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SafeSCP-3120 Bank Of ConvenienceRate: -6

Item #: SCP-3120
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3120 does not have a physical form therefore it is unable to be contained. SCP-3120-1 is to be contained on surface based furniture such as tables or dressers. SCP-3120-1 is accessible by A-C-Class personnel and is able to leave foundation buildings. DO NOT allow use of SCP-3120-1 by D-Class personnel.

SCP-3120 has no physical form, attempts to contain SCP-3120 have proven unsuccessful, further attempts have been discontinued. SCP-3120 can influence and/or transform objects, affected objects are known as SCP-3120-1, there are multiple instances of SCP-3120-1 in existance, total number of instances is unknown.
SCP-3120-1 was first found in ███████ Washington in March 15th 20██ by a citizen named John Paul ████ and was turned in to the SCP Foundation. SCP-3120-1 has been found in many different places and times. SCP-3120-1 is usually found in inexpensive homes, but on some occasions has been found in workplaces. SCP-3120-1 resembles a coin bank, generally designed after an animal or fictional creature, it has a physical form consisting of a porcelain and/or plastic exterior with an interior made up of █████████. SCP-3120-1 is sentient when unobserved by its owner.
Tests in lab ███ show that SCP-3120-1 has a telepathic ability to detect the owner’s desired items. SCP-3120-1 will go to any length to get said items using deposited currency, and can transform deposited currency into any type of currency. When SCP-3120-1 finds a suitable location to purchase items, the item it collects will seemingly disappear and currency will appear on the buying area corresponding to the items price. Time taken for SCP-3120-1 to collect items is between 19-46 minutes, distance traveled does not affect time taken. SCP-3120-1 is as durable as the coin bank it resembles, but if destroyed will reappear the next day unharmed and without remains, besides this SCP-3120-1 retains all other physical properties as normal. If SCP-3120-1 is moved or given away it will take on a new owner based on it’s location.

Lab Tests

Lab test A
Information: March 17th 20██, 17:26, Lab ███
Subject: D-Class
Procedure: Proximity test
Results: None
Additional Notes: Subject was for startled by SCP-3120-1 for an unknown reason

Lab test B
Information: March 18th 20██, 12:05, Lab ███
Subject: D-Class
Procedure: Currency depository test
Results: After 32 minutes a bag of potato chips appeared next to SCP-3120-1 and deposited currency disappeared
Additional Notes: The chips were confirmed enjoyable to the subject

Lab test C
Information: March 20th 20██, 9:53, Lab ███
Subject: D-Class
Procedure: Expensive alternate currency depository test
Results: After 23 minutes an AR-15 appeared next to SCP-3120-1, subject took the AR-15 and shot Agent ████████
Additional Notes: Subject was killed in return fire by security

Lab test D
Information: March 23th 20██, 9:03, Lab ███
Subject: None
Procedure: Material extraction test
Results: Material successfully extracted, no differences apart from extracted material
Additional Notes: SCP-3120-1 was accidentally dropped onto the floor and shattered, SCP-3120-1 reappeared the next day unharmed. Researcher ██████ was ████████

Lab test E


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