin to play audio snippets from various radio stations from around the world. Testing has confirmed that the radio broadcast from SCP-3115 matches that which the particular station it is tuned to is broadcasting at the time. To date, no technology capable of receiving said signals has been found in or on SCP-3115 and its means of receiving these signals is unknown.

SCP-3115's anomalous effect manifests when a human being places the headphones over his ears and connects SCP-3115's USB to any electronic device (The device's ability to transmit audio data appears irrelevant, SCP-3115's anomalous properties would manifest even if connected to a USB compatible charger).

When a human subject places SCP-3115 over his ears a noticeable change in the audio output will occur. The subject will continue to hear broadcasts from a random radio station, however all talking, singing and other vocalizations will now be narrated by an unknown male sounding entity known as SCP-3115/A.

SCP-3115/A is described as talking with a formal English accent and has a seemingly jovial tone. SCP-3115/A will continue to narrate and sing all content broadcast from the radio station currently being broadcast by SCP-3115 in real time for approximately 15 minutes of use.

SCP-3115/A will continue to narrate broadcast audio after 15 minutes of SCP-3115 being worn by a human subject, however will now include additions to the standard broadcast.

The anomalous effect of SCP-3115 ceases when the headphones are removed from the human subject and the voice of the transmission will return to that of the DJ/Artist.

Addendum 3115/01:
After 15 minutes have elapsed with a human subject listening to SCP-3115/A, SCP-3115/A will make additions to the standard broadcast.

SCP-3115/A will at random appear to say words, phrases, and describe abstract concepts which almost without exception prove to be cognitohazardous to the human subject listening.

Subjects which are exposed to the cognitohazardous vocalizations of SCP-3115/A will begin to display symptoms immediately. Symptoms increase drastically depending on the amount of vocalization additions heard. Once the original 15 minutes has elapsed there appears to be no correlation to the frequency of further additions.

Number of Additions Heard Effect on Subject
1 Subject experiences visual hallucinations of varying content and severity. A consistent theme appears to be the perception of a humanoid entity standing within the room they are currently in. Subjects will perceive the audio being output by SCP-3115 as coming from this entity. Subjects universally report the early stages of a migraine at this stage
2-4 Subject experiences symptoms from previous additions. Subjects also report the apparent inability to remove SCP-3115 from their heads or unplug it from the electronic device. Physical intervention at this stage in removing SCP-3115 from the head of a subject will cause the symptoms to abate within 1 hour
3-5 Subject experiences symptoms from previous additions. Subjects also report seeing symbols on the walls, floor and ceiling of an unknown language. These symbols cause extreme pain in those who observe them and are capable of causing subjects to lose consciousness.
6+ Subjects expire within seconds of hearing a sixth addition. Prior to expiration subjects begin to involuntarily vocalize the cognitohazardous additions they have so far heard. This is capable of spreading the cognitohazard to further individuals. Given the rapid vocalizations of the subject at this stage, the propagation of the hazard is extremely fast and further infected individuals will enter the latter stages of infection in moments.

Test 3115-01

Subject: D-88743
Procedure: D-88743 is directed to enter the containment chamber and plug SCP-3115 into a provided USB portable power pack and remain within the room for 5 minutes. D-88743 is not directed to wear SCP-3115.
Results: D-88743 follows instructions and reports faintly hearing a broadcast consistent with BBC Radio 1's morning show coming from SCP-3115. Note, D-88743 is near to SCP-3115. but is not wearing it. D-88743 is disconnects SCP-3115 from the power pack and exits the chamber without incident.
Analysis: Site-██ is shielded from all outside broadcasts. Audio output is later confirmed to be consistent with BBC Radio 1, however the means in which SCP-3115 has detected this signal is unknown.

Test 3115-02

Subject: D-88743
Procedure: D-88743 is directed to enter the containment chamber and plug SCP-3115 into a provided USB portable power pack. D-88743 is instructed to wear SCP-3115. D-88743 is permitted to leave the containment chamber after 5 minutes as per previous test.
Results: D-88743 follows instructions exactly. Upon wearing SCP-3115 D-88743 removes SCP-3115 stating surprise at hearing SCP-3115/A instead of a standard broadcast. D-88743 is instructed to place SCP-3115 on his head again which he does without argument. After 5 minutes has elapsed, D-88743 unplugs SCP-3115, removes them from his head and leaves the containment chamber.
Analysis: Audio output matches that of WKCS-FM. D-88743 is placed in observations for one week following test but shows no negative effects. D-88743 expresses reluctance to partake in further tests claiming that the voice of SCP-3115/A 'unnerved him'.

Test 3115-03

Subject: D-88743
Procedure: D-88743 is instructed to follow procedures as per Test 3115-02 however is instructed to remain within the containment chamber, wearing SCP-3115 for 16 minutes.
Results: Upon passing the 15 minute mark, D-88743 stands and appears panicked. D-88743 asks Research Staff how 'that guy' has been able to get into the room without using the only door (which was locked as part of testing procedures). Upon passing the 16 minute mark, D-88743 leaves the containment chamber complaining of a headache.
Analysis: D-88743 reports seeing the manifestation of SCP-3115/A. D-88743 is extremely paranoid following this test and has shown an aversion to wearing any form of headphones again. D-88743 was treated in the medical bay for a migraine and was placed under observation. During this time, D-88743 spoke aloud the cognitohazardous phrase he had heard from SCP-3115/A, exposing a member of medical staff to Stage 1 infection. Class A amnestics proved effective in neutralizing infection in both persons. D-88743 is terminated as per standard D-Class protocols at the end of the month.

Test 3115-04

Subject: D-4452
Procedure: D-4452 is instructed to follow procedures as per Test 3115-02 however is instructed to remain within the containment chamber, wearing SCP-3115 until instructed otherwise.
Results: D-4452 follows instructions exactly. D-4452 expresses similar symptoms to D-88743 after the 15 minute mark. At 23 minutes 6 seconds following activation of SCP-3115, D-4452 begins convulsing in his seat and speaking unintelligibly (now believed to be in Stage 6 infection). D-4452 rapidly begins vocalizing cognitohazardous phrases before expiring. During this test, 5 Research Staff were observing the test using both a visual and audio feed. All five personnel were infected immediately with Stage 6 infection on hearing the cognitohazard. This quickly spread to security personnel stationed outside. A containment breach was declared and all personnel removed from within earshot of infected persons. SCP-3115 was removed from D-4452's head with the assistance of Researcher Tann who is declared medically deaf. Post-mortem examination of infected personnel deduced the cause of death to be cardiac arrest.
Analysis This test caused a site-wide containment breach to be declared. A follow up investigation has lead to the current containment procedures. Testing to be indefinitely suspended pending a review by the Department of Internal Security.

Addendum 3115-02 : Notes on Acquisition

SCP-3115 was acquired by The Foundation in 2006 when the object was discovered sitting on the approach road to Site-19 by Research Staff on their way to work. A review of the CCTV footage from around Site-19 shows an unknown male walking into the middle of the approach road from out of the surrounding woodlands before placing SCP-3115 down on the tarmac.

CCTV from inside the wooded area where the male appeared does not show the male or any other traces of human life in the area and no breaches of the outer perimeter fence were discovered.

The male disappeared back into the woods moments before the personnel discovered the item.

Note from Researcher Katash
An excerpt from the CCTV footage captured at the acquisition of SCP-3115 was shown to D-88743 prior to his termination. He has confirmed my suspicions that the male who delivered the SCP to us matches the description of SCP-3115/A. Given that SCP-3115/A is likely a real individual and more than likely the creator of SCP-3115, his capture and interrogation are of high priority. We need to know this guy's motives, after all we could have just brought a memetic weapon straight into one of our facilities. Recommend improved screening of all such 'deliveries' in the future - Researcher Katash

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