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nn5n: scp-3116 EMP Stress Ball
SafeSCP-3116 EMP Stress BallRate: -21

Item #: SCP-3116

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3116 must not be accessible without level 2 clearance, but should be accessible without requiring power to nearby mechanisms and electronics. In case of unintended use of SCP-3116, SCP-3116 should be stored in a preferably locked container by calm personnel until a level 2 personnel clears it to to be moved to a new location or put back where it was before. No vital electronics should be within 61 meters of SCP-3116.

Description: SCP-3116 appears to be a peanut shaped stress ball made out of what seems to be foam measuring: 9.525 cm in length, 5.08 cm width at the larger sections, and 3.175 cm width at the smaller middle. SCP-3116 is activated by squeezing it like a stress ball. SCP-3116 rapidly lowers the stress of the user while creating an electromagnetic pulse called SCP-3116-1 that has shown to be linked to how stressed the user is. Tests and scans have yet to show how SCP-3116-1 is created, but it seems to originate from the center of SCP-3116. SCP-3116-1 will disable any device that runs on electricity. The effect of SCP-3116-1 has not shown to be permanent in any cases, and all electronics that SCP-3116-1 has affected begin working around 10-20 minutes after exposure with no shown side effects. Tests have shown that SCP-3116-1 is not hampered by any obstacles and it is based only radius of SCP-3116.

Reference: So far SCP-3116-1 has been recorded to have shutdown: 16 soldering irons, 3 server computers, 2 personal computers, 5 watches, 7 cellphones, 1 street light, 1 small heater, 1 power supply, 1 electric cigarette lighter, 5 work station light, 1 small radio, 2 large generators, 1 smaller generator, and 15 simple battery powered lights for testing purposes. SCP-3116 has indirectly shutdown various other machinery after shutting down multiple generators.

Recovery Report
The following contains a brief report detailing the discovery of SCP-3116
SCP-3116 was recovered from ██████ in █████ at a metal manufacturer factory at [1100 ██/██/████]. Agent ██████ was at the scene due to [REDACTED]. After a sudden loss of power in factory, Agent ██████ rushed over to ensure that [REDACTED], but found no [REDACTED]. After the factory employees were escorted out doors and into the loading zone areas and parking lot. A lamp post lost power and various other small electronics. A metal worker, subject A, holding SCP-3116 was soon located. Subject A claims that he was feeling stressed due to family issues and squeezed SCP-3116 while at work briefly. This likely caused an instance of SCP-3116-1 and the loss of power to a small work station light startling subject A causing him to squeeze SCP-3116 with more stress than before resulting in the loss of power to various other electronic devices. Subject A and the factory workers were administered Class-A amnestics before release.

Note From Dr. Klein:

SCP-3116, although classified as Safe, it is still capable of causing many important electronics here at the facility to stop functioning, even if only temporarily. Also, please don't use SCP-3116 for recreational purposes.

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