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Item #: SCP-3119
Object class: Euclid Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3119 is to be kept in a 35x35x35 chamber constructed of reinforced steel. Five guards are to stand by the containment zone at all times. Should it try to breach containment on the 31st of October, personnel is required to redirect it to its containment chamber, by any means necessary. As of Interview ██/██/2017, no further action is necessary.
Description: SCP-3119 is a tall figure, resembling the skeletal remains of an unknown humanoid species. The eye-sockets appear to be malleable, as they are often used to display emotion. It stands idle until every day of October 31st, which is the set time it attempts to breach containment (Testing and interviews notwithstanding).

SCP-3119 was discovered near [DATA EXPUNGED], Arizona, after a minor (female, stated to be the age of eight) came into contact with 3119, she told personnel where it was headed. The minor was administered amnestics shortly afterwards. Its interaction with minors causes a Type 4 Cognitohazard and Memetic Hazard. Should any minors under the age of nine come into contact with SCP-3119, they are to be administered Class 5 amnestics. Minors who have come into contact with SCP-3119 are also reported to have been holding sacks that are overflowing with candy, said candy appears to be jack-o-lantern shaped lollipops.

It is surprisingly amiable and compliant towards personnel and doesn't usually object towards testing. Whenever it attempts to breach containment outside of the set time frame (October 31st), it never attempts to leave the site and it attempts to make friends with personnel and guards. They don't normally object to it, either, as it simply returns to its containment chamber when asked.
Addendum: After the events of Interview ██/██/2017, SCP-3119 appears inactive. It doesn't attempt to breach containment as of late. Whenever a minor is introduced to its containment chamber, it moves its position furthest away from the minor.

Interviewed: SCP-3119

Interviewer: Researcher Dean

Foreword: Researcher ██████ Dean attempts to find the motive behind SCP-3119.

<Begin Log, 14:16>

Researcher Dean: Hello, 3119

SCP-3119: Ah, hello, ██████!

Researcher Dean: If it's all the same to you, I would prefer it if you referred to me by "Dean".
SCP-3119: Alright, friend. You know, Halloween is around the corner, I was wondering if you wanted to spook some kids with me!

Researcher Dean: That's what I came to speak to you about. Are you aware that your interactions with minors cause a Type 4 Cognitohazard?
SCP-3119: What- What does that mean? What's a "Cognitohazard"?
Researcher Dean: Basically, that means you, well, cause them to go insane.
SCP-3119: Ha.. Ha.. What are you talking about? It's all in good fun, I just-
Researcher Dean: 3119? Do you know what you're doing?
SCP-3119: …I-
<End Log, 14:20>

Closing Statement: SCP-3119 remained unresponsive for the rest of the interview. Its eye sockets remained inexpressive.

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